Lil Uzi Vert - Tropics Lyrics

Yea [x3]

I met a bitch in the tropics
And she be gone off the molly
She suck my dick super sloppy
I had to tell me somebody [x2]

[Verse 1:]
I met a bitch in the tropics
She super thick in the body
I had to call up my hombre
I had to tell me somebody
I swear that bitch must be crazy
If she might think she my lady
I swear that bitch ate my baby
I will not buy her Mercades
They see Uzi got the money
The bitches scream come save me


[Verse 2:]
Boy my pockets hella swole
Cause I got the bankroll [x2]
Your bank account on zero
Your bitch look at me like a hero
Tropic foreign bitches [x2]
And I'm getting money
Tropic foreign digits
I tell the truth [x2]
All I got is tropics


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Lil Uzi Vert Tropics Comments
  1. ysg Central

    Shout-out to the MTM that's us!!!

  2. Nate Smith

    Who bumping this in 2020??

  3. Clout Lord

    The label probably heard this and told him this style was what he should stay with

  4. Chopped and Lew'd

    dont worry, wokeuplikedis fans wont find us here

  5. J Scott

    Ahead of his time that’s for sure🚀💫

  6. Krazy Konfuzion

    Throw back frfr

  7. Fake Logic

    Damn 5 years ago

  8. DuhMitre

    Now all we have is demon worshipping gay/feminine Uzi 😞

  9. Jakob Desanandreas

    Came here on accident cause I was looking at hurricane updates, I am not disappointed

  10. Miguel huncho


  11. CamrenFN

    dat old uzi 🦇💕®

  12. Slim DogZ

    This version is by far the best, loudest version I can find 💯

  13. Keefy

    Who still banging this in '19??🦄🔥‼️

    Ty Kappalott

    Me boiii

    Okage !

    Still bumping in 1919


    I’m still bumpin this in 2020 😂 it’s been 6 years shit still goes hard

  14. Killua Zoldyck

    Only OG uzi fans know about this.

  15. VDSasori

    listen to in 1.25x thank me later

  16. Johnny Bank

    2018 ???

  17. Codeine Crazy


  18. alex 1314

    still waiting for ea

  19. Keezy Lyric

    When I hear this song , I’m on a big ass ship full of people jumping to this song 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Justin

    What y’all know bout dis

  21. pipeseto

    waiting for eternal atake


    @Sneakerslolol ?

    Józef Cipotrząsek

    I'm waiting too

    Wormhead YT

    Its 2019 and im still coming this far back for some uzi bars

    Ezra Adams

    pipeseto same


    Still here summer 2018 whole mixtape slappin

  23. Rager


  24. YessirKevo _

    this fire asf, lil uzi cold asf OG

  25. Swazified

    This song was truly ahead of its time. Thank you Uzi❤️👽

  26. DRIP x GoD21

    Still listening in 2018. Yall sleep on this song.


    Loyalty Squad he FUCKING snapped

    808 Steppa

    Loyalty Squad sameeee

    Headshot Mario

    My fav song other than of course

    ysg Central

    Real shit

  27. Kendrick Stewart


  28. Bro Yoe

    Lit asf

  29. Tyler Piotrovsky

    damn i listened to this the other day now theres a video going around of him gettin lit to this song recent july 2017


    Tyler P bruh I thought it was unreleased when he was playing it in July. I was like damn we need this and it's been out for 3 years lmao

  30. Qween Wassup

    was thinking bout the old Uzi yesterday ✨✨

    Headshot Mario

    Yeah Wassup think about him now

  31. Gursimran Banga

    didnt know this existed


    Gursimran Banga i know right


    Gursimran Banga I thought this was unreleased because Uzi was playing it in July this year I didn't know it was out but it's fire

  32. Glomo

    i need this instrumental :(


    bro i can give u nexus 2


    fr fr? but then u can make the instrumental urself as well or arent u a producer? bc i aint a producer as well, im still developing in it. btw i switched to my main account lol


    but can u send it to me? [email protected]

  33. Joe Flores

    yall don't know about this uzi

    Action Entertainment Now

    Joe Flores exactly


    Joe Flores fr this da beginning of his career

    James Brown

    Only real uzi fans know about this 🤘🏽


    no its not
    purple thoughts is the "begenning"


    Jaeson-J ikr fake fans

  34. myriam J.E

    that look like Migos 


    +myriam J.E YEA STFU its uziiiiiii okay

    Vlone Aidan

    myriam J.E huge L

    Vlone Aidan



    Don’t disrespect Uzi like that

  35. Malulu James

    She suck my D super sloby