Lil' Wayne - Millyrokk Lyrics

No ceilings
No ceilings
No ceilings
My ceiling drop, my ceiling drop

Ay, my milly rock, my milly pop
Them niggas ain't hot, they petty wap
Sipping Barney, smoking baby bop
She's performing on the table top
Steph Curry, boy I'll take the shot
Bop bop then I'll pull off and wave goodbye
I'm ready for the war, I'm not afraid to die
My niggas wild like Omega Psi
My bitches screaming, "Ooh la la"
I tell my demons, "Kumbaya"
Them sticks go boo ya ka
Make a nigga say, "Ooh, na na na na na"
I got money on my mental, got them niggas in my rear view
I'm a dog, I'm a dog, rottweilin' on these shih tzu's
Drop dollars on your temple, pop collars like a pistol
Drive back and forth with codeine, put some mileage on the rental
Money talks like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Jay Leno
I'm straight NO, the UNO, fast life, so uptempo
Ooh wee, presidential in the Backwood, eating Mentos
Smoke that loud like crescendos, rep the mob like Di Nero
Fucking like a nympho, save her info like a hero
Write you name on the bullet, she wrote my name on her dildo
Smoking on that kill though, got me happier than Gilmo
I'm in chill mode, I'm in pill mode, I just fucked your fucking ear hole

No ceilings, whoa, no ceilings
Yeah, two
Yeah, two
Holler at them bitches, Lucci Lou

[Lucci Lou:]
Give a fuck about you haters, more concerned with stacking papers
Smoking bog and sipping Lakers, watch your girl ‘cause I can take her
Drop the top, no ceilings as I'm plottin' on millions
Where my niggas in this bitch? They like, "Fuck it Lucci, get her"
I'm from that East side of New Orleans, polo T's and Jordans
Where niggas dream to push foreigns, and all the hoes want ballers
I got the cheapest price on pearly white, if you need a nigga just call us
Long as you talking them dollars, I got a nigga, just holler
Still no job, bitch I ain't hurt
Put a ho on the strobe and told her, "Get to work"
She dropped a Xanny in this drink, the rolly in her purse
Then brought it back to Daddy, man I swear this pimpin' work
I pop the clutch and hit the gas, I love the way it skrrt
She popped a bean, popping ass, can't keep it in her skirt
I beat it up, she eat it up, no feelings
It's Lucci Lou and Tunechi, nigga, no ceilings

No ceilings bitch, like an astronaut
Turk and Wayne back at it, nigga, we ain't gon' stop
Thuggin' nigga, it's thug life, 2Pac
My youngin with me, they stay strapped with two Glocks
I'm Molly turnt, but so [?], throwing threes up like slime
Pussy nigga keep hating on me, keep hating, I ain't got time
Too busy chasing this paper, got money on my mind
Fuck you and your favors, know you see my grind
I kicked the habit, never thought I could, that shit had me since fourteen
I was shooting up nigga on tour, fucking up my dreams
Fucking off my green, fucking off with these hoes
Could've died over a million times, I swear only God knows
I'm back nigga, like a hungry dog at the doorstep, let's eat
Tell you pussy niggas that slept on me, "Hope you bitches die in your sleep"
Free my brother BG, I'ma scream the shit till he hit the streets
Till my brother Ralo RIP I got the nigga that's on YNT

No ceilings, yeah, nigga, nigga
No ceilings, yeah, fuck with me it be a killin'
Yeah, Young Turk, nigga
I'm Mister YNT, nigga

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