Lil Reese - What It Look Like Lyrics

[Hook: Chief Keef]
What it look like bitch
I look like that and you look like this
I look like yes and you look like no
I keep me a bank roll and that bitch don't fold
20 thousand in these pocket got my chick on swove
They don't never tell me no any bitch gone go
Cause i look like that and you look like this
Im my all white car with my little white bitch

[Verse: Lil Reese]
40 with the 30 man don't make me hit the switch
Can't trust a fuck nigga looking like he wanna snitch
Take a nigga down then after that get off the shits
That forgi on my whip that why you bitches on my dick
What it look like bitch
30 in the clip I swear my clip is long as shit
300 my clique we small as shit
300 my circle small as shit
Only the fam I swear we never trust a bitch
Don't play with my brothers everybody we with the shits
Walk through the spots you see them joints be with the shits
So what it look like bitch

[Hook: Chief Keef]

[Verse: Chief Keef]
Seen a hundred thousand what it look like this
Well your pockets empty they don't look like shit
I'm rolling round town got my little white bitch
Pretty red hair and her little white kicks
I got on my little white go
Ice on my wrist feel and look like snow
I pull up in my outty with them little white folks
She look like yes niggas look like no
I go by chief so
Got alot of white gold
Nigga ill take your soul
Cuz bitch I'm from the o

[Hook: Chief Keef]

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Lil Reese What It Look Like Comments
  1. Beto’s Garage

    Still slap

  2. Emmitt Smith

    Sliding in the snow right now to this in 2019 what it look like bitch lol

  3. Choppa Gang

    Prayers 🙏 for Reese we love you

  4. RadezGMRG

    I miss when Chief Keef use to flow like this, nigga done got lazy now, even lazier

  5. Marshall D. Teach

    I look like yes and u look like no

  6. Almighty GareBear

    Seen a hundred thousand what it look like this
    Boy yo pockets empty they don’t look like shit
    Rollin round town wit my lil white bitch

  7. Reginald McClain

    Nigga I take yo soul😈...... cause bitch im from the O👌🏽!!!(Oblock Oblock Oblock)🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Porsha folks

    Beat love it 💯period

  9. Porsha folks

    The beat💯💯

  10. Duchyman Verom

    Blood ⚜️🔝🎀🎉🚳💯♋✝️🇧🇴⚛️☪️☪️

  11. Bmore410

    I look like yes and you look like no !!

  12. Lauris Skraucis


    Eric Cozart

    Lauris Skraucis beep!!!!

  13. Nicholas Gavozzi

    My mula song

  14. Aryane Grenier Richard

    Vient a Montréal n'est city you popular

  15. FinesseManMarco

    The beat sounds like Soulja Boy - Crank That


    nigga how

    GelatoSmoker 664

    He must be high asf

    Vegito Black

    Nigga dumb ass hell this sounds Nothing like dat.....

  16. MudRaised

    How did this song get slept on so much?

    Jon Lacroi

    It's too street to go mainstream really

  17. GBE Smokes

    this song randomly popped in my head...but only the hook....I don't even remember listening to this😂😂

  18. nema labavo đk


  19. Scott Moser

    Supa Savage s*** is weak as hell. it's all hook. I thought it was going to come out and be great but it's horrible. back to the drawing board guy

    Robert Mcdaniel

    Stop playing wit folks name u fan ass white boy🚮


    Faxx boi look at yo picture foe look like some goofy ass white nigga gtfo go listen to some Adele

  20. Savage boy Jay

    jus imagine reese on finnesin with keef

  21. LordCock

    catch uuuuuup

  22. Sasuke Uchiha

    Tb Reese & Keef bodied this

    Datboii Skeezy

    Sasuke Uchiha no cap



  24. Reckless Savage

    dis dat shit

  25. Andrew Stacy

    like this shit more homies

  26. jacques thomas

    Sosa snapped light weight

  27. jerel glass


    John Rico

    jerel glass slapper?? iamsu slaps