Lil Reese - We Don't Count Money Lyrics

[Hook: Hell Rell]
I said I'm always rocking the latest
Cock it back and spray it
Extort shit and you better pay it
We don't count money we weight it, boy
We don't count money we weight it
Cock it back and spray it
Your bitch said I'm the greatest
Put a hundred grand on this scale
A hundred grand for my belt
Put a hundred grand on his head
Bet a hundred grand he gon' tell, boy
We don't count money we weight it
Cock it back and spray it
Don't move it, unless I OK

[Verse 1: Lil Reese]
Three hundred deep we ain't playing
We can't count this shit, too many bands
Don't ship and move it till' we see it
You can't owe me shit, you better pay it
I'm getting fucked up for that bread
We don't take shit, we ain't playing
Extorting niggas, they gotta pay it
Money coming in, I gotta weigh it
Get out of line, shit we spraying
That get you going for them bands
And it's just us
Fuck what they saying
Can't fuck me, without fucking my mans
So bitch what's your plan
You gon' fuck, or keep playing
I'm getting kicked out, that's the plan
When we coming through, we ain't playing
Shots fired, it ain't my mans
I ain't seen shit, what you saying
Pull up in a benz
Fuck her and her friends


[Verse 2: Hell Rell]
I got bands all in my hair
Bands all in my pocket
That boy get out of line
Shit we might launch that rocket
My lawyer beat the case up like domestic violence, women
Threw him one hundred racks, plus paid for
He's good on college tuition
Fuck with me, you might end up missing
I got it low for them pigeons
I got, three ice crosses on my neck, but I'm no Christian
I came through topless
Damn Rell, where your roof is
Fucked her all at my old house
I'm gonna kick her out of my new crib
Don't keep bricks where I stay
No nigga, I'm not stupid
I don't love that bitch
I was never shot by cupid
They talking rows, I ain't been rocking them
Talking cars like I ain't been copping them
Been crashing them
Benjamin's is my best friend
I been stacking them
Killers on a payroll
That bitch is on the speed dial
The D.A. was mad
Should of seen her face, when I beat trial
I need a new benz
I need a new Glock
We got the city fucked up
Plus my dick is her new drug


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Lil Reese We Don't Count Money Comments
  1. A Martinez

    lil Reese rhymed "playing" with "saying" like 10 times