Lil Peep - Nuts Lyrics

[Lil Skil:]
I can see it in your eyes, that u wanna get high
I can see it in your eyes, that u need it right now
How you need it right now
How you wanna get high
How you need it right now
How you wanna good bye..

[Lil Skil & Lil Peep:]
I just wanna hear a sign from the narrow side of town
Baby we grillin' right now (woah)
Yeah I just wanna feel alive, baby take your time
Smoking on the spot (woah)

[Lil Peep:]
Girl you know you make my cold heart warm with a touch
One kiss then we fuckin'
I just can't get enough
Put it on me that's the best part baby the trust
Trust me
I got nothing for you other than love
I remember eatin' pussy on the back of the bus
I remember gettin' nookie till the sun came up
All the places that you took me no one came with us
Same hoes overlook me now they on my nuts

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Lil Peep Nuts Comments
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  3. Sophia Schultz20


    Sophia Schultz20

    OMGITS AT 13:50

  4. Marskrt

    damn i remember when this vid had 40k das crazy

  5. Tj7tons _

    never heard of Lil Skil but he killed it ngl. Then Peep killed it as usual

  6. vinph

    why lil skil sounds like a girl?

  7. DieseYukina

    I fucking miss him everyday more...

  8. Blue Xoxo

    “One kiss and we fucking I just can’t get enough.” 👏🏼💯

  9. hinata dragon

    I still think about you

  10. Lil Bee

    15 bars it’s good just wait till I get to full volume

  11. kaia nicole


  12. дамы sorry я сасори


  13. jewsperrツ

    It's the piano that's so good and lil peep too

  14. Sara Dessi

    On spotify?

  15. Sofia

    this song hits deifferent. Is so underated but is my peep´s fav song. I NEED THS ON SPOTIFY

    Felipe Xavier

    Sim! Pena que essa música não foi lançada oficialmente


    fr lmao

  16. Sam Peebs

    Like this if it’s peep for life.

  17. Maria Koceva

    i hope he thinks of me everytime he hears this song :(

  18. carmack

    God damn

  19. Leandra Merkenich

    this songs honestly the only song i listen to from lil peep and it's so good

  20. Kk Garcia

    Does anyone know any other lil peep songs like this?

    Obsidian Sirius Blackheart

    Nah but old Joji songs are like this

  21. abigail r

    miss u 🐥

  22. Hidden Shark

    Favorite peep song 🔥

  23. PeachybeeLps •

    This video looks like a bunch of his funny moments in life. And they put it all together 💘😭

  24. Fluffy Eve

    The vibe on this one.... Crazy

  25. Keiran Mccormack

    This is fucking amazing after a joint

  26. Brammarb


  27. hydro flask

    such a positive soul you’ll be remembered by so much ily lil peep 🥺🖤

  28. sophia loren

    i luv this song goddam too much

  29. Another Joker meme

    Fuck no nut november

  30. Xcap

    i wanna kms

  31. rrrsss27

    owwoowoww 24/7

  32. rrrsss27

    best lil peep track because my gf said sooooo

  33. ouais mais non


  34. Sean Doolin

    Girl you know you make my cold heart warm wit a touch.These lyrics mann they just hit different than any other soul I swear

  35. Tony

    I remember eating pussy in the back of the bus

  36. Odinn

    Lil peep archives on Spotify (podcast) if y'all wan listen to it on that platform

  37. Justin Moore

    I respect you for taking your time on perfecting these

  38. Julian

    skil and peep should have done more together

  39. ImGary //

    Miss u peep <3

  40. SUCH videozzz

    tell me when this song is on apple music

  41. Sabeen Moeed

    i can see it in your eyes that you wanna get out

  42. Argentino Jose

    i love peep

  43. duh-vee

    0:33 ignore this it’s for editing

  44. Mari Faye

    I discover new music from this legend everyday! ❤️

  45. Śwież4k

    Bury me now pls i dont wanna live

  46. iamjust kaylah

    Rip Lil Peep 💔🥺

  47. tom


  48. Vanitas


  49. Zekuy

    So thats where the real fans are hiding

  50. XXX Angel XXX

    Lil skil is a guy?

  51. Oof Oof

    This song makes me so sad 😓😔

  52. crumb b

    g i r l
    y o u
    k n o w
    y o u
    m a k e
    m y
    c o l d
    h e a r t
    w a r m
    w i t h
    t o u c h

  53. siqwul

    g o o s e b u m p s

  54. Edward Toms

    Goddamn I miss him

  55. RoyalTuxedo

    Fuck whoever gave lil peep that laced Xanax

  56. María Sánchez

    Everyone this song is on Spotify as a podcast




    search up lil peep archives

  57. Nonammoi P

    I wish this beauty was on Apple Music

  58. Nonammoi P

    Omg, it is my song

  59. beats by malody

    I never knew I can actually love music more then I already did

  60. xoxo xoxo

    0:40 you’re welcome <3

  61. lil Money

    I’m pissed that most of lil peeps music isn’t on Spotify

  62. Trista Cruce

    why tf couldn’t it just be lil peep by himself 😐

  63. David *•*

    I hate when people see an AMV with this song and they all like, “WHO IS THIS I LOVE IT” fuck off

  64. Scott Ulicny

    Any other songs with these 2?

  65. Charlize TR

    I love it 😍😍😍😍

  66. Hailey Campbell

    Can't get enough man, lil peep is underrated but now that he's gone everybody notices, r.i.p peep you are loved🖤💖

  67. ciircee

    energy doesn’t die

  68. pyt. estefany

    This makes me what to dye my hair . And leave everything behind


    pyt. estefany that’s what i did for a year

    TH 23

    pyt. estefany When you have the opportunity why not do it?

    pyt. estefany

    @TH 23 I already dyed my hair I'm just waited to run and leave everything behind

    alma hassanAbadi

    pyt. estefany same sis, same😔✌️

  69. Cayneh

    Is anyone else here listening to this before Everybody's Everything? <3

  70. J J

    Great memories stuck to this song... :^)

    rip peep...

  71. seoklove

    Why this song is not on Spotify or Instagram😭😞✨

  72. MagicalMelanie

    What a shame I found this on TikTok. This is an amazing song

  73. Alija

    I hate this song for being so damn short

  74. ur mom

    if he was still alive, he would’ve probably collaborated with freddie dredd. they have different aesthetics, but there’s something telling me they would have been great together.

  75. iceinmyear

    this is probably one of my favorite peep songs, lil skil killed it to tho

  76. melvin peralta

    love you peep


    ı love sad songs

  78. ꧁BR3ND4D33Ployy꧂ ꧁BR3ND4D33Ployy꧂

    My eternal boy 💔

  79. San Bae

    Just wanna get high 2 feel alive 🖤

  80. Big Fella

    I miss you peep everyday 💔

  81. David Yoga

    GGs 🧙🏿‍♂️🧙🏿‍♂️🧙🏿‍♂️

  82. Wander Lúcio


  83. Carla Fair

    I just came here from the edit on TikTok 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  84. nateslame

    My speaker is turned all the way up, and it has good bass, every time I play this song it falls of my counter. RIP peep

  85. lil peep


  86. Rober Power

    esta es de mis favoritas de peep o la favorita , no puedo elegir , lo llevo ecuchando desde principio de 2017 y me parece le mejor , empatizas con el y te crea sentimientos increibles

  87. su dionysus

    I remember ,,

  88. ChefNeggroid Ares

    Lil Peep is not an artist I listen to, yet I always loved this song

  89. your favourite slytherin

    why is this isn’t available on apple music 😭😭😭