Lil Peep - Lil Yung Lyrics

[Lil Peep:]
Waitin' for my death, while I count some tens
Shawty layin' on my chest in the back of the Benz
I can see you fakin', why you playin' pretend?
I don't even know you, but you act like we're friends?
She ain’t gonna meet another one like me
Puts you to the ground while you kept walkin'
Yeah, it say "Gucci" on my plain white tee
That's a grown man flex, stop playin' with me

Baby, I was blazin' in my plain white tee
You can steal my pictures of me and your broken dreams
I waited for your touch, you never waited for me
See me in the dark waitin' patiently for you, tonight
I'm beggin' for your touch, I'm beggin' for your touch tonight
I'm beggin' for your touch, I'm beggin' for your touch

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Lil Peep Lil Yung Comments
  1. ГеЙкРаБрЫбА


  2. hellkid227

    This is such an incredible musical piece. This is pure art.

  3. Alexandre hould

    does somebodies here have comment withoutn being hight on drugz ?

  4. Cedric Hornung

    how tf this still under 1 million views

  5. Amy WV

    November 2019


    Stfu 2019

  6. Luke Paciocco

    man, I love this song....

  7. KlatenFN

    1:45 is so cool with the guitar

  8. Shaz Play


  9. Leon S

    Yungjza Killin this

  10. lance vance


  11. lilpeep_ shawty

    Lil Yung🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  12. Émile de la Fouchardière

    X fans: rip x😭😭😭

    Lil peep fans: just listening to his music and appreciating💯

  13. GRAT31

    Ушёл такой талантливый😭


    ура,я на шел русский комм

  14. Daito 末

    happy birthday gus.

  15. ivealreadyleft ivealreadyleft

    the features on songs are normally so bad but this guy and peep are fucking fire together oh my god

  16. O8WI? 707

    RIP Gus ❤️😇

  17. smple 7


  18. TheyCallMeSpecial

    I just want him to come back, this fucking hurts
    How can anybody get over this? How did he make me so emotional about his music when I didn't even know him personally??

  19. Dein Vater

    2019? Anyone? Just me?

  20. F9 TeamLeader

    Such a great song holyy..

  21. Matthew Bullinger

    This song is criminally underrated

  22. Phvn

    Can someone 8d this?

  23. Lil dollar Tree

    Saw this in my recommended glad I clicked I’ve never felt more related to a peep song it hits hard 💔🖤 rest in Piece goth angel sinner

  24. loffan

    Cant find this one on soundcloud :_

    Zoe Munsell

    loffan u have to scroll down lmao

  25. Joshua Miller

    Not like his other songs, more rock than rap. But one of his best hands down

  26. Matteo

    What happened to jza?

  27. DopeMonster

    My face the whole time >:o

  28. angel

    Honestly cant choose one specific song of lil peeps as my fav, but this is def up there.

  29. Baraa Buhajar

    I love you hayati. I love you. your soul is seeing this somewhere, I know...

  30. Baraa Buhajar

    waiting for my death while i count up some 10s...

  31. Paul ViPiMP

    That music let me even more than feel.



  33. M.O.B.S REZ

    His voice is too good

  34. li-lil ravioli

    Im crying lol

  35. Dominik šimčik

    I still wonder how tf is in this video 16Lines Part when it wasnt even out yet...

    rad TRASH

    The current version out was a re release, the first version was out a soon after he died for a bit before they took it down again

  36. Zack

    My dream twin lil peep x yungjz

  37. Sascha Berg

    the drugs do not change people only the dead 😞💔 #Lil peep we Love you ❤

  38. _ Migi _

    R.I.P gus

  39. Martiin TM


  40. lildozer51

    I wish this had a peep verse and not the other guy

  41. William B

    His songs just keep getting better the more ive listened and ive listen to him for a year and a half none stop

  42. Yasir Barcim

    LEGENDS never DIE!!!💔😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭

  43. Mange Afnf

    JZA going hard

  44. Cornel Medvejonok

    Some parts were taken from brightside and some from 16 lines, great fucking music ,,video"

  45. Yasir Barcim

    Br😔ken smile💔😢

  46. VTF FTV

    до сих пор мурашки по коже. покойся с миром брат.

  47. Timm Brockmann

    Man, this one verse from Peep is totally killing it.. it´s just perfect.

  48. Human Exploit

    this song is short like efect of a good drug

  49. Kaneki #LLJ




  51. Garrison Nesbitt

    this song is way too short ;(

  52. Brandon McDougal

    Goddammit why did they let you die. You were the chosen one

  53. Jack Admirand

    How do you pronounce Yungjzaisdead

    rad TRASH

    Yung jizza is dead

    Jack Admirand

    @rad TRASH thank you iv been wondering this for soo long. He's done a lot of somgs with original god and that got me into him i used to pronounce the jza as j.z.a

    rad TRASH

    I did the same thing when I first found out about him lol

  54. susfuneral

    This went up in views so quickly over like 2 months

  55. julia に握彙

    i live for this

  56. lilpeep_ shawty

    I can play this shit on guitar🐣💛

  57. Jimi Juhani

    still fire

  58. Little Abdi

    jesus this yungjzaisdead guy sucks

  59. PS. suicide

    Leave peep cut the other guy out

    rad TRASH

    Jza is a legend

  60. Rockmert

    HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD THIS BEFORE WHAT THE FUCK. Tis is seriously a piece of art, DIETRICh nailed the beat.

  61. schl3cht3 m3m3s

    its produced by DIETRICH (42 42)

  62. Ifty Alam

    Upload the full version to roblox

  63. Steven Gutierrez

    Sbtitle spanish?

  64. Yael Arteaga Cruz

    Dónde está la traducción? :c

  65. pyrhodic

    the production on this one is just perfect

  66. Leo Hill

    Anyone know why I can’t find this on SoundCloud?

  67. Yung Grimm

    this song is fire

  68. Miley Love

    Lil peep forever 🤘🏽

  69. Korey J. Norman

    Yo this is fire

  70. LilYung

    Love it

  71. Rodrigo Rech

    Why ain't it on soundcloud

  72. FlezzDurjis

    dude drops more tracks while dead than most rappers in their whole lives


    This is dropped before he died tho. It's just underrated and underappreciated

  73. susfuneral

    His best song.

  74. Juventus 09

    Einfach nur geil

  75. sherry rossiter

    This goes soo hard. 😭🙏🙏🙏

  76. sashii sucks

    i love lil peep i miss lil peep. your all my family and he will live through us forever.. come check out my sad music and spread some love... i promise the music will get better. thanks bye, love you all

  77. veryrare.mp4

    I sooo fucking wish that peep had more songs like this one

  78. TheREY

    2mins full song and 1min until he starts his verse lol

  79. Thor Valentin

    Love this

  80. Milan

    He died a lil yung R.I.P

  81. Chocolate Shake

    Wish it was longer

  82. emile ツ

    if u readin this i love u

  83. Jordan Gonzalez vlogs

    a peep verse is hard to follow up, good job.

  84. Eirik Pettersen

    This is definitely one of my favorites from LiL PEEP; so underrated!

  85. n0ne - CSGO Gaming & More

    this is actually good

  86. Randy Patterson98


  87. Kerwin Lopez

    Wish the song was longer, such a great song!

  88. M!sfit

    Still here 💔

  89. LordJaws


  90. shigy007

    wtfff this came out of nowhere thx

  91. NK7

    [Peep Verse]
    Waiting for my death while I count up some 10's
    Shawty laying on my chest in the back of the Benz
    I can see you fakin', why you playing pretend?
    I don't even know you, why's you act like we're friends?
    She ain't gonna meet another one like me
    Pussy to the ground when the kid walk in
    Yeah, it say Gucci on my plain white tee
    That's a grown man flex, stop playing with me.

    [YungJZAisDead Verse]
    Baby I was blazing in my plain white tee
    You can steal my pictures of me and your broken dreams
    I waited for your touch, you never waited for me
    See me in the dark waiting patiently for you, and I
    I'm beggin' for your touch, I'm beggin' for your touch tonight
    I'm beggin' for your touch, I'm beggin' for your touch.


    @Jon Palmer i still hear the same plus genius has the exact same so


    are these lyrics really correct?

    Leaf Tube

    I thought it was count to 10 and can still see pictures of me


    me count the tens.. is reference to drug doses 10s 20s 80s etc.

    kaya m

    It’s also “ baby I was flexing in my plain white tee”