Lil Toe - Wake Up Lyrics

Wake up, bitch, get a bag
3 K's stuffed in the back

Aye, bitch its Lil Toenail. This goes out to all them niggas who said they can't get it... bitch go get it motherfucker, what the fuck? I text your girl, and she send me back foot pictures, my nigga. 'Cause I wanna lick her toes, boy

Wake up, bitch, get a bag
3 K's stuffed in the back
Hop out with a ski-mask
I don't give a fuck, I want them racks

Ask my, ask my OG what he pushing
I know what I want so I'm looking
Tryna find your watch, bitch? I took it
Tryna find your wallet, boy? I took it
Niggas really think that I'm faking
I ain't get it, bitch, I had to take it
Do what I need just to make it
But I won't ever sell my soul to Satan
Listen to me, nigga, how I do this
Gang of real niggas, yeah, they ruthless
Bitch, you better pay me for them features
I ain't stupid, bitch, who you think you fooling?

Wake up, bitch, get a bag
3 K's stuffed in the back
Hop out with a ski-mask
I don't give a fuck, I want them racks
Wake up, bitch, get a bag
3 K's stuffed in the back
Hop out with a ski-mask
I don't give a fuck, I want them racks

She told me that she love me so I had to cut her off
I don't love no bitch so I will never love a thot
Buy what I want, give a fuck about the cost
My niggas busting pieces so we chilling in the loft
Toenail, bitch, I'm a motherfucking boss
Niggas never robbing me because they too soft
Come without getting shit took? Bitch, you thought
I pray that I never get lost in the sauce

Wake up, bitch, get a bag
3 K's stuffed in the back
Hop out with a ski-mask
I don't give a fuck, I want them racks
Wake up, bitch, get a bag
3 K's stuffed in the back
Hop out with a ski-mask
I don't give a fuck, I want them racks

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Lil Toe Wake Up Comments
  1. Badchickenmiyah !!!!

    So nobody heard him so “my niggas”. Or is he black and he just kinda light

  2. sirenify.

    doesn't love thots

    has a bunch thots in the music video

  3. One and Only

    Camera man most dangerous jobs in america

  4. LilNy


  5. Night Godvell

    a genius

  6. Alec Joans

    everyone in this vid is gay

  7. Michael Hodge

    Who all thought he was black

  8. Cutie K

    Why is he wearing like this? 🙂

  9. Ryomoku Min

    so nobody gonna say that's he's a white man saying the n word?


    hes not white

    It’s FrostyWolf

    Ryomoku Min worry about yourself and stop making everything about race

    Ryomoku Min

    @It’s FrostyWolf I'm making it about race because theres race involved

    Ryomoku Min

    @Haze you're right, I made reaserch, i apologise if what I said annoyed you

  10. R.a .z.i.q

    uk its sad when u cant get a gf but ur little toe can

  11. slush too random

    Where lil fingernail only his brother lil toenail

  12. Samiyah M.

    This dude black or white tho?

  13. Sex Mackswell

    Cherdleys put me onto this shit.

  14. Jayden Thies

    This song makes me want to tell my teacher that he failed

  15. Bean Flicker

    This is black air forces

  16. Jbreeze

    N word???

  17. Kentyy 101

    Is Lil ToeNail is HowtoBasic??

  18. d s

    Most gangsta in tha game. Loves Halloween costumes and not one damn tattoo on his body. Real gangsta shyt!!

  19. Cheryl Cummins

    Bruh who the real ogs before tik tok like this

  20. Verneri Järvinen

    Yo, found the 0:50 thrasher girls ig, its @likewtfp look at the tattoos⬅️⬅️

  21. NØ MERCY

    when you neatly raise your daughter until she is 18 and all for working in videos like this

  22. sempty

    пушка I like you:)

  23. AzzaX Vid

    Did he say "my nigga"????


    kto od Malika Montany XD

  25. TheGoldBoy 1

    Asta e abi când a ajuns in America

  26. Majai TV

    Tik tok here u go


  27. Original BOY

    He looks like anomaly

  28. nii c cmcm

    This guy white saying the n word

  29. skrilla gaming

    Real ones listened to this 2 years ago

  30. Elie Sem Pierre

    He name his slef Lil Toenail because he like toes! lmaoo

  31. H. A.

    Cashier - That'll be 7.62
    Lil Toe - Give me your money bro. I'm not robbing you I'm gonna pay.

  32. GG Cocoa

    omg i remember this before it became a tik tok song lmao

  33. Riri Boo

    Wait tik tok are on this shit now? 😂 I’ve listened to this banger for so many years

  34. Ася Сардарян

    1:48 𝐿𝒾𝓀𝑒𝑒

  35. GO HD

    For all the tiktors 1:47

  36. Foam Cup

    who is actually not from tikt ok like wtf

  37. Skater Girl17

    I saw this in tik tok (please don't get mad) and now i'm kinda scared

  38. Ирина Гармаева

    Я одна русская?

  39. V3n0m

    1:47 story of my life

  40. Sanela Murina l2p GH

    did he say the N-Word?

  41. SFN visions

    Wake up time counter 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  42. Kariita Ozgur

    I like the man Lil Toe xD i love you Toe From Brasil <3

  43. mursu BOY

    Do a facereveal!!!!!

  44. My Name is anonymous

    Am i the only person who knew about this song before tic toc?

  45. Spaz

    Why dont u take legal actions against tiktok since they used ur song without premission?

  46. Carson Alpaugh

    Hear me out: imagine getting robbed by a 25yr old man in a foot costume 😂😂😂

  47. Alan Rojas

    She told me that she loved me so I had to cut off 🔪

  48. SKG.chokiZo

    Only legend know this song before tiktok

  49. Devil Angelic

    he literally made a tupac shirt out of himself. Smh that's so disrespectful

  50. Nuzato_

    1:47 What Ur here for

  51. Will M

    What is it with old songs all of a sudden becoming famous

  52. Fourth Viper

    You white you can say the n word

  53. Santino Markowski


  54. LOGAN Bryant

    Tik tok saves so many underrated rappers 🔥

  55. LOGAN Bryant

    That girl on you wants cuffed 😂

  56. Max Korngoot

    This shows me your mom didn’t love you

  57. Sulaiman Farooqi

    When you give me "all this anxiety stuff"

  58. Demir Oner

    Shut the fuk up ur name is lil toe

    xD Bazin

    Demir Oner your name is demir

  59. Karma Akabane

    Sponsored by Cherdleys

  60. general property

    imagine thinking, out of all the words in the world, of lil toenail for a rapper name

  61. WoodMxn Midoriya

    Trust. When I make a Tik Tok to one of my songs, it'll be a 🔥🔥🔥

  62. Steezys-_-

    Get in ya bag coachies

  63. vlogs with debbs

    who gave him the n word pass

  64. Meg H

    Song blowing up on Tiktok 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 HAD TO CUT HER OFF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. Laixlaii

    His name is Lil Toe.. what should I even say-

  66. Laixlaii

    His name is Lil Toe.. what should I even say-

  67. Ya Dig

    Did he say n*gga


    Thats what im sayinnn...........

  68. Offensive

    clıck for new track: :

  69. интернет Spitfire

    Probably a joke rapper but this slaps so fucking hard

  70. Juices Reincarnation

    tik tok makes the song sound soooo much better

  71. Kareena.

    I can't be the only one from the bts Halloween edit

  72. Rukiye Ahmet Emin

    Who is here after seeing the Halloweenfilters on BTS

  73. Lennon Bullits

    i heard boom before this, all yall fake

  74. red mac

    Tik tok kids come here for the part but I came here for the music music fire my guy keep doing ur good work.

  75. T3DDY L.FLAM3S

    This shit is so ass only Michael Burgos would put this on

  76. konrad .k

    i think this guy likes toenails

  77. Tomi B.

    Lil Toe you're ugly

  78. useless_spamm

    I'm sorry but the beginning still cracks me up-

  79. Rodrigo Muro

    I thought he was a potato

  80. szumax

    vvs nike

  81. Прсто Сандя

    Панин лайкнул

  82. LotsofGreed

    Who here before tik tok?

    Ava Jane

    me,, i never knew how annoying it was to have a song you knew snatched by tiktok

  83. Renad Mohammad

    "I'll never sell my soul to Satan" 1:06
    He actually hit it to all rappers who sold their souls for little money time and got killed or just been removed.
    Lil toe is a boss real boss appreciated him self 😏💕💕

  84. Diego Castillo

    iTS ThAT TiKtOK SoNG

  85. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    holy shit this song is fire. Idc what y’all say, tik tok helps me find good music.

  86. SmoozyRock

    If anomaly was a rapper

  87. Пушка Пушкинская

    is this a joke?!

  88. nashe

    I remember lil toe for 2 years ago and i was laughing my ass off

  89. Don

    Tik tok Nahui

  90. The Bloodshot One

    Heard this when it was new and was thinking why the tiktok memes sound familiar

  91. Kakashi Tentacionッ

    2017: *no one*
    2018: *no one*
    2019: *tiktok joined the chat*

    Kakashi Tentacionッ

    @Damian S. ah shit here we go again


    Been here way before TikTok LMFAOOO

    ЦОЙ ЖИВ!

    TikTok для даунов

    ice wallow come

    Toe was the first who used this in his tiktok

  92. H a r o n

    Tic tok suck

  93. things that Can not be forgotten

    Tik tok member here lmao

  94. Guxcillboy

    lol i came here because i saw a clip about bts halloween makeup with this songs....yeah only me ik ;-;

    Thamali Ilangarathna

    Same hahaha

    Thamali Ilangarathna

    I can't stop watching that clip and now I had to search the song 😂

  95. keshie cat

    He's like lil pump and lil xan mixture

  96. Noobmaster69

    Lmao where’s my OGs who first found out this song not those fucking tiktok users

    Ava Jane


  97. DavidGo

    lil toe must have 15 million views on this video