Lil Uzi Vert - Rich Forever Leaked Lyrics

Make it rain and I leave it there
I don't ever clean the mess up
Buddakan, bitch, we eat in there
So dark, can't see in there
Still took a bitch to eat in there
She said, "How you pull off in your whip if ain't no key in there?"
New coupe can fit three in there

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever...
Ayy, yeah...

I pull up in Bentley, no Beamer
Balenciaga, these not no Arenas
I got a chopper could clear whole arenas
I got a llama, I named that bitch Tina
I let that lil' bitch just hold on my Nina
You know I stay, don't have to get my cheese up
I remember that bitch wasn't a speaker
Now I'm the only thing come out her speakers
These niggas bummy, they mad from the bleachers
I get the cake like I work for Denise's
Violation, boy, your money like Wee Man
These soft ass niggas can't fuck with the demon
You know Lil Uzi got the bitches feindin'
I got the Glock and my laser is beamin'
These niggas borin', tell me when they're leavin'
Rainbow my diamonds, but I am not readin'
These niggas old heads, their hairlines recedin'
Go get the money, blue checks I'm receivin'
Like Kells with the R so I hit with the remix
I gave the thot a pill, she went to Venus
She on her knees and she beg for the semen
Rick Owens my bed, I trip when I'm dreamin'
Bitch out my way, at the top, you can't glow me
Did everything so it's nothin' you can show me
I'm the type nigga that wave out in front on you
I'ma just pass you just right to my homie
I'm the type nigga that wave out in front on you
Take the safety off and blast my opponent
These rappers pitiful, also my children too
I don't know why they're always actin' bogus
One of my youngest children just went platinum
Startin' to think he better than my oldest
Hold up, pneumonia neck got me froze up
Made three million off my shoulders
Drippin', drownin' in the water, yeah
Got more money than your father, yeah
So that means you're my daughter (daughter)
Choppers on me, I got 40 (40)
Jack boys rip the floor up (floor up)
Sawed-off getting taught (bow)
Stomach shot, get your core (core)
Went 2Pac, watch the door
2Pac, that's Shakur
Nigga better watch his whore (yeah)
I'ma send him to the Lord (Lord)
He was on life support ('port)
But the doctor pulled the cord (cord)
That's what happen when we warrin' (woo)
1600, leave you snorin' (woo)
Counter carbon, that's a Corbin (woo)
Blue tips in the FN
It's G.E.D. like I'm testin' (G.E.D.)
Get every dollar with no dressin' (yeah)
They won't play this on your FM (ayy)
You a rat, call the PC
That's the pest control, not protection
Tell my bitch, "You his best friend?
Oh no, bitch you gon' text him (what?)
Let him ease in my section
We gon' hit him with a message (message)"
We got shooters out in Essex (Essex)
We got shooters out in Texas (Texas)
All my niggas know is wreck shit (wreck shit)
Throw your set, throw your set, bitch
You keep showin' me your new bitch
Boy, you're fuckin' on my ex-bitch
She with you for a check, bitch
Gave her racks, diamond necklace
You can keep it, I got extra (extra)
No, they can't out-check us (check us)
Spend a hundred, put the rest up (yeah)
Niggas tryna be the best us
Make it rain and I leave it there
I don't ever clean the mess up
Buddakan, bitch, we eat in there
So dark, can't see in there
Still took a bitch to eat in there
She said, "How you pull off in your whip if ain't no key in there?"
New coupe can fit three in there
Smoke a blunt, 4 G's in there
Goyard wallet with the cheese in there
Margiela, put my feet in there (yeah)
VVS', put my teeth in there (yeah)
High 20s, you get Cs in there
Fredericksville, I ain't leavin' there
1600, yeah, I be in there
Come around, you get whacked here
Come around, you get wet here (wet)
Come around, you get checked here (checked here)

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Lil Uzi Vert Rich Forever Leaked Comments
  1. UGElite

    When he did this after his set ended at Rolling Loud ;)))))))

  2. DevTex

    Feb 2019 anyone 🤔

  3. EricThe GOAT

    Is it me but is it possible that y can mistake Kodak black with Uzi?😂they sound alike in my opinion 😅

  4. ray bel

    fr rich the kid his diss so weak compared to diss

  5. Rich who????......We don't know him.....🚫🙅💯😂



  7. LSD God Made Weed DMT Kundalini Chakras TreeHugger

    💸🔥Make it rain and i leave it there🔥💸

  8. italkshyt14

    Anybody else thought this Skippa Da Flippa for a second??

  9. Iam Deuce

    😂💀rich the kid got his self in some deep shit✌🏽😬

  10. Mark Will

    Is that Old Uzi I hear? 👀🔥

  11. David Ault

    awesome tune

  12. Haik Yeranosyan

    One of the many sons Wayne has in the rap game

  13. Braydon Thompson

    Shits garbage

    Braydon Thompson

    True Gamer191x1 great u took the time out of your day to respond to a 2 week old comment. Salty af much?

  14. uh skulli

    been waiting for old uzi swag to come back for foreverrrrrrr so fire

  15. quietkidchris

    Damn this hardest uzi has ever gone

  16. SplashTwinz Ent

    Sound like chief keef beat

  17. savey vevo

    Shit hard

  18. Adeezy

    The flow crazy

  19. Glo kid 202

    Shabazzzz NIGGA

  20. Alex Flores

    Was this ever released?

  21. Brande S

    This dope yall trippnnn🔥🔥

  22. sinclair Bouazo

    This that old soulja boy flow

    Haik Yeranosyan

    sinclair Bouazo this is a much more polished and calculated flow and delivery then Soulja boy ever had

  23. BAYLES

    weezy is that you?


    SAMURAIZZ the door 👉🏾🚪

    Haik Yeranosyan

    SAMURAIZZ he's Wayne's son for sure just one of many sons Wayne has in the game

    john doe

    Lil Wayne gillie son he stole gillie flow

  24. jhalaur parks

    Yo This Beat is Similar to Where By Sosa 🔥 Dolan Beats Is The GOAT 🐐

    D.R_enterthe 36

    jhalaur parks its the same beat


    Yeah Uzi Keef and Shabazz PBG had rapped this beat

  25. Dee Davis

    Lol nigga tryna sound like Sosa Forreal

  26. Treb McCoy

    Thanks you I needed this , I wasn’t getting by with the snippet anymore

  27. puertorixoo

    he sound like shabazz😂😂


    JP fuck shabazz

  28. Lil Uzi vert

    Leak dirty Diana!

  29. Jack Sutherland

    Damn this aint old dumbfucks


    Jackisbest Clan ik lmao

  30. Bomb Ride Alone

    Leak lil uzi vert - justin beiber 😭

  31. GreyhoundGamer

    Bro why r u ignoring my comments? In the previous videos...

    Cardi B

    GreyhoundGamer Nigga aint nobody looking for ur comments

  32. Massa15

    Old Uzi's vibes i love them

  33. BandzzMan

    Listen.. 🔥

    Michael Then

    BandzzMan nice pfp

  34. intheclub ➌➌ TM ϟ

    This song was recorded before Uzi turned lesbian


    Tf u talkin bout this new


    intheclub ➌➌ TM ϟ idiot

  35. Murmaxy

    Thumbnail is misleading

  36. Khalid Abdilahi

    Lmao im assuming this nigga leaking his own shit at this point, somebody tell him to leak that song with Sosa

  37. dj aquino

    E nos mano

  38. Slighty autistic films .

    Lil Uzi homo

    Dawn VanHall

    get out

  39. Yuu MOSES



    SiMoo Xo you sound dumb


    SiMoo Xo Fake Uzi Fans🤦🏻‍♂️


    Wtf is this guy talking about

    x Saturn

    SiMoo Xo Tf he just previewed this track like 2 months ago

    Nik P.


  40. robert alexandru


  41. ChrisDaGhxst

    Why they leaking old ass songs smh


    Nigga you're slow uzi posted a snippet of this song few months ago nice try


    It’s not old bro if u listen to lyrics you can tell he dissed rich


    ChrisDaGhxstMusic how is this old when he previewed this 2 months ago


    ChrisDaGhxstMusic u dumb af


    “Made 3 million off my shoulders” not that old