Lil Uzi Vert - Senor Guapo Lyrics


[Hook x2:]
Got so much money, I'm a flexer
Need me some money, so I'm a finesse ya
One hunnit hondo, nigga catch up
Now ya bitch want me, get ya checks up
Got so much money
I'm a flexer
Need me some money, so I'm a finesse ya
One hunnit hondo, nigga catch up
Now ya bitch want me, get ya checks up

[Verse 1:]
I'm getting money, not a stressor
If ya bitch on me, I'm a F her
Put her on my squad, they gone stretch her
Nigga ain't stupid, If he try test us
Cause we got them uzi's, all them techs
We got extendo's, bruh you get wet up
We got them things now that'll stretch ya
We don't do body, aim at yo neck
Count money photos, that's a no no
Cause if you owe bro you catch this fofo (44 caliber)
Count money photos, that's a no no
Cause if you owe bro you catch this fofo (44 caliber)


[Verse 2:]
Paper don't fold now, got bank roll now
Rock yellow gold now, that shit old now
Platinum my rollie, need like four now
Making me millions, that's my goal now
Say you ain't know me, why you jaw me
Running through hit hoes, that don't owe me
Say you ain't know me, why you jaw me
Running through hit hoes, that don't owe me

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Lil Uzi Vert Senor Guapo Comments
  1. GlryGng Jay

    Stole Flow From Chief Keef’s Hate Being Sober Just Slowed It Down Smh Sosa Really The Dad Of This Generation 🐐

  2. thatsameboi

    set it on 1.25

  3. thatsameboi


  4. Melwin Santiago

    Shit go in

  5. MoneyMakinMitch


  6. Eric Smith

    Underrated 🔥🔥🔥💯🍃

  7. Ivan Ostojic

    i am screaming my soul out to this song every time

  8. Carlos Valle

    This was never a keef flow, uzi singing, yall trippin fr fr!!


    Carlos Valle you dumb af


    Carlos Valle only a dumb ass nigga would think that this ain’t Sosa influenced


    Carlos Valle so was sosa😂and he has the same flow and cadence

    Flossy Saucy

    Bro just listen to hate being sober

  9. anthony muccino

    this is better than hate being sober idgaf if yall wanna hate

  10. GMB Denis

    Sosa on the beat

  11. Mexico City

    *Hate Bein Sober Remix*

    anthony muccino

    influenced not stolen

  12. Naussiboys

    Wow Chief keef copied lil Uzi!!

    FredoCrazy YT

    What you mean cheif keef was out before him

  13. Imperii

    Completely stole Keef's flow

  14. BballNintendo3

    Even the beat is like hate being sober. I like uzi but this is a straight up Sosa bite

  15. Codeine Crazy


  16. Young Kico

    Flow not inspired, straight stole from Matti Baybee She Like. too blatant

    Jonathan Admassu

    Nigga it’s from chief Keef hate being sober

  17. Gininho49Gunsmoke

    Shout ou to Chief Sosa man💪🏽💪🏽 oh wait Chief said this ain’t it

  18. Simeon Bogdanov

    Bitch i hateee beinnn sobeeer

  19. Oleg Magic

    Hate bein sober. Stolen flow.

  20. wreck tum

    We need sum remasters from the real uzi to luv is rage

  21. Top Memesbr


  22. Riot Cines

    bro this shit is so fire it sounds just like sosa

  23. fws sffx


  24. Wilber Leon

    Chief keef flow

  25. Rose Spawn


  26. Ethan Gilbert

    He sounds like Chief Keef on this

  27. Damani Reed

    Sd flow

  28. Michael Feltenberg

    King sosaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  29. B E G O N E T H O T

    😭😭ya’ll needs chill a lot of rappers steal other rappers flow. If you don’t like the song stop listening to it

    anthony muccino

    influenced not stolen


    B E G O N E T H O T literally not a single person said they didn't like the song

  30. lord fat cat

    One of the few songs of Uzi that I fuck with 🔥

  31. Rice Pop

    chief keef the best rapper of the new generation

  32. Michael Myers

    Listening uzi since thisss!!! Fuck today posersss

  33. l_a_ 795

    1.25 speed🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Tyler Anderson

    Why is this not on spotify?

  35. Joel Embiid

    Sosa really did make a wave

    Sad Sanguine

    Ain’t nobody denied that

  36. Dominique Vaughan

    Sosa? Is that you?

  37. Justin Brannigan

    Sosa influenced the game man this flows exact same as hate bein sober

  38. Angel Monroy

    2018 wya

  39. Hippie Dell

    Hippie Dell

  40. doug morris

    stright jocked off my man sosas whole flow in hate being sober thats crazi uzi a clown

  41. Roadrunna Tec

    Should be called Hate being sober remix

  42. Joshua Chambers

    Sounds like chief keefs song hate being sober

  43. CharlieDodgeball

    haha a gay he stole cheef keif flow lmao

  44. kennar stewart

    I hate being sober!


    still my shit

  46. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Uwemubwem Osas

    damn i hate being soberrrrr

  47. Slayers Club

    love how he took chief keef's hate being sober flow Smh

  48. brandan booce

    its influenced by sosas flow it isnt stolen or ripped off rappers do this shit all the time

  49. Charlie

    LOL I say this to my Pops when he dosent go to the grocery store lol

  50. JayMunnaMusic

    Sounds like matti baybee she like

  51. Holden Leonard

    hate being sober

  52. Jasmine Lawson

    lit 😆😁🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍💰

  53. ILONEY

    He not stealing keef flow he"s inspired by him he even said he listened to him in highschool soooo...

    DBZ Dendai

    Shawn Slawter every body steals everyone’s flow then

    Th TheVoltageGamer

    Speed it up 1.2

    Th TheVoltageGamer

    And he stole the cadence and melody

    Th TheVoltageGamer

    Slowing it down doesn’t mean shit

    AllHell Dk

    ILONEY shut df up yu stupid bitch its da same dame thing

  54. John Wicks

    How does this only have 165k views??

  55. Aurarich

    Sosa Influenced Him, Listen To "Hate Being Sober" By Chief Keef, Uzi used the same rhyme pattern

  56. Gyptdoe Based boy

    Don't sound like chief ya tripping

    Tylar kreidler

    Gyptdoe Based boy listen to hate being sober

    Oya 626

    it sounds like chiefs song hate bein sober

  57. Gyptdoe Based boy

    Beat fire 🔥🔥🔥

  58. Glo The Almighty

    Damn I hate being sober

  59. Jonathan

    this sounds like love sosa


    Memestagoat hate being sober

  60. moje42

    hate bein sober cover lmao

  61. Young Among

    He sound Like Chief Keef hate Being sober and Matti Baybee without (autotune)

  62. Codarax

    Hate being sober ??? 🤔

  63. Joseph V



    SOULPROPRIETOR 91 lmaooooooooo

  64. LT Fam

    this really sounds like hate being sober but it's hard 💯🔥🔥

  65. Darius Alford

    Chief keef alike

  66. Oscar Montes

    sounds just like hate being sober

  67. Official Prince Kane

    If anybody got the chance please go check out my mixtape I just dropped 290 SiNZ

  68. Matt RD

    Biggie at the beginning????


    no money 💰 sex sex guns

  70. Dat Mann

    lmao fuck this nigga unoriginal as hell this is basically hate being sober by chief keef


    i think it sounds exactly like "matti baybee - she like"

    Jordan The GOAT

    lol u gotta be a fan .


    LiLUziVert it’s his flow not the words dumbass i hope you figured that out over these 3 months

  71. Firawii

    This shit sound crazy at 1.25x speed

    808 Steppa

    Firawii I CashoutClique pretty hard


    exactly like hate being sober

  72. Money Makin Moe

    This how you know chief keef is the goat lol

  73. Stephen Sosa


  74. AllPureSkill

    Charlie doing work

  75. My Brother Francis

    this shit is fucking weak as fuck.

  76. Podsedneck

    ay you're not chief keef stop

    Nash Lemmons

    Retti Mackenzie yea stop

    Mars Retti

    Nash Lemmons I acknowledge it's Keef's flow, but Uzi made it better. Uzi has been responsible for mad fire and people steal his flow so whatever Lmfao


    Retti Mackenzie L


    nigga gtfo. i fw uzi hard as hell but i can't accept da fact u jus said uzi did this better thn sosa. dat a diss imo

    Tylar kreidler

    Retti Mackenzie hate being sober is way better then this

  77. Jan Akiyama

    This bih remind me when I was the only one in my CITY who listened to uzi lmao.

    L B

    Nigga Ya digggg? Introduced everyone they thought I was a weirdo lmao

    ysg Central

    Rs same here 😂

  78. omoMike


  79. MobnGorilla

    Damn he barely blowing up now! Been a fan since 2014-15


    Same bro


    Fym he's big now


    thegigadykid1 nigga look at the date on that comment


    @MoneyMakinMitch damn bro haven't seen u around in a while, then ago uzi aint dropping shit


    U forgot the i in uzi in the tiyle

  81. Wandino Grigolini

    one of the best Uzi songs


    Listen to count deem rolls by lil uzi its a good hype song

    King NapGlo

    Sound like keef flow

  82. D glo


  83. April Mckenzie

    shit fire

  84. jay rob

    charlie brought me here

  85. osorio Arevir

    basura basura basura .

    Raul Jimenez Lopez

    +Enoel Rivera basura tus commentarios perra

    osorio Arevir

    Keep holding nuts Raul puto 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    osorio Arevir

    Oh bitch ass

    love God

    +Enoel Rivera L

  86. Niels De Boer

    No joke sosa one of the most influential rappers of this era

    808 Steppa

    Niels De Boer fax

    ysg Central

    Now uzi more 😂😂😂

    Dread Head Guap

    @Xandres trying to keep up with the new era

    Clout Lord

    antonio perez i had dreads in 2014 before all these soundcloud niggas came out causw im from chicago

  87. tundra

    honestly liked his music better when he rapped like this & wasn't tryna be like thugger

    Jan Akiyama

    Fr I miss this shit right here

    Joel Embiid

    tundra2k no he’s just trying to be Chief Keef

    Jojo Blz

    tundra2k he was tryna be sosa on this

    Th TheVoltageGamer

    He was tryna be Keef back then

  88. M Moon


  89. Kev Martin

    sounds like Sosa on I hate being sober

    T Lowe Gang

    matti baybee is chiefs lil cousin so either way its influenced by keef

    damon washington

    Kev Martin I was thinking the same

    Jake Miller

    He stole Sosa flow

    Flooby Jooby

    Kev Martin the I hate being sober instrumental except a few changes like the tempo

  90. Q Jerome Holman

    My shit

  91. Javaria brascom

    this reminds me of chief keef/ matti baybee


    +Javaria brascom Matti baybee x She Like

  92. Mathandi Ngcobo

    too dope, and the beat too nice

  93. Eric Nguyen

    hate being sober flow


    +Eric Nguyen Matti Baybee x She Like

    I'm Lurry Bitch

    Eric Nguyen exactly

  94. damarko21

    he reminds me of speaker knockerz too lightweight

    Bernard Wright

    +Bernard Wright hxjbd


    damarko21 yeah he reminds me more of Speaker Knockerz

  95. damarko21

    sound like SD - Bandz slowed down lol slap doe


    damarko21 no not at all


    damarko21 I was thinking that shit !

  96. hugo hernandez

    Sound similar to keef shit

    Von Lod

    who cares shits hot shout out sosa tho

  97. Michael Carolina


  98. Slink fts

    This nigga should be famous


    Slink fts damn you called this one

    Elijah Ren

    Glomo he got famous with his own style now so

    Philthy Shortz

    he should


    Slink fts He fr should bro