Lil Tracy - Switchblade In The Club Lyrics

When I hit the club switchblade on me
Hangin' out the Gucci belt, fuck them who hate on me
I copped my princess one too
Hers is pink and mines is too
When I hit the club switchblade on me
Hangin' out the Gucci belt, fuck them who hate on me
I copped my princess one too
Hers is pink and mines is too

I'm so kawaii, I be in the parties
Switchblade hangin' off me, shawty choosin' on me
Niggas plottin' on me, angels all around me
Baby, do you love me? Pink Hello Kitty
Don't hang on me, you don't even know me
Call me Lil Tracy, call me Lil Nosebleed
I be havin' bad dreams, wake up cry gemstones
And my eyes still closed, keep the switchblade closed
Bitch I'm blowin' out smoke, shawty blowin' out smoke
Cast a spell on her, she don't cry no more
Live fast, die slow, Souljahwitch rhinestones
Broken gems on the floor, I don't cry no more

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Lil Tracy Switchblade In The Club Comments
  1. Godcantsaveyou

    Switchblade on meee

  2. Br9k

    Switchblade hanging off me

  3. yung bruh moment

    This song belongs in a museum

  4. mezmure

    need the og vid 👨🏻


    what you mean og vid lol?

  5. Nick Keses

    Am i the only one who keeps turning back to yung bruh lately?

  6. PsychaDuck


  7. Pinkkuntus

    Trassh clone gone wrong 😂

  8. Mason Green

    rip yung bruh

  9. V4sso

    🗡️🖤soulja witch in da club tonight


    S s souljahwitch

  11. Ronan Malloy

    This is art

  12. nastyboyeli

    flu5h with the top tier production

  13. Mustafa Mustafa

    Tracy been fie

  14. Quim Martín Golf

    very rare

  15. Jeremiah Murray

    play at 1.25x speed.


    best yung bruh somg everp

  17. Vintage Drugrug

    🔥🔥🔥 rare!

  18. Icywoc

    When I hit the club switchblade on me

  19. question mark???

    I waman see uh oh?!

  20. Tech Coyote

    Not even a real switchblade......

  21. eremiit333

    240p 4 tha culture u,_u

  22. gross bwoy izaac

    I’m so kawai I’m so gothic💞🖤

  23. fat goth

    was that nigga wearin a kilt 😂😂

  24. fat goth

    one of the first to flex hello kitty and skullcandy

  25. Denxytube

    Samsung boys

  26. vrxkami

    kawaii nosebleeds 💕

  27. Fire Thief

    This is a very rare classic 🦄🦄🦄

  28. Shock

    rare video, beautiful song ❤

  29. Val Gal

    I feel like I heard this song before😆

  30. Omega Blue

    SouljaWitch RineStones 💎💎💎

  31. K00L N4ST

    𝕽𝕴𝕻 𝖄𝖚𝖓𝖌𝖇𝖗𝖚𝖍

  32. YungCypurs

    Rip Yung bruh

  33. Nehemiah Foreman


  34. Hayden Heitter

    yung bruh was up to no good wit them black forces but long live yung bruh rip

    Evil birdy man Gaming


    Evil birdy man Gaming



    rest up yung bruh, u getting up there yung bruh..

  36. DJ SlikkShøla

    i'm crying designer tears rn rip yung bruh

  37. upnn

    I was 666th like

  38. Syclo

    Wow this is RARE.

  39. punk

    < tracy hilton

  40. shit boi

    Kawaii vampire bite a hoe on demand
    She tell me I'm cute then she kiss the tats on my neck
    My bitch a princess, I'm a princess too
    My bitch Kawaii, I'm Kawaii too
    I'm in the party lil shawty choosin on me
    Gucci on me, switchblades and calamari
    I'm Lil Tracy niggas hate me hoes love me
    Hello Kitty backpack filled up with money
    Kawaii Punks cute mafia, goth angel
    Swerving around the town Tracy in a Mercedes
    I'm so Gucci In the club I'm eating sushi
    Kawaii thug sippin smoothies with an uzi
    I glisten like a diamond
    Lil Souljah Witch Kawaii Punks

  41. supernatural .Unicorn

    And mines is too!

  42. Uncle Jim

    Salame boi

  43. Chemi Smokebender


  44. Colin Davis


  45. TrikesIsWashed

    rip yung bruh

  46. Sick Roast

    I remember watching this the first time. It is like im back there

  47. Zeniak

    most legendary fit in existence

  48. Fire Thief

    So rare 🦄

  49. law

    whoever disliked this i will find you and kill you

    Big L

    das Coo but im killing every viewer who didnt like.

  50. Budi Silaban

    Lil tracy new fans can't find us here

  51. Budi Silaban

    I'm gonna find that one person who dislike this rare ancient!

  52. ben hanning

    so rare 😓😓😓

  53. goob

    this is lvl300 rare

  54. pain loves feeling i

    0 dislikes. Fucking deserves that shit 🔥🔥🔥

  55. FiveStarGuy120


  56. Kill yo Lol

    0 dislikes let's keep it that way

  57. Cameron Johnson

    Beautiful 💕💕

  58. urdead2me

    gemstone 1 out of X amount = discoverrdd ty lifestrash we luv u


    we out here 6_^

    Budi Silaban

    @lifestrash do you have the Uh Oh video man?

  59. Yung Frostee

    How is the mic so garbage but it sound so good😂

    Fuckyobih montes

    It’s the effects You can tell it’s a good mic



  61. Sergio Perez

    Come back to earth Bruh

  62. Digits.

    One of his best songs imo

  63. John Dutkiewicz

    no dislikes

    keep it that way

  64. not an op

    every time tracy says die i get a spike of joy

  65. Nick/ Tasha

    Thanks qq

  66. chase pineda

    I love lil Tracy. This nigga inspired me to buy a Gucci belt. I ended up selling it a year after using it. I just realized that this belt he is holding is fake :/. No real Gucci belts have a button to hold the buckle and leather belt together. Rip yung bruh and hopefully his new one is real

  67. Malakai Cooke

    its good to see people still love yung bruh ^0^

    question mark???

    Lil Tracy and Yung Bruh lol a lot of new songs like Tracy and a lot sound like Yung Bruh


    Bruh is better then tracy

    Omega Blue




    Evil birdy man Gaming

    Wait aren’t they the same person lmao

  68. Yung Seby

    Soulja, yung souljawitch

  69. Carssere

    this is legendary

  70. Slenderbot

    switchblade on meeeeee—________

    yung bruhhhhhhh

  71. Taliban Bo

    someone plz screen record save this gem


    plenty of people have already, i never plan on deleting this channel or video though

  72. habusiątko


  73. tracy

    I love this

  74. King fathom

    So beautiful

  75. Southernboy Noah

    Yooooo rare af 💜

    fat goth

    Southernboy Noah not really but it’s an amazing song and video

    fat goth

    Jayvenn ig, just bc its yung bruh


    @fat goth not rare? people have wanted this for a long time and it was thought to be lost for a good minute.. thats literally rare.

  76. Isaiah Miller

    LEGENDARY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  77. Burak Çetinkaya

    Damn Yung Bruh goat

  78. M G. L.

    Thank u man

  79. Kawaii Gothboy

    Finally I’ve been waiting for someone to repost this

    USSR Patrick

    When did it come out?

    USSR Patrick

    Do you like the new or old him?

    USSR Patrick

    I have only been a fan since he put out that song that goes like nigga stop walking like me nigga stop talking like me and bando.

    Kawaii Gothboy

    Vi Static Shock iV I like his personality better now he’s off the drugs now he’s happy but nothing can beat the classics I like him off the drugs don’t wanna lose him

    Kawaii Gothboy

    Vi Static Shock iV 2016 I think

  80. mess1337

    free yung bruh


    hell nah

    Evil birdy man Gaming

    He’s lil Tracy

  81. Sorcery

    So Rare!!!!!

  82. Jack W

    Screen recording this so it never dies

    digi dxm

    @Russell Ramirez just download man... download an mp4 version u know what im sayin'

    Stirling Clay

    crazyspade 8 first thing i did 😂


    Haha F respect


    Good man


    i dont have screne sreopconrs lOaolaoloalp

  83. Jack W


    gloxxi TM

    and much more...

  84. yung salt packet

    crazy. shoutout lifestrash !

  85. Grey Carson


  86. Element XVI

    angles guard me you demons can't harm me

  87. alex

    so beyond thankful\


    I’m crying gemstones, this is beyond rare!

  89. Connor.