Lil Toe - MHM Freestyle Lyrics

Called it freestyle
But this ain't no freestyle
Shit so fire
Had to write this shit down
I'm a real nigga
I won't do my niggas foul
I might take yo shit, I'm a walking lost and found

Driving down ya block bitch, I'm rocking gold and black
You ain't from the hood, I just seen your cul-de-sac
Pistol turn a nigga from a human to a stat
You saying that you bang, pussy lemme see you stack
I don't fuck with niggas by the way they like to act
Heard that nigga mad, I got a plan of attack
Extort him for his chain he won't ever get back
Last nigga tried me, he ain't never come back
West palm beach Okeechobee to the ocean
South Florida boy, real niggas stay in motion
Fuck the president that's why I never even voted
I just fucked a bitch and then I got her ass deported
Oh, that's yo' bitch? Please don't even get me started
Bitch I'm from the south I will take ya' credit card
Buy a fit today you'll probably find out tomorrow
Swipe, swipe, swipe, it ain't really that hard

Called it freestyle
But this ain't no freestyle
Shit so fire
Had to write this shit down
I'm a real nigga
I won't do my niggas foul
I might take yo shit, I'm a walking lost and found

And my dick harder than a rock, I am Pantera
Bitch I'm rocking out, I think I'm Carlos Santana
Had a show in Florida, next day sold out in Atlanta
And my money blue like I'm rocking double denim
Got a little Cuban and that lil' bitch from Havana
Me and speedy trained her, she a thot, we got no manners
Once I'm done fuckin' I'mma disappear like Santa
Bitch I'm from the beach, I just fucked a bitch from Tampa, nigga

Bitch, I love flexing
And I'm at ya' throat like a mothafuckin' necklace
I just hit a lick 'cus I had to get that check in
If he talking down, he can talk to Smith and Wesson
Speedy in the cut, he on go just to slide
Heard these niggas mad, when I pull up then they hide
Nigga, I'm the reaper and I'm creeping through the night
Pull up to my house and you ain't coming out alive

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  1. Die bekiffte Merkel

    U7 Freestyle, ich bin wieder mies High!

  2. Kirpich 2007

    Ебать велиал сквад наваливают

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    Lil table

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    This shit slaps my dude 🙈

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    I can't take you seriously when your name is LIL TOE

  6. L. M.J

    I actually like it alot

  7. RattBassTurd

    I'm A trump supporter from the west coast and I like your music though you prob hate us.

  8. Jared Soto Portillo

    All these guns are probably stolen

  9. Braxton James

    🔥 but take care of them 47’s, clean em, city slickers 😂

  10. Sid Boi

    I like lil toes music but I hate that mask.

  11. никита рябчиков

    Ничего не понял хоть бы на русском зачитал

  12. e n

    Love from Turkey LİL TOE <3

  13. e n

    Amazing, legend <3

  14. Pancho905

    Im 12 and I Rockin Toe Lika real Supporter

  15. Austin Lee

    This dude looks like he was in the north Hollywood shootout with the ski mask😂

  16. Angel Dust

    Fucking Trash

  17. WeLoveIdiots

    yo, check this out!

  18. Upgrade Your Awareness


  19. Wes Kennington

    ALWAYS flyin the Lil Toe flag round hereeeee

  20. E. Romero

    Dawg lil toe out here respect

  21. John Connor

    No you not pantera

  22. Live Alive With A. B. Martin

    Really thought that big dude in the beginning was naked.


    leave your credit card number and lil toe will get back with you

  24. kiko馬切達

    1:26 chainsaw flex

  25. HAIS88

    Заебись бит !!!

  26. Vlados 11

    Нифига Тэкаши флексит ля

  27. Antonín Čížek

    kol d frystajl bat dysys not a frystajl syt sou daun

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    Super Metroid - Underground Depths samplers???????

  29. Виталий Шевченко

    Fake guns?

  30. This Filth

    Came from Smosh.

  31. trap_skyes

    Good Job toe greetings form Poland bro💸

  32. marvin full

    Llevaron a mi tia la del barrio porque tiene la lengua larga hahaha

  33. Andy Alva

    Anybody else notice he holdin up a disability benefits card?😂😂

  34. RoRschach 5670

    Ну это топ

  35. Suy


  36. trapped 93

    Don't drop that chainsaw.

  37. Romas Gaming


  38. Jeffrey P

    White boy in a mask sayin Nigga

  39. will Shimer

    I want to see a collab of lil toe ft big toe

  40. The Oz

    GOD DAMNNNNN. i type in caps cuz i wanna be seen

  41. mks.SouthBoy

    KEEP THE SHIT UP 🤟🤟🔥🔥🔥🤟🤟

  42. Steve J

    10 ouf of 10 would have my money, snapback, sunglasses, cheese pouch, collector DVD item and camera stolen by

  43. Mauricio Duarte


  44. allhailhitler123 334

    I’m here from smoshes totally true documentary

  45. Lil Kennedy

    Alguien habla español aquí?

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    Am I the only one who seen the random ginger with a chainsaw?

  47. YDK DPF


    Damn I just realised I watched the smosh video and its called lil toe and then this isn't popped up on my Spotify and now I'm watching the smosh vid again I'm like damn this whole thing s coincidence

  49. mamfaster33


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    This is future


    This shit HARD 🔥

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    0:51 Action Bronson lost some weight

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    Mumbling rap.

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    U7 Freestyle 👀

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    Man Rick Ross really let himself go

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    fire af!!!! much love from ATL

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    Ur lyrics r asssssssssssssss bro

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    🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  62. r.i.p juicewrld

    Im from the south and i take yo credit card, that was kinda weak

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    Kto od Malika Montany?

  64. Doikel

    eh 2020 still ur president

  65. Diego

    When your toe is tired of getting hit by the edge of the table

    Hater Reps

    the comment we didn't know we were waiting for

    Hayden Boyd


    Yuven Pop

    Best comment ever

    Peter Hallen

    this wat happens

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    This is freestyle rap

  67. All Aussie Adventurer

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    yo who are you bro?

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    Black Air Force energy right here

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    Что за клоуны?

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    This fckn deserves way more views🌊


    Blood or crip ?

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    Yo dude make some more music

  81. Sasha's Princess

    i love you
    i love you
    i love you
    Thanks for sharing this song with me!
    <3 princess
    i love you so much! ^__________^

  82. Kventin Dorward

    realy good

  83. epsil

    It took me more than a year to realize it was "mhm" and not "m.h.m."

    Matt Thompson

    lavalii Thank you for this comment, I didn’t know neither

  84. Jordan

    This has absolutely no buisness going this hard wat the fack


    Who else came here from how to become a professional artist in 2018

  86. Duncan Bester

    Saw the robbery vid and was surprised he actually had music...and it's fucking 🔥 🔥

  87. Redfield Forge

    "The gun is a little much but this song is sick"

  88. Jackson Young

    If you don’t vote you can’t complain

  89. Alpha OG skrilla

    My Choppa for yoppa,
    Cu' dirtbike Rollie stoppie,
    Op ya poppie,
    Ye the groupie,
    Story of the druppie way so hot,
    Drop a way to wopped'top

  90. Shadowvac

    Did Anomally lose weight and learned to rap ?

  91. adam fair

    Imagine calling yourself “Lil Toe” what was he high on

  92. Klose G Official

    Cr7 country 🇵🇹:
    IT;S A RAP

  93. T Wakes


  94. Richard R.

    I come from germany and the music from lil toe is the best music♥️better than German rap👌🥵

  95. X Thaprophet