Lil Uzi Vert - Finessin Hearts Lyrics

[Hook x3:]
She Left Me lone' I Ain't Even Know How To React
Text My Phone Every Day But I Won't Hit Her Back
Tear It Up From The Back Pullin' out every Track
Mean Put Me On That Green Yeah That's A Fact

[Verse 1:]
Promethazine Got Me In A Dream
Smokin' Gas Lungs Collapse
Xanny Bars Take Em By The Threes
Man You Need To Relax
All These Drugs Feel Like A Junkie
Won't Bring Her Back
And If I fucked Any Body Really Is My Bad
Even You, No You Still My Boo Thang
Pull Up In V In That Mulsanne
Kick Game So Retarded It's Liu Kang
Do Anything For You Cause I'm A Fool Mane

Pacing myself and I'm running the game just like Usain
No Matter What feel That Shit In My Gut You're My Boo Thang
I Might Just Pull Up In Porshe And I Drive Like A Boss Swervin' Two Lanes
She Said You Is Too Lame Love and Rage Too Flames

[Hook x3]

[Bridge x2:]
Pacing myself and I'm running the game just like Usain
No Matter Feel Like Shit Your My Girl Your My Boo Thang
I Might Just Pull Up In Porshe And I Drive Like A Boss Swervin' Two Lanes
She Said You Is Too Lame Lover Is Too Flames

[Verse 2:]
Getting That Money Spent Alot Of Money On My New Chain
She Like For Hubby To Get Right With Me That A Food Chain
Young Nigga Quick Stay On His Shit And I Won't Turn Into Food Mane
Put On My Necklace Look At Them Diamonds Water Water Juicemane
Gettin' This Money Go To Bora Bora Riddin' With My Crew Mane
Treatin' These Girls Like They Is Animals In A Zoo Mane
1700 A Young Nigga Is Stuntin' I Spend That On Shoes Mane
Burberry, Ghetto Bitch Got Burberry Ghetto Bitch Got Burberry

[Hook x3]

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Lil Uzi Vert Finessin Hearts Comments
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    Chris Colbert

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    ayy imma remix this put it on my new album uzi fans dont be mad okie :)

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    Daniel Castillo

    And I'll keep coming back

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    2019? I think im the only one

    Ryan Hicks

    Is_3dgar nah bro, i’m right here with you 🔥


    Ryan Hicks das wassup G

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  13. Umar Khan

    Damn faux this song takes me back

    Umar Khan

    Pacing myself and I’m running that shit just like usain.

  14. Chester Mark


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    Still crazy

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  18. Uzi Vert

    At least 46,654 of the views were me alone

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    This junt still hit 🔥🔥🔥

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    If this and uzi mansion where on LUV vs the World then that bitch couldn't of dropped we woulda had to much fire 🔥🧨🧯

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  26. zzboy xx my girl ,

    Hater: fuck uzi

    Like Uzi vert: get my strap

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    Put this shit in Spotify please, one of the best tracks from him ....

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    Finessin hearts is fun but kind of cruel

    Jake Oswald

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  31. Jake Oswald

    This shit make me feel heartless wtf

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    still one of the main songs I bump in 2019, But I miss the old uzi can't lie

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  37. Prod. Z

    1:11 lmfaoo wtf were you thinking it’s “if I thought anybody had my back it be you”

  38. vboy -

    hoes mad

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    Uzi songs like this, stole your luv, call me right back,luv scars, I could keep going, point is its like crack you're going to keep coming back no matter what the year is 💯


    2k19 may?🖤

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