Lil' Wayne - D.O.A. Lyrics

[Blunt lighting]

Ugh, fiji water granddaddy purp
Excuse me I let da semi auto-matic burp
Blood gang muthafucka call me red alert
Young carter, kill in order who get it 1st
Stuff dat gurl with dick till her head burst
Young wizzle, flow needles I can thread shirts
Boy you aint did shit I den said worst
Flip your fitted cap back like fred durst
Ugh, fiji water og kush
I drink verses & eat hooks
Got da stove on my waist & we cooks
Im in da way you cant pass like aaron brooks
President ride da car slow
I let my driver drive I'm on part 4
Spit hangin from my mouth retard flow
& I say wat I want like an award show
Im on sum shit dat aint even cum out da ass yet
Sit back & watch da green grow like da grass wet
Young or old there aint no comparing me
I just cleared dat up moment of clarity ugh!

[blunt lighting]

Ugh, I'm about to go almonds
Young head-bussa get ya helmets
You niggas real soft wat is that velvet
I get big chips you get alvins
Ugh, I'm about to go wal-nuts
We get 7-digit money you can call us
Hit em wit da choppa watch em ball up
Paint ya face red you all dolled up
Yea, young nino nigga
Do it for my team tim tebow nigga
Im killing dis shit grim-reap flow nigga
Gettin swalloed by da maybach deep-throat nigga!
Ugh, I'm about to go planters
Im still in my prime deion sanders
We all gamblers, I will not lose
Flow precious as diamonds, I drop jewels
Ugh, gimme mine imma take mine
Smoke da purple, I heard it to da grapevine
Weezy baby a.k.a your heiness
I just killed dis shit moment of silence ugh,

(but I aint finished uh-uh....NO CEILINGS muthafucka yea)

Ugh, I'm in da zone like a fast-ball
& I fucked da game up like a bad call
Let da money stack, dont let da cash fall
Bars all day, no last call
Ugh, I'm in da redzone nigga
Wake up in da morning with ya head gone nigga
Birdman jr. wings spread on niggas
Leave da beef in da streets & bring da bread home nigga
Yea, tell da doctor step aside please
Dr. carter gasoline in your ivs
Strong dry weed
Make my eyes bleed
Strong arm wrap
I rock an iron sleeve
Ugh, I'm in da zone like da secondary
No lie bitch I'm flier than a pet canary
Im a dog on da beat fuck da vetenary
Two women praise me like mary-mary
Ugh, I'm in da zone like college ball
Spit fire like I'm cippin on a molotov
Loose bowels dis shit so easy
Jay-Z (I might send this to da mixtape weezy)

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Lil' Wayne D.O.A. Comments
  1. Ashley Angell

    Damn...I forgot how bad he slaughtered this one. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️💋💋💋💋

  2. Halle Cherry ღ

    Fiji water og kush

  3. Joesph Rhinehardt

    Weezy is the best ever. There is no comparison

  4. net cow

    Lil wayne is so fuckn witty n lyrical!

  5. ĸaιne

    Stuff that girl wit dick till her her head burst

  6. Sean Dafny

    Bitch ass Jay Z this not even ur song no more lol why take it down? Damn Man U already billionaire greedy ass put da shit back up so what he killed ur song.

  7. Carlos Xavier Lique

    I remember this song.

  8. beenthinkin oferrthang

    Bar for bar what more do you fucking want you bitches .
    lil Wayne in his prime ✌🏻

  9. Joeskii

    2019 May1 3:00am

    Joshay Joseph

    Joeskii May 2 3:28am


    August 21st Fred Durst 2:20 am

    Patrick Williams

    Oct 21 @ 12:22 am

  10. Tiger Woods

    Wake up in the morning with your head gone nigga 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. T. Google

    Listen to it on Custom Speed 0.9 - You're welcome

  12. Reincarnated Hero

    Anyone that can’t fine the OG I got you!! .

  13. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  14. L C

    Play the song at 0.75x speed

    Love & Success Follows Me

    Still off, but close

  15. Sean Dafny

    Bitch. Ass nigga hov lol. How u go get mad at sum old shit

  16. Carolyn Talmadge

    How is this not one of his best

  17. TrumpFor TheGrave

    😂😂 the fucking GOAT!

  18. TillTheEnd

    😂 Wayne Tha GOAT for this One

  19. Erick Gant

    Devastating mistake to speed this shit up..😐

  20. El Trapp

    Wer tf the real version

  21. ritchie7890

    “I’m on some shit that ain’t even came out the ass yet!!” No artist can come close to him and Drake’s flows!!!!!

    Alathea Bagley

    Thank u frfr tho. 100

  22. 6BL00D9RAV3N6

    They fuked this song

  23. Latonya Alvarado

    Can I cum 2 ur wedding

  24. Latonya Alvarado

    Montgomery Dhea congrats

  25. Latonya Alvarado

    Wayne is a God😍nig please

  26. Krispy Kleen

    wow this is super sped up. its sad i cant find the original.

    Christian Blalock

    Dat Nigga King

    Lolll I be Hatin dat


    the original (normal speed version) was taken down years ago.....

    ATL Knowledge

    Audiomack for free

    Ben Wilson

    @Nature P Dude's just got a tight fist on anything he's ever done.. That being said, this is a great version, I like it fast.

  27. Justin Alexander

    Didn't Jay originally do this song? I can't seem to find anything besides the instrumental...

    Thomas Cano

    Justin Alexander yes J did. it's called dead on arrival. but Wayne killed it way better

    Young Bricks

    Justin Alexander sense jay got tidal its gone be hard finding his music on you tube

    Radza Martin

    Yea and Wayne finished it off for him

    shantay phillips

    Justin Alexander didn’t Jay-Z say he was passing this song to weezy so weezy can snap the fuck out it’s on ITunes

    John Smith

    @Thomas Cano its called death of auto tune and jay realized he couldn't stop people from using it so he took the song down lol

  28. Imari Zophia Monet Flynn

    thanks again weezy


    Imari Zophia Monet Flynn thank him for his greatness