Lil Skies - Change Ya Life Lyrics

Niggas out here talking crazy
All that talking, never phase me
Might fade to black like Jay Z
Might pull up in a new coupe with a white girl named daisy
Yeah, I came up from nothing, nigga
Made something, nigga
It's amazing, yeah
We goin' at it again
Fucking her and her friends
I did that shit with my mans
And this shit ain't part of the plan, yeah
I got the fans from Japan
Kicking shit, no Jackie Chan
I got the pounds for the land
Flip it up, and watch how I stand, yeah

I got the word from my OG
Don't be talking because niggas be police
They gon' judge me and act like they know me
But I know that these people be phony
I was stuck and they left me by my lonely
They was laughing, I was never joking
Driving fast in the coupe and i'm going
Rolling OG and Kali and smokey, yeah
I gotta know if it's real
Cause all of these people be lying
And I see that shit as defiance
And this shit is not rocket science
I answer my haters with silence
Cause this shit could end up in violence
These niggas be talking and wildin'
Get this money and go buy an island
Mama told me she want all italian
Ima' get and buy medallions
Never changing for money and wild shit
Never fold on my bros on the pilots
Swerving fast in the coupe, I got mileage
Remember days when I wish that I was poppin'
I'm smoking gas in the tropics
They can try me, this shit never stopping
You wanna know what it's like
When I was not taking advice
Nigga I put in time for this life
If you trying, bro, aim with the pipe, bang
She wanna stay for the night
I put the henney on ice
This shawty just cut out the lights
And I know she knows what we both like
Not an act of these niggas, we spy
Get that bag and I go for a hike
If you tryna', we puttin' up fights
Fuck nigga, we hungry like mike
Don't fold when you hit that light
Please turn when you make that right
She's cold her heart, like ice
One night might change her life, ya

Ou, oh one night might change your life yeah, girl
Ou, oh one night might change your life yeah, aye
Ou, oh one night might change your life , girl

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Lil Skies Change Ya Life Comments
  1. DeluxeRR

    Guys i need this beat

  2. DeluxeRR

    Where can i get this beat

  3. DeluxeRR

    Where can i get the beat

  4. Jordan C.

    holy fuck! 🔥

  5. Aristo Nova

    This mans cant make a bad song

  6. Yeet

    Anyone who can get this song on Apple Music hmu! My fav song bro

  7. 1 1

    This needs to be put on spotify


    1 1 it’s not on SoundCloud anymore

  8. JThaGamer

    This one of his most underrated songs

  9. king tony

    fucking her and her friends

  10. Xponent X

    Why isn’t this in Apple music


    Xponent Rap another rapper took the license for it

  11. Daisy Justine

    a white girl named daisy🤣

  12. MyTH ReVeNgE

    Yooo been listening for a while now and its still not getting the props it should be. Str8 🔥🔥

  13. Lil Roast

    Fire 🔥

  14. Vincent Ramirez

    Between the 28-29 mark it sounds gay. I got no problem with gays. But that line sounded off.

    Godsplayz Gods

    I think you have a problem with gays

  15. PuLsE Lit

    2019 anyone

  16. Shay CL

    0:52 my favorite lines🔥🔥

  17. Pluristly

    skies a fireplace

  18. agustin sanchez

    Here before a mill

  19. EvoG Monster

    This song needs to be on Spotify

  20. Exyishere

    Road to a million

  21. JV 3

    Lil Skies killed it 💯💯💨💨😎

  22. isaac stroud

    Stole the beat from ray dubb smh

  23. Forrest Kuester


  24. Dinesh Hunma

    On all his songs he smokes Gas ?

    TheBattleWagon Reborn

    Dinesh Hunma weed g

  25. DMoneySavage23 Lucero

    1 verse 1 hurse

  26. Jordan Gaming

    We going at it again

  27. Luv Vibes

    The drake's flow homie,he snapped


    Tengo Sueños don’t disrespect Skies like that

  28. Patrick Johnson88

    Shyt Lil Skies songs actually real deep tbh it has good meaning to it and the beat go hard FCK..


    Patrick Johnson fr bruh 🔥🔥🙏🏽

  29. demon awaken

    He sounds like logic in this song

    coldest nigga

    Laylah Rojo He's better than Logic

  30. awful shine

    i want vedeo for this song pleazzzzzz !!

  31. •RZ •

    When was this song released?

    Lucas Carlson

    •R • rightttt


    it was released over a year ago but he deleted it off his soundcloud around a month later

  32. Blaah VibesX

    i fw it

  33. John Southern

    S N A P P E D