Lil Uzi Vert - He Did It Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
These motherfuckers just be hating and shit
Thought these motherfuckers was my dawgs
These niggas just be hating on me, they just be waiting on me
Slip up
I got that money, I got that money, yuhh

He did it [x8]
Drop Top foreigns, he did it
Fucking foreigns, he did it
Bitch leave in the morning, he did it
I did it, yeah I did it

[Verse 1:]
Yeah I did it, like I don't need you
Yeah I did it, all my money yeah it's blue
Yeah I did it, like I don't know you
Heard I got a ticket, well let me show you
I get it, yeah I spend it
Yeah I got a chopper, like a midget
Thought you had the dough, thought that was your hoe
Now she at my show, that's the way it goes
Yeah your bitch done chose, taking xans till I'm slow

He did it [x8]
Drop Top foreigns, he did it
Fucking foreigns, he did it
Bitch leave in the morning, he did it
I did it, yeah I did it

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, fucked her in the shower
Fucking on your bitch, I fucked her for a hour
Taking all these drugs I feel suicidal
Jumping in my car, doors be suicidal
Leave that nigga dead, yeah that's on arrival
Your bitch on my dick yeah that's on arrival
I shoot hollow-tips right at my rivals
Spike just told me he's in love with Kaijo
Who is that? don't worry about that aye
Better get back, before my gun go blam mayne
I did that, get my money, taxing you like Uncle Sam
How much money is that right there, I need to have it

He did it [x8]
Drop Top foreigns, he did it
Fucking foreigns, he did it
Bitch leave in the morning, he did it
I did it, yeah I did it

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Lil Uzi Vert He Did It Comments
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    Who here In 2020

  2. Vlone Thug

    EA soon


    Vlone Thug s**n

  3. ## ßēvēnš

    Watch. everybody else finna be fans when EA drops

  4. xx Luckydayloli

    Uzi fans still watching this in 2020

  5. Jayce Gaming Channel

    2020 Anyone

  6. Marcos Perez

    Hello uzi ima big fan ‼️waiting for your album take your time 💯fuk em


    Marcos Perez facts fuck the leaks !

  7. William Fount

    This man making amvs now

  8. Mr Whalez

    That's why Hip-Hop & rap & Anime go together so well

  9. saint leek

    still here


    4years aGo today

  11. n00baddict 53

    This guy puts HENTAI in his music videos. Truly the ultra weeb master

  12. PretendSeeker

    Guys omg I think that...

    He did it

  13. itss Donnie

    Yes u did it and 2020 u gonna do it again😔😔😔😔💯💯💯💯 u saved me from a dark time with your music

  14. Pndkilo

    69nine be like 😂😂😂

  15. E. Emiliano Villa

    Does lil uzi very watch anime?

    Sponzuki Grapes

    No only politics

  16. Prankinsane TV

    1:32 anime pls

  17. guccio

    1:31 i definitely didnt expect to see some anime titties on a lil uzi video 😳

  18. Vermin

    This man showing anime characters tits on YouTube

  19. Vermin

    He even put one piece in there

  20. yeet yeet

    Under rated af been lit

  21. Cameron

    I died when they greenscreened him flexing cash on top of anime

  22. N King


  23. Aiden Hernandez

    Sealab Vertical (Lil Uzi) (Lil Uzi Vert): he did it! he did it! he did it! I did it!

  24. yns dex

    I shoot Hollow tips right at my rivals

  25. saint mxntana

    Black lagoon

  26. Clout Lord

    This why I love uzi he makes music for niggas who fuck bitches and watch anime while whippin the pot

  27. Im Brenden

    Came for the thumbnail, and I wasnt disappointed.

  28. Pokémon

    He did it

  29. Pokémon

    Lil Uzi Vert

  30. はいるこいち

    Does anyone know the anime at 1:43? Hope to get an answer!🙏😇


    Demon king daimao

  31. Funeralflow

    This beat goth af

  32. Life with LO

    lil uzi should be on neo yokio

  33. Mr Tar Tar

    lmao when I saw that this was uploaded on lil uzis channel i was so shocked

  34. jms2447

    The GOAT .. this song is how I found Uzi 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  35. nobitchchannel

    Why is lil uzi so sadddddddd?

  36. Cata

    1 MIL BITCH 🔥🔥🔥

  37. Ichiban

    I love you uzi

  38. The Military Guy

    One piece

  39. The Military Guy

    Since I am a dweeb I know all the anime here's some you got black lagoon, and soul reaper

    Shayne Day

    I have 3 questions. what’s the one where they’re fighting on the train, what’s the one at 1:28 , and what’s the one at 1:35

    The Military Guy

    @Shayne Day hsdxd

    Shayne Day

    The Military Guy I’ve watched all of high school dxd and the girl that the guy walks in on with red hair and purple eyes is not from highschool dxd

    Shayne Day

    The Military Guy one of the others is but not that one the the train fight scene isn’t highschool dxd either

  40. Swavii Davii

    almost to a mil in 4 years >.< ... song so underrated **

  41. Krishna Sharrieff

    2019 anybody


    Before this touch a mill and blow let me say “HE DID IT” 🙏🦋💕🖤

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    Who was here b4 1mill

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    does anyone know the anime with that short clip at 0:26

    Succ Succ

    Soul Eater

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    who still up? 😓🦋

  51. Dijah Ganja

    I just wanna know what anime ? I don’t feel like going through comments . I love anime but I’m not sure which one this is

  52. bigtime primtime

    Why TF does lil Uzi have anime in his music anime is ass

  53. Pablo Zinco

    This shit brings me back to when soundcloud rap was cool and original. Miss those days all these new rappers suck, we need a new fresh wave.

  54. Justin

    september 2019 anyone ?

  55. Novembers Finest

    He almost did it 1mill

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    What anime is in this?

  57. Aiden Wright

    This Fullmetal? Or Brotherhood?

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  60. Azumi Cosmin

    anime name ?

  61. mycoolnameislame

    All day 1 uzi fans RISE TF UP

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    What’s the anime at 1:29. I’m trynna see some tits

    Succ Succ

    Boku no Pico

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    “6ix9ine in prison”

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    Holy shit what, this nigga got an AMV as an official music video, that's legit. I fucking love it

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    It’s 2019 and this shit still hits

  68. Minul Mirdha

    How tf this ain’t banned tho? Uzi is savage tf

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    so many tiddies

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    Why is this in my recommended now?? I still like it tho

    I HyyHyy I

    I’m just mad it ain’t on Spotify

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    lowkey sound like trippie redd

    johnny bagley

    Triz Gaming u mean trippie sounds like uzi ? trippie stole Uzis sound dummy this came out two years before trippie was even known 🤦🏾‍♂️

  72. Shiloh Hardy

    1:29... your welcome

    Novembers Finest


    Shiloh Hardy

    @Novembers Finest thanks. That was a fatal mistake my bad

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  77. Austin Powers

    Why am I seeing this 3 years later

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