Lil Reese - Brazy Lyrics

[Chief Keef:]
Bang bang, gang gang
Bang bang, gang gang
Bang nigga
Gang nigga

Shit Brazy
Shit Crazy
My Wrist Crazy
My Bitch Crazy
My Bitch Brazy
My Wrist Brazy
My Neck Brazy
My Gear Brazy
Brazy [x6]
Crazy [x7]

[Lil Reese:]
Shit Brazy
Please don't try to play me
Cooking up dope and serving fiends like the 80's
Going crazy
Strapped up like the Navy
I dare a fuck nigga in this room try to play me
Shit Brazy
Shit Crazy!
I lost a lot of niggas thank god I still made it
Got niggas hating
Got niggas faking
My bitch crazy
Just had a baby!
Ima get the guap for her then shit that I might take it
And I ain't waiting
Cause I'm impatient
That He-say She-say shit don't mean nothing It don't phase me
Straight 8 Eway late night doing about a buck 80

[Chief Keef:]
Shit Brazy
Shit Crazy
My Wrist Crazy
My Bitch Crazy
My Bitch Brazy
My Wrist Brazy
My Neck Brazy
My Gear Brazy
Brazy [x6]
Crazy [x7]

Say she want top I'm like...Wha?
Bitch fuck I look like?
Bitch say she want some gwop I'm like...Wha?
Bitch you better take a hike
Baby I be making plays daytime and night
Bitch this is a mother fucking (Mans world)
Mans world yeah you're right
Remember when I was young now I live in a fucking (Mans world)
I be getting money I be getting hunnids
And I get it all in a fucking (Mans world)
I be fucking thotties
I be Rocking Parties
Ion't ride shottie
I drive in the..(Mans World)
Told that bitch hold up
Wait let me pour up
I'm tryna come slower
This is a..(Mans World)
Told that bitch glo up
I'm a Rock n' Roller
Sosa Bon Jovi Hard Soldier

Shit Brazy
Shit Crazy
My Wrist Crazy
My Bitch Crazy
My Bitch Brazy
My Wrist Brazy
My Neck Brazy
My Gear Brazy
Brazy [x6]
Crazy [x7]

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Lil Reese Brazy Comments
  1. Mk 99

    cooking up dope serving fiends like the 80's!

  2. joHN Doe


  3. Lloyd Phillips

    Draped up in Louie Gucci all that bang bang nigga

  4. RadezGMRG

    This beat too crazy for them to spit lazy on, they both spit lazy on this hoe fr

  5. SlimeTyme Ent.

    If chief keef produced all the chicago rappers they'd be up right now

  6. Nancy Thomas

    Gang gang night you already know don't think haha

  7. Toaster Bath

    49 goofy azz opps disliked this song

  8. Chris

    Who still fuck with Reese after what happened ??


    Still get my respect 💯


    Chris y’all act like he ain’t do nothing after that shit, Lil Reese get back gang, y’all should of already knew something was gone happen after that

  9. 300TV

    This a top 10 Sosa verse ion give no fuck what yall tombout

    Valo Martinez

    Not even close lmao 🤣

  10. Hulk Balla

    Not many kno this 🔥🔥😤

  11. Chief BE

    ReeseAlmighty 🤟🏾👁📡

  12. iriel squad

    James brown sample! Sosa a legend

  13. Parque do Zé Colmeia

    men's world, this is men's world

  14. Qiana McKinney

    2019 im scrapped up like da navy
    I dare a fucknigga in this room try 2 play me😈😈

  15. Candii Lorae

    Damn Dats A Fye Ass Beat!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  16. Francisco Williams

    Sound of a savage

  17. Almighty Stocks

    I think dp beats made this tho frfr

    Mizu No Tsuki

    @NB_0121 lmao rite.


    @BirminghamMadeNB dp produced this too noob ass

    denzel jackson

    ADRIAN_CARRAMOLINO GMVDJ1TB1819 hell yea dp produced this too lol u could hear his signature snares


    @BirminghamMadeNB its using DP beats drum kit and they were roommates for a while


    ChiefSosa2K19 nigga dp and chief made the fucking beat are u dumb 🤦🏾‍♂️ anytime u hear “ggp” it prod by keef and dp

  18. Darious Pollard

    This my shit

  19. Rov Vasquez


    KayShean TV

    Rov Vasquez sospss

  20. DD3 DD3 DD3

    This joint a classic

  21. Tiger Woods

    This is a mans world

    DD3 DD3 DD3

    Ryan Palmer 😭

    Shakir M.

    Tiger Woods 🤣

  22. Deandre Pittman


  23. Deandre Pittman

    Lil Reese best verse he has

    DD3 DD3 DD3

    Deandre Pittman maybe

  24. LivingDangerouslyDyingInfamously

    I see California is rubbing off on chief keef. This is a good beat by him I didn't know he produced.


    @***** i was referring to the slang and throwing up b's thats all

    Prod by 1mmwes TeamRocket

    Sosa and dp produced it 💪🏿