Lil' Wayne - My Name Is Lyrics

My name is
My name is
My name is
Weezy Baby
And I'm high like maintenance
I'm smokin, I'm drinkin
Leanin daily like
Hi, my name is
You know what my name is
Bitch, I'm famous
Like Tom Brady
And hi, your name is?
Not important
Who cares?
Not Weezy Baby, uh

Wake up I see bad bitch, bad bitch, bad bitch
Make-up on my pillows make me mad bitch
Without no make up I see that bitch as just average
Uber, Uber, Uber, Uber, Taxi!
Looking at my rollie I got boogers on my rollie
Bout to hook up with my whoadies
Got the hook up on that codeine
Got the sugar for your nose ring
Got the blooka I'm reloading
And according to my darling
This dick feels so damn rewarding
I'm reporting out of shorty
She so naughty me so horny
Kilo on me like I'm Tony
Break it down, the rice-a-roni
Take her out look like she lonely
I'm gonna candle, light the moment
I'm a fan I like the pussy
She told him my phone was roamin'
She be moaning to the morning
I be gone and I be on it
I be in it I'm like foreman on the grill
And I got doorman at the entrance
They got pistols in they trenches
They got rituals religion
And I'm like bitch you know I'm sipping till I die

My name is
Lil Wayne bitch
Weezy F Baby
Her name went
From whatever it was
To Lil Wayne bitch
Now that's crazy and I
I camed in, regain strength
Rebanged it, rotation
Her guy is nameless
He ain't shit
Always on the same shit
Poor baby

I pour up so much they call me pour baby
Kush man I need a sack like Charles Haley
Sipping to the Big Moe, I'm the bar baby
Zip got me moving slow but my thoughts racing
My long days give me short patience
My heart vacant, awards taken
What in tarnation, no information
No statements, young mula, old mula, mula all ages
Ha-Hallelujah I'm the Hollygrove 2Pac
Roc-a-fella new rock hundred K in a shoebox
AK and a new Glock, a-what-baba-lou-bop
Pray the best you got, I save you like a coupon
Hustle till my dreadlock is grey as Poupon
Everyday is my birthday I'm a new born
Stay on my toes ask a shoe horn
I ain't got no roof on
Gettin' my, No Ceilings 2 on

I'm high, I'm brainless
I'm stainless, entertainment
His lady and um
If she ain't thick, then she ain't it
I can't fuck with, a slim lady
I tried, superhead, keep complaining
Bitch ancient, bitch shady and she tired
Okay then, I'm skating
Doing tricks, call me trick swayze

In other news, in other niggas hoes
Your wife taste like honey nut cheerios
I'm in the mirror like oh baby
Who needs a miracle when I got you baby
Pimping in my last life, I'm the shit you ass wipe
Beat the pussy cat fight, my teeth look like a flashlight
Weed is like an airline cause easily I'm that high
Fist full of money mix some green in with your black eye
Greedy like a fat guy, I eat a nigga franchise
I beat him by a landslide
A leader like a rabbi
I'm leading by halftime
He's bleeding I'm a vampire
His body in the trunk with his feet all on my alpines
Read a nigga that's right, we all that and fries
Y'all gone stand-by my broads got cat eyes
Traphouse land lines, boom like land mines
All my bitches allies with Tune on their backsides

So hi, my name is
On her anus
On her cranium
Bitch craving it
And I'm fly and I'm wavy
And her name is bust-it-baby
And hi, my name is
In your mouth, it must be tasty

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Lil' Wayne My Name Is Comments
  1. T esT

    pour so much they call me poor baby. dam u know how many years it took me to focus on and get that one

  2. Fabian Morato

    If they would've heard this back in the gap they would've made Weezy best rapper alive way before

  3. Wes Os

    You're wife taste like honey nut cheerios😛

  4. Wes Os

    A whop bop ba lu bop

  5. HumbleBeing Sane

    Zip got me moving slow...but my thought racin...#FELT

    HumbleBeing Sane

    Roxana Sanders no it’s zip...FYI...don’t ever try to correct an professional Weezy fanatic 😂I’m always here🤷🏾‍♂️

    Roxana Sanders

    @HumbleBeing Sane *sip *a

  6. Jake Lehr

    But why isn’t this on Spotify

  7. Faze Adderall

    Why isn't this on spotify


  9. John Smith

    My name is
    My name is
    My name is Wizzle!

  10. Football Content and video

    better then emenem

  11. Tyler Rindels

    He didn’t say eat you wife she taste like Honey Nut Cheerios! He said she take like honey not Cheerios as in the word Cheerio have a good day! Not Cheerios beCze when he find out he won’t have a good day

  12. king clone

    I'ma in the mirror like oh baby
    Who needs a miracle when I got you baby



    T esT

    The multi syllable rhyming, breezy flow, the constant punch lines and references.. the fuck are you looking for in hiphop?

  14. Michael Braham

    We putting Kodak’s head on a stick and waving it around to this shit...

  15. Bam Jackson

    "I go whop bop aloo bob" His body in the trunk, with his feet all in my alpine"

  16. Frank Savion

    This where young thug got his flow from

  17. max corkle

    1:30 Damn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. HumbleBeing Sane

    I’m here again😎💯

  19. Cloud Existence

    At 0:33 I realized my boi weezy was a god

  20. Mr. Jackson

    Jesus he fucking murdered this

  21. Nicolas Rosario

    Only rapper i know to kill a eminem beat

  22. gator creek

    AK and a new glock
    go wop-ba-ba-loo-bop
    Hope the vest u got save ya like a coupon..🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Donny Jones

    Ill never listen to eminems version again lmao. Everytime i hear it i automatically change it to this😂💯

    Donny Jones

    Waynes voice sounds better on this beat and its clearer, im not a fanboy of nobody im just tired of mfs acting like em is untouchable. Wayne>Em. Hows this make me a fanboy? Wayne the GOAT of the 2000s Gates the GOAT of the 2010s.

    Jake NHale

    Donny Jones ok. Ems sold way more 😂 Wayne’s is Ight but he sounds dumb as fuck in some of it lmao your just a majorrrr Wayne fan, obviously

    John Smith

    Fr the original sounds too radio

  24. Enrique Parra


  25. B 008

    Wish I wrote this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥there too many grain sic lyrics u cd teach a class 2 the youth on rap w / this song alone....fe real😜🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐


    And even if u did write this it wouldn't be nothing bc this is a wayne freestyle remember he doesn't write any lyrics its all off the top of his head now think about that for a second he's amazing nothing short of it

    T esT

    @8,891,000 views he admits in a interview he 'writes' it in his head. meaning he memorizes first he doesnt start the beat and spit the verse done, he starts the beat and thinks up the verse for whatever amount of time. not what the freestyle off the dome situation that your impying.

  26. B 008

    Who needs a miracle when I got U. Baby........😉😉😜😮😍

  27. SKDrew


  28. Andrew Walker


  29. Donny Jones

    "Young mula , old mula, mula of all ages"🔥

  30. T. Stamp

    1:30 & 2:37 Wayne always got the dopest flows

  31. GypsyB8 B.

    Fe dem name not important ...dem problem cheri ....hmm

  32. GypsyB8 B.

    Very revealing still Weezy faded .......

  33. Caius Wolf

    Lil weezy the god!

  34. Nicolas Rosario

    Love his flow on this song.

  35. Cody Brown

    I talked to him on his birthday is all

  36. Cody Brown

    I helped him name that song lmoa feel free to send me friend request

  37. Deeton Charles


  38. Cody Brown

    Named after buffalo bill off relapse

  39. Evan Easton

    2019 still bumping

    Ray Garrett


    Nick Payne

    I’ll be playing this shit foreverrrrr 🙌🏾 Weezy da 🐐

  40. HATE is a sign of ENVY

    This was a MURDER 🔥🔥🔥

  41. GypsyB8 B.

    😆😆😆😄😄😄so arrogant, so perfect TT,, at least up😉😄

  42. GypsyB8 B.

    Its so cold I DT.kno how I missed it fe so long?? Was too fly w/ my vie guess se pa...😎🤔🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. GypsyB8 B.

    Even tho ****,😡😣its all the way🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥CNT deny❣️❣️❣️🖤💚💜💥

  44. GypsyB8 B.

    The beat - the delivery & tutti🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. GypsyB8 B.

    That track fire.....& still Cold too....******,😎😉smh.....😉

  46. GypsyB8 B.

    All the way Lit💥💥🗯️🗯️🗯️🙃😮😮

  47. GypsyB8 B.

    I love the beat & delivery the lyrics Hate them 😡& love them 😉😛😛😛😛. ??? G.L.again

  48. John Floyd


  49. Coolo Dawgz

    Eminem is the better rapper than Lil Wayne but Wayne version of Em sounds kinda good too.

    T esT

    Em with technicality, weezy with making it look easy. Both goats

  50. Andrew Walker

    Damn when the song ended my body felt cold!? 😂🤔

  51. Ashley Weber

    Just did this rap now I feel lucky headed lol idk how he does it

  52. marcus Ulrich

    I had no. Idea there was. A lil Wayne version of. Eminem song I like both version though

    Evan Easton

    marcus Ulrich futuristic did a remix to his is funny

    Evan Easton

    Wayne’s is better than futuristics remix

  53. Luis Rivera

    I fucks with Wayne, but naw man this ain't good, Eminem already bodied this

  54. Famesha Atis

    get high fall asleep wake up do it again... ok im reloding

  55. Lesean Allen

    This shit is trash this whole mixtape is garbage

  56. Tyrell Black

    Yo Eminems verses was better but Lil Wayne verses was 🔥🔥🔥 they wasn't just bars they was fact

    Andrew Walker

    Wayne slayed it.

  57. E.G.I The King

    Why lil wayne has retarded lyrics

    Avery Manson

    E.G.I The King What in tarnation

  58. Jack o

    alpaca bull for this one lol.

  59. Blake Lindblad

    What in tarnation

    Andrew Walker

    Boy Wot in tarnation's!

    Avery Manson

    no infor mation

    Ray Garrett

    Only rapper who could pull that line off 🤣

    Cloud Existence

    As soon as I read this comment that part came up

  60. Alex Medina


  61. Zeno Meyers

    yeah weezy weed is like a airline 💩

  62. Jonathan Raya

    Does anyone know how to get this song on spotify? I cant seem to find it.

    fabian de la garza

    Jonathan Raya albums after 2013 r not on Spotify

    Woody Black

    Mixtapes aren't on Spotify, but you can get it on DatPiff

  63. Drew Anon

    Where you put "I'm a fan I like the pussy." It's really "Imma vandalize the pussy."

    Drew Anon

    Just noticed you missed a few other things as well. Lol.

  64. buizyB

    has em even responded to this?

    Mr Hyde

    @D "I can't fuck wit' a SLIM lady
    I tried, but Superhead keep complaining
    Bitch ancient, bitch SHADY and she tired"

    Andrew Walker

    @Mr Hyde lol Eminem and Lil Wayne ignore each other lol. It's well understood after that last song.

    Ernest Mousesian

    Wanye has said any song he remixes he likes the song.

  65. MOSTLYcoffeeGAMER

    You need to fix these lyrics dude..

  66. daddy daddy

    love this shit. your wife taste like honey not cheerios

  67. Shaun Sylve

    That boi went in, right the gate! And Em Go! 🙌🔥🌊🌀⚡❄☀ It a tied to me, both 💪 lyrically..

    Although if I had to choose, my boi Weezy!!

    Natasha Langston

    Naw its never a tie with em and he waited to long to compare them


    @Natasha Langston its not a tie wayne beat em this is a freestyle remember wayne doesn't write any of his lyrics so just from that simple fact wayne beat em

    John Smith

    This is Waynes song now 😄

  68. Dale 03

    Months ? This is the worst thing I've EVER heard if you can find anything worse please post a link to it bc this is like jamming sharpened pencils in your ear


    Dale 03 you trippin

    LanO LVL

    Dale 03 you just stupid nigga...
    Eminem kills weezy, no doubt. But this song righ' here is fire in capital letters bruh


    LanO LVL This song is autism. A U T I S M to the fucking T.

    Javar Walker

    Dale 03 all yall retarded this beat is corny and trash but wayne still killed this shit.

  69. larry mckee

    I'm glad he tried sorry but he failed


    Em is the best and I can still say Wayne ripped it. His flow and wordplay is just solid.

    Philmore James

    @ArianAdonis facts


    Philmore James You're autistic if you think this is good

    Avery Manson

    Hatin ass pussy cat get shot like a movie 🎥 scene

  70. Brian Freeman

    really nice timing with these lyrics, I can actually read a sing along pretty well

  71. Brian Freeman

    Lil Wayne's voice with echo on it sounds so good

  72. Dominic Barrett

    he made sure he bodied this shit in respect for em

    Richy Jones

    u gotta be joking this was the worst thing i've heard in months

    Philmore James

    @Richy Jones lmao find your nearest cliff