Lil Peep - Little Hell Lyrics

We could run away
Leave this little town
If you had to wait, would you stick around?
We are not the same
If you couldn't tell
It's just another day
In this Little town
We could run away
Leave this little town
If you had to wait, would you stick around?
We are not the same
If you couldn't tell
It's just another day
In this Little town
Leave this little town

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Lil Peep Little Hell Comments
  1. Shit Xo

    Just wanted to say We all gonna meet him again in hell Then I realized that he’s great so he’s probably gonna get to heaven
    Then I thought Hmm how can I get to heaven as well
    Then I realized it’s not fucking possible for me lmao

    Literally my thought process

  2. JustCallMeSurge

    i hope she doesn't forget me.

  3. WhyNot

    Thank me later

  4. Lizzy Reilly

    I love how the used Juno in this ❤️

  5. i make my name long so i cant say it in casually

    Wheres the sample at the start from?

  6. I ate your pizza last night

    That beat hits harder than my anxiety at 2am


    I ate your pizza last night people need to stop making anxiety jokes, it’s honestly not funny.

    I ate your pizza last night

    @ToxicHeart believe me you will use to that soon.....

  7. sara xoxo

    It's 3am. Why are you still listening to peep, Sara?

  8. Kuch Nasty

    It's just another day

  9. Mask of wraith

    I wish i could listen to this song for the first time again.

  10. Procione epilettico

    This is my hell

    f r a n c e s c a

    Stay strong

  11. Lucas Hasshaw

    I wish was this was longer

  12. Nenashawn Autumn

    I need this song in 8audio.

  13. Sad Boys

    anyone got to see the 666k view mark?

  14. Jack Vaughan

    this shit has 666k views right now

  15. Lunacopycat


  16. Lunacopycat

    this is so good, wtf. i started crying 😭 WTFFFF

  17. Neto’sLifeAdventures 3

    I was watching Juno on hulu were a 16 year old girl gets pregnant and i just now realized the beginning of the song is from Juno were they're talking if 2 people can stay together for good


    this song scary asf when ur cooked

  19. pedro

    *2 year ago!*
    *rip little peep*

  20. tesacy

    Am i the only one who listen this song but living in city center?

  21. Yung C4ke

    John Mello & Peep combine too good dude

  22. Astro Nomyk

    The ending of the song is so beautiful

  23. Angel De Jesus

    In the beginning the dialogue what is that? Wheres it from?


    the movie juno “it’s not easy that’s for sure” scene

  24. Keyboard

    Anime: the night is short, walk on girl *movie*

  25. Averi Cochran

    may we meet again, love.. may we meet again...

  26. Lil Peepy Ω

    I wish this song was longer

  27. Charlie Cola

    We are not the same if you couldn't tell

  28. Gabriel Hehe

    Beginning is from juno

  29. amber

    Damn that soda looks pretty good

  30. Kornaliya K

    Русские? Вы тут?

  31. Jordan Hart

    I have this as my alarm


    that’d scare the shit out of me lol

  32. _1000_7_


  33. Nate Dogg 1278

    This song is soo felt touching after all the shit youve been through and been over with like, damn😖😖

  34. Baby Cam

    Fuckkkkkkkk buddy I miss my idol

  35. 209 Addict

    I miss him😥😢

  36. Yung C4ke

    We live in a little hell, without peep.

  37. fuckyou verymuch

  38. Gage Rasmussen

    too short :(

    Ash da trash 05

    His life was to short

  39. Лиан Ар

    Нет бл.ть он сводит меня с ума💔

    Love u PEEP 💜

  40. Z3LO

    weeee could runnn awayy *crys*

  41. Icancy cox

    The whole thing is a punch line

  42. Jasmine Davis

    ohmygod. i feel, angry tears

  43. Chelsy Yooo

    Slow the speed down to 0.5🔥🔥🔥💀🖤

  44. G F

    I can't believe I haven't heard this before, what!! Its incredible, as is all his tunes.
    RIP Lil Peep

  45. Nobodyname Dom

    This song explains so much of what I’m going through, I feel trapped in my mind and in my town

  46. teen suicide

    d a r k. t h o u g h t s

  47. lil peep

    I love you so much🇧🇷💛

  48. Nasar

    Ugh when’s he releasing new music 😑


    Nasar he’s dead lol

  49. Sam Collier

    Anyone else know if he performed this live? I would love to have seen him perform this💔


    Sam Collier No but my favorite live song from him was absolute in doubt with Wicca.

  50. Dylan A

    It’s just another day😪

  51. santos

    Everytime I feel like shit I always listen to peep cos I feel like he’ll understand what I’m going through or he’ll have a song I relate to I guess music is my only escape mostly lil peep n $B n Corbin n bones they always mean a lot to me n make me forget my problems or help me through it I really wish peep was alive I wish I could’ve gone to his shows :( music is the only thing/person I run to so I can open up to I don’t have people who I can open up to but with music I can say what I’m thinking n they’ll probably have the answer

  52. Ricky

    this song is fire, also , fake fans wont be here

  53. crybaby11196

    we can run awaaaaaaaaaaaay

  54. Mackenzie Terry

    Juno sample lol

  55. Isiah holt

    This is from Juno!*

  56. Madi Kat

    I’m not crying, YOURE CRYING

  57. MoreSsharp

    So glad I found this song I have been a big fan of peep for years now and I can say he has inspired a new genre of Gus

    If u like music this then check me out

  58. Kroonon TV

    pls someone, where can i get this beat?


    it’s produced by john mello exclusively for peep

  59. Doodoo Time

    My towns population is around 8-9k.
    Everyone hates me, adults, kids parents , teachers... you name it. My biggest dream has always been to just leave this little shit hole

  60. unicornmendes98 !

    “Why do all the good people die?”
    Mom: well when you go to a garden, what flowers do you want to pick?
    “The beautiful ones.”


    unicornmendes98 ! gay

  61. crazybird

    Bruh 147K views in 1 year it deserves more

  62. Satan Girl

    Gravity Falls Vibe

  63. SPACEBOY86

    Dam mannnn.. I miss peep. His music is everywhere

  64. WILLY Q

    This Juno sample... perfect

  65. Jacob Heaton

    I need help.

  66. umer nisar

    I need a sign

  67. sad kaylee

    may hell be lit

  68. MichaelinUrMuM

    hellloooo fellow teens who miss the man himself.

  69. Jens Vleminckx

    Love you peep 😔❤️

  70. Domas.

    In windows go to speakers properties select your speakers/headphones press properties then enhancements check bass boost and apply, this sounds so awesome!

  71. SimmerThreeReturns

    Too bad this dude was a piece of shit lol


    He spills it like always we all miss you peep u hear me

  73. GBC Jake


  74. Freyja GR

    This song makes me cry ;(

  75. Cheyenne Wild

    My town is so small and I can relate to this. It’s difficult living where I do, no one I can relate to. It feels like no one cares.

    Logann Flow

    Same I live in mcalester ok

  76. パンクpunk

    I started listening to peep a week after he died am I fake ?

    Cheyenne Wild

    No. I just found out about him a few days ago.

  77. Fever dreamer 777

    It’s so strange his voice sounds like he crawled out of hell to make this and then dipped
    Kinda scared me tbh but shiiiiiit

  78. Francisco

    Lowkey makes you sad thinking that peep is never gonna be here anymore 😢

  79. Abuse SYA


  80. Sunshine Boy

    Depression hit hard that time

  81. Lai- baddie

    0:54 there now I can press it when i wanna listen to the song haha😂

  82. Landonn

    Why do you Closed minded people always playing with God like if it’s cool for Lucifer to have your soul and shit, If Your Goin threw shit Take it as a blessing because god is trying to make you more educated and see how the real world is, Stay woke please.

  83. Thiccowo

    Honestly when my heart is filled with sadness, it numbs everything, I love drifting into sleep with peeps music playing, No, I don't want to fucking kill myself, I just honestly don't care if one day I didn't wake up, as long as his music is the last thing I hear

  84. Baby Girl Bella

    I can’t wait until I’m in heaven💔😭I wanna see my baby peep and sing his songs and just see him!

  85. Wikki Chan

    *'It's just another day in this little town'*

  86. Jacob Trueblood


  87. Abraham C

    omg when i listen to this song it takes me back to freshman year so bad. i don't know why. it just gives me that feeling. i miss it. i love the memories of listening to this song laying in my bed at 5 in the morning watching the sun come up with my window open in the summer, 2 years ago time does fly. this song just reminds me of that time and everything and everyone in it. i don't know why. now it's 4 am and i got school tomorrow but i can't sleep so i'm just rambling. love u peep

  88. Marquensito Ribachuelo

    I dont know why, but i hate this song, there is anyone else who thinka the same?

    Goth Angel Sinner

    No bitch

  89. Tankz

    This song relates to me in a way, i live in a shithole piece of shit town with little to no friends. sometimes i just feel like leaving.