Lil Peep - Give U The Moon Lyrics

Baby I could give u the moon
You know he can't do what I do
Yeah It's true
Girl I think I'm dying real soon
We could die in my room
Me and you
Ima keep you in mind
While I drive right by
Say goodbye to the nice guy
I'm wasting my time
Giving you rhymes
You gotta give me a dime
Before I do that again
And I ain't trippin I'm high
In the trunk of the Benz
Is where my women reside
Where my women will die
I ain't got no friends
And I don't listen to y'all
I'm equipped for the fall
And the winter and all
When the summer come
I'ma have enough to get the fuck out
I could buy a truck and
Drive that motherfuckin truck out (skrr)
Trying to buy luck
If you don't die that means you lucked out
I ain't tryna fuck
I see the moon and bug the fuck out

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Lil Peep Give U The Moon Comments
  1. SinisteR

    Thank you peep for being such an inspiration to me 🖤

  2. Born StrangR

    Bet you haven't heard this!!! NEW Peep!

  3. sara xoxo

    If I have to choose between sleeping and listening to peep u know imma choose peep.

  4. Angelina Campbell

    Its sad how he predicted his death in his music and nobody did anything... 2019 #ripgus

  5. Natalie Idrizi

    The beginning of the song is from the movie "it's a wonderful life"

  6. Tonydihrd YT

    “You know he can’t do what I do”

  7. Brxci

    im so stupid how did i never notice the "its a wonderful life " sample / referernce wtf

  8. Procta J

    I haven't stopped listening to peep since I found him and damn it's been a while

  9. Sleepy cat

    i'd steal you the moon at the very least :'(

  10. Worthless

    "baby i could give u the moon, you know he cant do what i do yea its true"

  11. Hello Bye

    Lil Peep Roped & Hung the Moon 🌙 for us all.

  12. Federico Manuel Maiorano

    Seems like every week I change my mind about what is my favorite song by him, this and Live Forever are the current ones

  13. Your Wack

    2 years w out u :/💔 miss u 🐣🦇🖤

  14. Bluez Drones

    Prod Kryptik

  15. Julia Martins

    The fake fans never came here and won't, the real ones remain

  16. MĐ MÅ

    Wow MAGIC

  17. Sebastian Rodrigo

    just posted an hq acoustic cover of this, comment which song to do next and I’ll shout you out in the video

  18. Xylia Wold

    Before gus died I listened to cry baby and I liked it I just didn't listen to what he was saying and was into more sad melodies then ab a year after he died I found his music again and was heart broken when I found out he was the one the kids in my class were talking about the day after he died

  19. mukks

    Peep on some left boy shit

  20. Chinitø

    reminds me of this one girl. 🥺

  21. KING MO

    Still one of my favorites till this day

  22. FadedJossi

    I was trippin on ecstasy like a week ago and I remember going into a deep hole of lonliness and depression and I was scared and not calm and I keept on thinking on what's the point of life and I remember I put on lil peep and his voice was soothing and it calmed me down and I started feeling a lot better

  23. maria

    this song feels like a cold morning in 2015

  24. Red drop Shawty

    And I ain’t trippin I’m high 🖤💕

  25. H E L L _ B O Y_


  26. lil husky

    I gave her the moon she ignoring cuz I ain’t cool bet you no boy has ever given u the moon

  27. sugarglowin edits

    the mood in this fandom is always very somber and low. the energy is never extremely high and i love it. it gives me vibes of a mellow area, dimly lit with murmuring voices and everyone either keeps to themselves or supports each other. its the sweetest

  28. RiZZXI


  29. SuperSkopr

    I don’t got much time left. Lets die in my room. Me and you..



  31. Daniel Gonzalez

    Fucking vibing off 0.75x speed 🤘🏽

  32. Gaben 26

    Hey , yes , you..

    I love you

    scoutthebeast 115 s

    Much love bro 🖤

    steeze god

    Take care man :')

    Pia julie

    Gaben 26 same

  33. kimi

    Girl im think im dyin real soon

    i think im dyin too but I do not have a girl to say it to

  34. David offutt

    Peep never died just went to sleep

  35. Nobodyname Dom

    Baby I could give you the moon🖤

  36. czarne roze

    We can die in my room, me and you

  37. kairoanderson

    It's just everyday

  38. H2O Is water

    Do lil peep idgaf

  39. czarne roze

    Baby I could give u the Moon

  40. Horny Capricorny

    Baby I could give you the moon...

  41. Aqua

    i aint tryin to fuck
    i see the moon and bug the fuck out

  42. Rico Shaneyfelt

    Fake fans won’t find us here, been here since day 1👌🏼

  43. SuperSkopr

    This beat is way too loud

  44. G Gaviria

    I know god forgave him and gave him a spot in heaven he paid his dues with anxiety and depression wich is hell on earth r.i.p Peep

  45. Matthew Heckman

    It's A Wonderful Life

  46. gøød vibés

    Wish this stuff was on Spotify or that i had YouTube red so i can zone out listening to Gus without killing my battery lol

  47. dub_bdun

    He sampled a bones track. Nice.


    i might have to mix them together

  48. Andrew McLean

    Man this shit really is the shit still to this day a hidden gem if I will

  49. Dolly Nova

    what movie is the talking from?


  50. Crystal McCarley

    You are all of our Moon.... Rest up

  51. Ok Ok

    I miss you so much peep😢🖤

  52. itsfunnycauseurugly

    I miss you Peep. You got me thru a lot of depression relating to your music. You were so gifted. Hope you are enjoying after life wherever you are.

  53. Konoha lolo

    ofc tracy and vi ik bro :* ik u called me vi 83+ real sa and real gods.

  54. Loreen Di Francesco


    Mike Williams

    I'm right here baby

  55. California On the license plate

    I think I found my soulmate😭❤️

  56. Michał Lewańczyk


  57. Prod Steven

    A Lil Peep classic <3

  58. Ayka Yacine

    Is the favorite song of peep

  59. L Theanine

    Whats the sample at the beginning from? Where he says he’ll get the moon

  60. teeth babey

    i fucking hate the peep fandom. 3/4 of it is toxic as fuck, and the quarter left is literally hidden.


    C0Ma baby II goth bois like it in the dark

  61. Son[LEER] Donkey

    Gonna do it like Gus and go out big

  62. FappleJacks

    Fake fans are gone now we are here all of us who miss Him so much it Killed me when he passed such a beautiful Soul rip Gus😔


    no such thing as a fake fan, dude.

  63. Kerry Benson

    I’m still here peep 😭💔

  64. Shawntey Beyale

    “Baby I Can Give U The Moon.” 😔💔

  65. Leah Hensley

    his words hit me harder than my mom did

  66. DroughtMouth

    Bruh this gives me HELLA Bones vibes

  67. PalmeroSeba

    Best song of peep

  68. Black Out Of Mind

    Baby, potei darti la luna.
    Lui non può fare quello che faccio io, e lo sai.
    Sì, è vero.
    Penso che morirò presto.
    Potremmo morire nella mia stanza,
    Io e te.
    Ti terrò nei miei pensieri
    Passando di fronte a casa tua.
    Dì addio al bravo ragazzo,
    Sto sprecando il mio tempo
    A darti 'ste rime,
    Devi darmi una chance
    E non sono in trip, sono fatto,
    Nel baule di 'sta Benz
    È dove stanno le mie donne,
    Dove le mie donne moriranno.
    Non ho amici
    E non vi ascolto,
    Sono pronto a cadere
    E all'inverno, e a ogni cosa.
    Quando l'estate arriverà
    Avrò abbastanza soldi da potermene andare,
    Potrei comprare un furgone
    E cazzo, prenderlo e partire.
    Sto provando a comprarmi un po' di fortuna.
    Non sei morto? Hai avuto fortuna.
    Non sto provando a scopare.
    Vedo la luna e scappo, cazzo.

    Lilla Jellyfuzz

    Black Out Of Mind sei un grande

  69. anniegeiger1031

    Love this 💔🖤

  70. Austin Lintelman

    Acid trips in my room give you the moon

  71. I AM TEXT

    Came here from his moms speech, I didn’t know he actually sung something like this

  72. TrueHustleCity_GBC 6969


  73. Isaac Chavez

    Sad boii hour 😓😓😓

  74. Caitlin Munn

    Anyone know if this song is on Spotify? Can’t seem to find it x


    Caitlin Munn only his mainstream songs are on Spotify and Apple Music. YouTube and soundcloud hold the gems.

  75. dion gkolia

    I think it was suicide

  76. Atlantic Trash

    Porra 💔

  77. Hannah Jenkins

    where are the gorls

  78. Meadow Martinez

    This song makes me want to run away

  79. Alli Kay

    Still listening Gus

  80. we _need_weed

    Just close your eyes while listening


    Watch my channel, ive made something similiar

  82. xela llahsram

    I died when I was 12. I sank into my body saw this image that I had seen in my dreams my whole life. It was grey orange pink and purple . I saw a window with kids playing soccer outside and a green shirt was on a bed a motola phone was on the ceiling and that's all I remember

    Nate Castillo

    um its Motorola

  83. FBI

    hmmm..... where the moon?

  84. Top Shelf

    Hey that's pretty good, what you wish Mary?

  85. aliyah uwu

    I’m cryin in the club rn

  86. yamiya _

    This is Peeps❤️ favorite music..


    we could die in my room

  88. Der Levent

    2019 anyone

  89. Ashy Boii

    ι нαтє тнє тєям "fαкє fαи". ι києω αвσυт нιм вєfσяє ∂єαтн, αи∂ тнαт яєαℓℓу ∂σєѕ иσт ¢нαиgє αиутнιиg. :/ ιf уσυ єиʝσу нιм αи∂ нιѕ мυѕι¢ тнєи уσυ'яє α тяυє fαи. ωнєи уσυ fσυи∂ нιм ∂σєѕ иσт ∂єтєямιиє ωнєтнєя уσυ ѕяє α fαи σя иσт.