Lil Rob - Bring Out The Freak In You Lyrics

[10 second instrumental to open]

[Intro: Lil Rob]
Let's get N-A-S-T-Y
Get ready for a nasty time
All the nasty things we can do
I wanna bring out the freak in you
Let me bring out the freak in you

[Lil Rob: almost whispering]
I like seein you
Can't help but think nasty thoughts about me and you
All them nasty things we can do
Let me bring out the freak in you
There's somethin I see in you
I definitely see me in you
Doin what nasty people do
Can you blame me? Look at the ass on you
How the fuck can I pass on you?
Classy lookin freak, nasty attitude
I just have to be havin you
It must be like heaven just to handle you
Lay you down turn you inside out
Watch it slide in, and slide out
Hey girl you got a pretty mouth
Tease me a bit, lick your lips, suck your fingertips

[Chorus x2: Lil Rob]
Let's get N-A-S-T-Y
Get ready for a nasty time
All the nasty things we can do
I wanna bring out the freak in you
Let me bring out the freak in you
I wanna bring out the freak in you
Let me bring out the freak in you

[Lil Rob: almost whispering]
Mmm, you look so good with me
And I look so good with you
Got me infatuated
With them nasty things you do
You look so good
And I just know you feel so good inside
I love your eyes, your creamy thighs
Now baby, open wide
I love the way you touch yourself
Rub yourself down, finger fuck yourself
Lookin like you enjoy yourself
Watchin me watch you, makin me want you
Even more you know what you do
I'm a man that knows what to do
And I'm a man that knows what I like
Turn around, titties down, ass up that's right


[Lil Rob: almost whispering]
So sexy the way you move
The way that you bend your body
Only keeps me in the mood
Get too exotic, so naughty
I love that look on your face
You give them feel good expressions
I really dig your foreplay
Let's triple X in sex sessions
Bring your body close to mine
I think it's time that you blow my mind
Even though this foreplay's fun
The night isn't done until we both cum


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Lil Rob Bring Out The Freak In You Comments
  1. susana garcia

    December 2019

  2. Restless 3

    SUBSCRIBE to my channel check me out in spotify restless 4k 🔥📱

  3. Carlos Rubio

    Jaja que buena puñeta mental 😂 greetings from jalsico .

  4. Fernando Higuera

    Que chingona rola mamooon¡¡¡👊🏿

  5. Eric Y

    Decided to play this song to start my weekend. This shit is OG, you know what I'm sayin.

  6. Gukuthegreat

    Good Song!!!!!!

  7. Smiths Grove

    2019 anyone?

  8. Miguel O.

    I hate it when my mechanic does this.

  9. Angel Cortez

    2019 still being a freak

    Eric Y

    We gon be freaks till our last days ayyeeyeye

  10. Jesus Garcia

    skip to 4:17, your welcome

  11. Alanna Smith

    Why my baby dady look like him.?😂Black love Brown pride.😘

  12. peruinmaheart

    Anybody know the name of the girl??

  13. Kenneth Bunton

    That's what's up

  14. Mr. Tabares

    2:36 half naked chick ready to go but yet the dude looks bored out of his mind

  15. Robert Delafuente

    Lil rob could of kept going but even he said he turned down deals and could be making millions but he chose to make his music the way he wanted to

  16. Daniel S


  17. jayjayart1

    lol the ppl who hate on this shit have emotional problems cuz they sensitive and must be mumble rap n Drake fans!!!!

  18. Josh flores

    I'm here cuz we high af and making fun of the video ahahahah this shit is dumb af tho

  19. Fresh Warning TV

    lol when they said he couldnt go radio lol everywhere this song would play everyone would go crazy still listening in 2017

  20. Joseph Ruiz Lopez

    shit I do all the time

  21. Chris Romero

    us chicanos/ latinos dnt get that much respect, it's all the African Americans which I don't deny put out some good shit,but us,we need to stick together like the whole American race.were all american,pobres,pay check to pay check. that's how I live,I'm tired of this shit fighting against one another. we listen to music and think we're BAD.but u dnt see the real messages.

  22. Chris Romero

    I mite have sent that to the wrong person,I apologize..

  23. Chris Romero

    alejandro,u stupid kids don't know what music is,forgive me for calling you stupid, but I see as it is.u stupid for not brightening your horizon, grow up son.god bless you and keep you safe.

  24. Everything with Claudia Flores

    I definitely see me IN you 😂 that part always gets me 😁

  25. Danny Riveraa

    Let's get N.A.S.T.Y!!

  26. Michael Lopez

    This was the time when the world realized Lil Rob even existed. Every radio station played this, he was one of the only Chicano rappers to get exposure in the 2000s.


    Yes man.... Fucking good Rap.

  27. Gerardo Orrantia

    chingon litle rob

  28. Erik Ramos

    too commercial

  29. Chris Romero

    u NEED to make a PART this rola.


    he dead he cant

    Alejandro Herrera

    MoreMetalThanYourDoublePedal naa bro you dumb

  30. Christopher Leon

    still listening to it

  31. juankiss casillas Casillas 156 gailcom

    te amo mucho

    Miriam Baltazar

    DA fuck lmao

  32. christina hayworth

    still jamming to this song.

  33. Alan Salas

    ME 🔫🔪🚬

  34. Juan Estrada

    this is a cool jam

  35. kid behind the camera

    Still listening to it

  36. Ello Lana

    chingen asu perra madre todos

  37. Amy Ybarra

    Still listen to this, I love back in the day music. This and the 80's p*ss off if you don't like it!! No one cares haha

  38. Levi

    Who is still listing to this in 2015 LMAF

    Jose Ruiz

    Try 2016 lmao

    Mr Presidente

    Try 2017 LMAO

  39. Scientific Andres

    lmao!! This video is funny in a nasty way.

  40. isfk

    I guess the devil is still buying souls from no talent dick holes.

  41. OneManWolfPack66

    Hahaha this song is so lame but I can't stop listening to it

  42. Alex Orozco

    Dam I rember this song

  43. Jesús Castro F.

    jajaja no mams eraboi pinch elil rob perbertido jajaja

  44. Qahar Raheel

    How the fuck did he get a hot ass girl like that? She must have been paid a lot of money. 

  45. Ricardo Garcia

    Good ass Bomb Memories

  46. Ana Karen Rizo Estrada

    Me encantas desde hace tiempo my lil rob i love you

  47. Monster Gaming

    Man that song is hell a good

  48. Manndy Quintana

    I love me some Lil Rob music!   

    lil YB

    Manndy Quintana king lil g

  49. Mariano Gomar

    Chingona rola

  50. davidarchuletafan20

    I wonder where is lil rob now I want lil rob to come back make new CDs

  51. nancy c

    memories smh :)))

  52. Deanna Ibarra

    You all need to wake up and get with the program

  53. Daniela Lilith King

    love this song

  54. moni lo

    Its lets get N-A-S-T-Y it spelld

  55. Luis Fernández del Castillo Kasten

    damn this song is pretty good, how had i not heard it before? found about it fucking 8 years later haha


    Hahahaha.. maybe cuz Chicano Rappers are underated

  56. ShockD

    Let's get En Ey Es Tee Why.

  57. vanessa salazar

    Great song and love him

  58. watcharapon prapasuk


  59. David Estrada

    Firme rola

  60. MistressBlu DeVine

    My parents used to rent this shop. lol!! This is a damn good video jus love it!

  61. Jean Carlo

    Facínora Mc's Direto das ruas de terra

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    Damn lil rob is fine

  63. Eduardo Garcia

    Any1 got kik (;

    Kik: tu_papi_lalo69

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    Lil rob best chicano rapper out here

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    There is absolutely no talent at all

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    Lol the guy in the bathroom

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    what does that have to do with making good music lil rob is the shit fool stop being a hater

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    Lil rob ain't a true Sureno

  77. jodi perez

    turn around titties down ass up thats right lol

  78. Wiseemann

    I remember this song lolol
    If you wanna hear a horrible chicano mc, check me out yoo.

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    *too, *proof

  81. Denise Escamilla

    Andre Crenshaw, learn to spell pinche mayate

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    Hay caramba! los putas es muy bonita!


    Rich loco the dopest Mexican doin this chit

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    wuts the difference???
    quiero saber

  85. paloma varela

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    nice chika