Lil' Wayne - My Darlin’ Baby Lyrics

Can I dig it
When you baby me
Oooh oooh, oooh
My darl..
My darling baby
You're in...

[Lil Wayne]
Uh, more beautiful than the world
Word, matter of fact beautiful ain't the word
Unexplainable is the beauty of her
And I will be the race car hitting her curves
I drive her crazy, stupid retarded
Yeah and then I park it
She got a smile on her that put a smile on me
She cater to me she get all destiny child on me
She ride for me even though I got miles on me
She gon ride till the day they put flowers on me
Thats my darling
And I love it, yeh
Thats my, yeh
So sweet she bad for me
But she so good I'll take the cavity
Falling for her like how safe is gravity
I'll make your girl about face and marry me
Hahahaha, yeh
I do, do you

But ahhh, the things I'm willing to do for her
I wish I could have a threesome with two of her
I would sing a love song if I knew the words
But I'll be damned if another nigga do it first
Cos you the one, damn I think I see the sun
I guess that mean you gotta run
Well holla at me when you done

Can I dig it
When you baby
Woop woop woop
My darling baby

She nothing like every other dime
I think about her and couple things come to mind
Thoughts like if she end up my baby mother fine
Cos we only use a rubber like every other time
Oooh, I bet she so embarrassed
I had to take her ass to Paris
Give her the moments that she cherish
You know

[Lil Wayne]
She got it coming to her like an heiress
And anything she want I +wheel+ like +ferris+
Oops I meant ferris and in the coupe I tint very light
So them hating bitches can see me and you at every light
Oooh, and I hope its one of them long lights
I mean I hope its one of them long nights
No wrong turns, aint no such things as a wrong right

Uh yeah
You make me feel so good
And every time we cut I swear it heals so good
Its been over a year that shit is still so good
No adjusting for you, you know just what to do and all
Yea, oh and I love it
See I'm trying to make it public
I think the glass slipper does fit

[Lil Wayne]
And yesterday I told her she a muthafucker
And how her new haircut is so becoming of her
Oh thats your girl, well Imma make a women of her
Never do to another what we do one another
Now thats a numbers for ya, and I'll give up my summers for ya
Yeah I'll spend my winters and my springs on it
And put a ring on it, eyy


Uhh, just say yes not no
The club is overrated baby lets not go
Lets stay home and burn a couple calories
Fuck the house up and make the maid earn a salary
Yeah I cook you dinner if you cook me breakfast
They say that nobodies perfect but you look perfected
I really love to be the one you took a step with
So trust me when I tell you it'd be worth the effort

[Lil Wayne]
Shes unbelievable like a purple leopard
Just give me the formula watch me work the method
Hehe, Weezy F, I prefer the best shit
And babe you the fucking best
You deserve a trophy
You could be my four leaf clover
My clothes aren't tight nigga their cosy
And when she turn around they say Whoa like Joey
Thats my baby
And I love it
Yeah, Young Money

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    Still here in 2019, cant wait for 2020

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    Sammie P

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    Cuz we only use a rubba like every other time! Lol still my shit!

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    theres a whole verse missing :/


    I know most of there songs together . but this one fkn bangsss no lie haha

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    Found this song on my old iPhone 3G. 10th grade memories ❤️

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    "If she become my baby mother fine,
    Cause we only use a rubber like every over time"

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    Take me back to 10th grade 🔥💪👏

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    This song was everything brings back hell of memories

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  37. Irene Michelle Leivas xoxo drizzy

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