Lil Reese - I Need That Lyrics

I heard he holdin', on the low.. I need that
He say he out here in the field then show me that
Man these niggas not forreal man, I'm knowin' that
And watch my set I'm from the Lam go nuts, and watch they fall back
Niggas ain't never did shit for me, lil quarter, none of that
Now how the fuck do you expect for me to look out for em' back
Put 300 on my back, I'm a runningback
Now how the fuck do you expect for me to look out for em' back

[Verse 1:]
Doing me that's where it's at, no sneak dissin' none of that
At the top that's where we at, yall beneath us that's where yall at
Old niggas talking bout them old racks but where they at?
And if he holding old racks we running in, now where they at?
Same hood same niggas, this where we at
Look out for my family man, fuck the rest
And if you with me then you with me man, fuck the rest
Head shots when we aiming man, fuck a vest


[Verse 2:]
In the streets I got my heat, man I'm on that can't tell me shit
I been gettin' money and niggas hatin, that shit don't make sence
I'll drop a nigga hit a stain or two, run that I need this
And this my life, I don't give a fuck about no diss
And you better stay your distance cause we packin' with that shit
I'm ballin hard like K.D. fourth quarter I can't miss
Young nigga and I'm on my own, niggas ain't did shit
They hatin' they sneak dissin', most do it over a bitch
And you better not give me one shot, I promise you I ain't gon' miss
My niggas with me them my niggas, ain't no new shit
We shootin' shit extended clip, take you to movist
And it's 300 fuck the opps, this is the movement


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Lil Reese I Need That Comments
  1. Money Makin

    Bro still on the same block go listen to come outside

  2. Damien Harvey

    2020 I still need dat

  3. Hard Livings

    2020 I need that


    keep making music reese get that money god bless

  5. Driss Ziadi

    Back to 2020 👉🏾

  6. Emilio Ortiz

    Damn this was about 2 weeks b4 my pops passed 😪

  7. BigSlap NoCap

    Free Edogg


    2020 anyone..?

  9. Ike Nzerem

    RAW Reese, this joint is still so tuff 🤧L’zz

  10. True One

    Lil durk bm must was running the team and left the baby downstairs

  11. anonimo 666

    Same hood same niggas

  12. Lil Kush

    Back when lil Reese used to mention basketball players was the best music ever lil Reese&lil durk music together can’t beat that🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯I need that

  13. Howard Shorte

    The boi hot like young chop said hot shiiiit

  14. Lil Dex

    Lil Reese was baby sitting but the video was scheduled 😂 uncle Reese in the cut🔥🔥🔥 that baby safer then the OPPS

  15. Official DeeLocz

    He Shot Come Outside In The Same Spot🔥🔥🔥💯

  16. Ice cold killa

    Real street nigga
    In the new music video that dropped today he is in the same place as he is in this one

  17. JUG DOT

    Legend says he’s still smoking that blunt

  18. ray hanes

    Damn look at Pluto in the cut. RIP

  19. Too Trill

    This shit right here Legendary 💯💯💯

  20. keph

    This joint underrated.. !

  21. Moses Ramirez

    Reese need drop some like this again



  23. Malachi Racks

    Reese should've died 300K

  24. Piano wizard

    I been rockin with Blindfolkvision for a long time love the rare footage keep up the great work

  25. ingrid717

    Sad he will never rap again. He needs to move.

  26. ss uu

    men brro get some real mexicans roll wit u ant no blavk mtf gonna touch u

  27. Official KTB

    That’s Durk son

  28. Lewis Greenwood

    This song aged so good no🧢

  29. TommyTarkov

    top track. i need that !

  30. Jay breezey 5 boro

    Damn even in his videos he looks weak as fuck. His health. I can agree he’s music is hot but. Get ur weight up

    Chris Connors

    He has chrones disease...

  31. Norlan Zeledon


  32. DoemDirty Lrzkk

    Who here after he Got shot


    lol nah. Been fw Reese since keef n all them came out in 2011

  33. Barracka flocka Flame

    My nigga uncle Reese

  34. yorkthe1

    It's not about lacking, real hitters overstand/understand patience and preparation!!!!

  35. Mungo


  36. Tony Curtis

    Isn’t he like 35 years old ???

    lee huh

    He 27 dumb ass

  37. Black Bear

    The grim reaper 👀🤯 survive neck shit ak47

  38. imbrokebby

    Now he out the hospital the infamous “lol” gonna leave a lot of niggas dead💀



  39. Peter Perez

    Smh got caught lacking prayers for lil reese 🙏🏼

  40. NoLimitCjaay

    You can’t shoot Reese and not cause havoc

    Danny Jones

    Funny how all this shit happened after Fredo died niggas was staying away from Chicago when Fredo was still alive but they got bold after he died especially snitch nine his Goofy ass wouldn't be around if Fredo was still alive

  41. juzell dobbins

    😒 caught'em lackin smdh

  42. marvolous

    My nigga reese will make it, this my favorite song, wish I could of seen him perform this one day

  43. what them

    I took my girlfriends virginity to this song. Don't die on me Reese.



  44. Gerardo. _____

    My fave Reese song 😣😔
    Man is fighting for his life☹️
    Unexpectedly you got shot and we can’t loose you!!!

  45. Bandz

    Pray for reese 😖🙏🏻

  46. Bandz

    Pray for reese 😖🙏🏻

  47. iAdan SGhw he he w the19202

    Heard that his been gunned down

  48. Riece Buck

    Shit wack....rap shit wack ctfu

  49. Oneal Ramar

    November 2019 get well young thunder cat

  50. Lor Haki

    Pull thru Reese🙏🏾💯💯💯

  51. Nazgul orton

    Here after Lil Reese got shot

  52. Js Savage

    I pray for u my G 💯🙏

  53. Johnatan Vertiz

    Prayers For Lil Reese🙏

  54. Eric cartman

    Some dude name lucky in a comment section brought me here

  55. John Madden

    Prayers for lil reese🙏🙏

  56. No Name

    Pray for Reese

  57. prettyboyfromci

    😂😂😂😂😂 this is Chicago's grim reaper?🤔🤔🤔

    Ya boi

    Anyone can get shot dumb fuck and he gonna be alive cuz he a savage

    feel so alone666

    whats that laugh for? he the most dangerous out chicago


    Yea dumbass he the only 1 that ain't leave chiraq he a not bitch boii 💯 well him and capo didnt leave RIP capo 🙏

    what them

    @feel so alone666 Lol no. Theres a lot of dangerous folks in Chicago. For example, 051 Melly was a serial killer with 10+ bodies. The police never caught him, he was killed at a party earlier back in September. Theres a lot of serial killers running around the streets of Chicago, I guarantee some even have 20+ bodies on them. Saying Lil Reese is the most dangerous is just silly.

  58. Phillie Phil

    Bless up mayne 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  59. Matt

    i need dat

  60. iFinesse Checcs

    Can’t believe he got shot 🤦🏾‍♂️

    michael reynolds

    Shooters get shot

    Ezzie Satur

    He had so much pending Investigations that’s why opps keep catching him lackin recently

  61. jknocal

    Get well soon

  62. Unknown Black male

    Hope he pull thru

  63. 2005 BLACKHAWKS

    Why is their a dude hugging up on another man

  64. Tee Greezy

    Get well trey folks

  65. Mobinho10

    Get well soon Reese

  66. matthews fig life

    Hope you reese

  67. Dariusj James

    Get well soon gang !!!!

  68. 4teen kiddo

    Prayers up 🙏🏽

  69. Jacob Abraham

    Get well lil Reese

  70. James Wiltse

    Hope he make it thru this one.

  71. Carlito Brigante


  72. Martha Esther Luerra


  73. Kylil Johnson

    Shitty man the real Reese in Florida

  74. jordan ramos

    Whoever edited this stole my future photography career vision smh

  75. O #9

    1:36 edog been off the porch

  76. The Pond Slayers

    Damn I used to think reese was invincible till I seen him shit himself

  77. Admitted Sinner

    Back when reese went hard

  78. Chief Morgan


  79. Angie Newsom

    Doing me! That's where it's at...🙋💯2020

  80. A I

    Reese got countryside kids here in the UK bangin loool too hard

    Jose Perla

    Those english punk understand our american accent?


    I’m from the uk and I bump lil reese all the time. He’s harddd

    A I

    @Jose Perla I'm from the UK, it's much easier to understand than you'd think

  81. Cameron Tate

    Edog in the cut

  82. youngsosa

    6 years later this still my all time favorite song ⚔️💯

  83. Kramer Production

    This hook is crazy

  84. snez

    who here after Reese shit himself?

  85. W. Flores

    Hope the KGB or Mafia takes you guy out

  86. Kerry Truong

    No shittin his self was timeless, garbage music, king hittz 079 don't fuckin, and his music way better son.

  87. Ro Dil

    They hella paranoid

  88. Jeffrey BurgessSr.

    2019🔥🔥 Lil Reese Snapped

    Mr Brown-Reid

    That nigga got jumped by his own niggas, he's a Goofy

  89. Jahrhome Rimaha

    Came here by accident but glad I did!

    mercy romero

    Good shit

  90. Marin Baclija

    now how tf do u expect for me to look out for them back

  91. Zaki Pyramides

    Lil Reese c'est fort de dingue

  92. Tony Tyler

    I see why he got dropped by the major labels...this is Garbage!!! Strait local artist at best!!!! Beat 🔥 tho😀

  93. Desiree Rivera

    Man these miggasmm Klein that deject jh. Do. Tub I ghetto the kdvksghk ghettos b

  94. Alex Mooney

    Straight banger since it was dropped 🔥

  95. Last Thot Standing

    If i got a fat ass he needs that


    Ima need that

  96. BlindfolksVision1

    Subscribe to my YouTube Channel BLINDFOLKSVISION1

    Dallas WorldStarNews

    #download @6ix9ine - #Gummo #Remix ft TreeDogg Mr. ATM #RBG by Y.G Records#on @ReverbNation #instagram @treedoggmratmigking #6ix9ine #gummo #gummoremix #littlerock #arkansas

    Tevin McKnight

    Y’all are Hard As He’ll

    Jack Salyers

    What's hannenin?