Lil Reese - We Won't Stop Lyrics

[Hook: Lil Reese]
We won't stop we won't stop we at the pressure
Just look at my squad since a youngin we been with it
Only the strong survive and you niggas is bitches
Pull up on yo block with 30's that's a mission
Pulling with my squad that a damn mission
Don't come around me not a shooter then get missing
He might be a police he working what's the business
And you niggas don't know me then working what's the business

[Verse: Lil Reese]
I fuck with o-block 300 that's my niggas
Add up both block that to many killas
Yo bitch gone fuck both block she know that we them niggas
Stay away from lame niggas we don't fuck with you pretender
Keep the heater when its cold incase we have to burn a nigga
I come from that block lamron 300 nigga
Got my broski in the cut and we ain't fighting with cha
If you all about money then we'll get it with cha
Acting like you can't get touch some niggas will deal with ya
I'm out here chasing money call that a self fisher
I ain't really gotta talk since a youngin been that nigga
Otf and gbe bitch 300 bitch we them niggas


[Verse: Chief Keef]
These niggas know sosa they know [?]
We killing everybody including every witness
We ain't fucking around these niggas is snitches
I don't care bitch I'm off lean I though my car was missing
I'm riding around and I got my shoters with me
Reese my big bro for him we shot you hear me
We switching lane and foreign cars you hear me
We passing round these foreign that's you hear me
That bitch like I'm fucking with no condom
We pull up in that rari that bitch sound like thunder
I be stunting 50 thousand nothing
These chains make my neck hurt earring and watch among me


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Lil Reese We Won't Stop Comments
  1. lildot 112

    Keep tht heater win it’s cold case we have to burn a nigga

    lildot 112

    straight fire!!!!

  2. Раф Арийский

    Supersssss Raps Bhraaaaa

  3. sonic plush adventure

    Reese music bring out the evil in people 😂

    Humbled Child

    Kieen Kash Gshit this song make me want to go kill some innocent ppl

    D Money

    Kieen Kash 😂😂😂

  4. Jay H

    This song so underrated

    Raemond Felder

    Who u tellin


    Top5 Reese song n Keef went Ku on it

  5. Enis Salihu

    reese is not normal on this track


    Enis Salihu this is a very correct and relevant statement


    I’m very impressed with this comment

  6. Dynamic 3 Savage

    i come from that block Lamron 300 Nigga

  7. 92 700 la zone

    Pulling with my squad that a damn mission
    Don't come around me not a shooter then get missing

    Dynamic 3 Savage

    92 700 la zone dead mission

    lildot 112

    92 700 la zone fire

  8. Chris Beast

    THE BEST REESE SONG!! Some Nigga will deal witchu

  9. Alec Reed

    How the flying fuck is there only one comment on this from some fag named Bape2 like bro this is one of the best symphonies by lil reesemoney and Sosa baby you know how he rockin baby , it's 2017 and I'm still out here slumping this like the first time I've ever heard it

    Joe Louis

    Alec Reed this shit Fucking slaps Ya hear me We passing round these foreign thots ya hear me!

    Judah Richardson

    Impossible to commercialize Chicago drill music ... dark, ominous beats and violent lyrics (as opposed to the Xanax music of Uzi, Carti, etc.) It's the doom metal of rap.

    polo king

    i said the same on another vid