Lil Peep - Dreams Lyrics

[Lil Peep:]
I'll be right here, when you step out the car
I see you from afar, but I know who you are
I know exactly who you are, what you're looking for
I know exactly where it starts, and I'm not looking forward to the end
Because we're not gonna last
Because we took it too fast, and that's a good way to crash and burn
What I learned, I don't like taking my turn
If she mine, she gon' be mine until we ash in an urn
Let me burn, let me swerve, let me pull up on the curb
Now I'm looking so absurd, But I'm all that they heard, at the party pull-up rari
Up in the haze on the scene up in the haze on the scene
Light a hundred fuckin' dutchs and then I follow my dreams
Girl you're fuckin with Lil Peep, I'm the king of the teens
I just dropped a couple singles and take over the scene
Got the internet buzzing, 20 thousand a week
Now I practice getting pussy, I practice all that I preach

I'll be right there when you need me close
I'll always be around when you need me the most
But I know, that you've been trying to get away from me
But you just don't know what to say to me
I just gotta do what I think I'm meant to
Everything I said is true in that text I sent you
So if you ain't gon' be my boo, then just do you
I'm smoking blunts, like they cigarettes
I still ain't shit, I ain't gotten any bigger yet
But that factor ain't something that really matters to me
Ain't nothing to think about when I'm chilling, smoking my weed
I burn it down, and then proceed to seek out all my hopes and dreams
The future holds itself so it ain't really what it seems
If I can't get to where I want, I'll be pissed
I'll tie my neck up in a noose, kick the chair and slit my wrists

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Lil Peep Dreams Comments
  1. Jessica Rozalowska

    Chicago ✨

  2. Luis Soriano


  3. nicotine slut

    i’m crying again, i’m always crying when i listen to peep :(

  4. Saff

    long live the king

  5. Mătai Curvă

    On 3xans nd 2kpins 4am im feeling lost my bday soon thinkin bout killin myself lately

  6. dakota webb

    Girl you fuckin with lil peep, I’m the king of the teens !

  7. Carlos Garcia

    dope as video

  8. lil paul

    love it

  9. Yung Hopeless

    Happy birthday ⚘

  10. LimboSINner

    SESH lol

  11. facelift

    s/o drip 133 for the dope production

  12. Die4Ever Young

  13. The Cleaner

    Can never get over peep songs.

  14. GoodNightLovell

    "If she's mine, she gon' be mine until we're ash in the urn."

  15. Azumarie

    Peep coulda been so much bigger if he didn't collab with such bad artists all the time :(

    Brandon Killboy

    Azumarie you gotta start from the bottom to get on top
    Just look at ghostmane a prime example

    gizmo Ent.

    Azumarie ur slow

  16. IAstonI

    Chicago <3

  17. strangestdreamm

    I love Gizmo and lil peep <3

  18. Hell Boy

    Lil Peep - Wanna Be Music Video :

  19. Liddle Skiddle

    All he wanted was to b happy, "We're not gonna last, because we took it too fast."

  20. Milan

    i fucking miss peep

  21. Frank Einstein

    I want to live like him...for him...he means so much for me

  22. glSmallz

    dreams, toxic city w drip-133, and life were some of the first few peep songs i heard when i first started getting into him in early 2016... wish i could go back to that. rest up peep


    Yea but....Gizmo?...Wouldn't you slit your wrist first?

  24. Yung Rvin

    I love this song.. the guitar beat and peeps voice💔💔

  25. weeeb oni

    The only song i get lost to...

  26. _ phvntom2v

    His smile 💔

    Desiree Eliza

    _ phvntom2v come get me

  27. shigy007

    This moment, when you think you know already every song by peep, but then..

  28. Fir4 FLY

    1:50 what jacket is that I badly need one


    It's a one-off design, custom handmade for him


    it was released by for those who sin but they aren't produced anymore

  29. Geniuska

    чертовски милый

  30. AaAaA


  31. душа бомжа

    Too ghay

  32. Jaymes P

    How about giving my boy Gizmo the respect he deserves and slap him in the title. Fucking lop.

  33. Sam Walker

    Fuck fentanyl


    @Purified True that's not true. nobody knows where they got them. mackned gave peep a weed plug and they offered him xans. the texts from mackned show that. everyone just blames it on mackned when it wasnt actually his fault

    Purified True

    @morgan have you seen what peeps grandma said?


    @Purified True peeps grandma said tracy was involved too do you really think she is a trustworhy source? she's just like all the other angry people looking for a scapegoat

    Purified True

    @morgan where did she say tracy was involved? I never seen that part at all.


    Fuck drugs period 😓

  34. Calvin

    1:33 polska :^)

  35. Nicholas B

    Gus was such a sweetheart. Heart full of love. Miss you brother

  36. Christian Hindsgaul

    Miss you peep

  37. Jesus De hoyos

    Tie my neck up in a noose kick the chair and slit my wrist 😢

  38. Kyle Vess

    If I was there ...i would of protected you an gave you the friend you never had ....r.i.p peep God is all loving an almighty an your soul is protected an you will feel the pain you did in this life no more you left to young .. .if I was there i would of guided you an protected you

  39. lilmakeouthill

    I'll be right here, when you step out the car
    I see you from afar, but I know who you are
    I know exactly who you are, what you're lookin' for
    I know exactly where it starts, and I'm not lookin' forward to the end
    Because we're not gonna last
    Because we took it too fast, and that's a good way to crash and burn
    What I learned, I don't like takin' my turn
    If she mine, she gon' be mine until we ash in an urn
    Let me burn, let me swerve, let me pull up on the curb
    Now I'm lookin' so absurd, but I’m all that they heard, at the party pull-up Rari
    Up in the haze on the scene up in the haze on the scene
    Light a hundred fuckin' dutchs and then I follow my dreams
    Girl, you're fuckin' with Lil Peep, I’m the king of the teens
    I just dropped a couple singles and take over the scene
    Got the internet buzzin', 20 thousand a week
    Now I practice gettin' pussy, I practice all that I preach

  40. HeQruS TEoffDe

    Without gizmo this could be one of the best songs from peep

    Chad Hoffman jr

    HeQruS TEoffDe hater. They sounded well together on the track

    Chad Hoffman jr

    But LIL PEEP did have a great verse

    Brandon Killboy

    HeQruS TEoffDe why you haten on gizmo

  41. Sarah Plachetta

    Sad because i feel ignored by a girl and then i listen to this song for the first time... like damn this hurts

  42. Fecal Matter

    we miss you, hell baby.

  43. Ferris Wheel

    AHHH! Phuck!!! Sorry just had to vent; everytime i discover a new masterpiece by/with Lil Peep i get so phuckin angry that he is gone and we will never get to see his full potential. All these songs on Youtube were made mostly in the last 2 years of his life. Just imagine what he could have done given another 5, 10, or 20 years? Damn, what a waste of talent! No one has affected me so much since Kurt Cobain. I was 13 when Kurt passed. Now i have to live through another one of my idols passing. Don't get me wrong, their music is the reason why i am still here and why i never went through with suicide, but man i wouldn't be nearly as sad as i am if he was still here. Thank God for the people out there who cared about him enough to release his music to people like us despite Columbia Records trying to keep from releasing his music to those who could relate to it, understand it, and rely on it to survive. It seems like a new song is coming out everyday! This gives me the hope that i need/ you guys give me the hope that i need to keep going. I don't wanna be here, not at all, and I'm not some confused teenager saying this, one who is still maturing, but rather a man almost 40 years old still trying to figure out why i am here and what the point is in living if in the end we all just die anyway. Peep's music helps distract me from the obvious fact that life is pointless-he helps me enjoy the HERE and NOW. I'm taking this one day at a time. I just pray that i don't give up... . I'm not a man of faith, but your comments and well wishes help me out as well-more than you know. Let's support each other so no of us every feel alone. I'm here for you guys, and please be here for me if i need it. Thx.

    Tristin B

    Keep strong brother! We'll all find ourselves someday.

  44. Philip

    1:30 poland!!

  45. Louis Karel

    I'm kinda mad this hasn't hit 1 million views already, this shyt is so 🔥.. Shout out/Rip to The Great Peep.

    w o k e u p h a l f d e a d

    It hit one mill on SoundCloud

  46. Steven Martin

    Now I practice gettin pussy practice all that i preach.

  47. aconite


    Desiree Eliza

    6 dogs 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

  48. Oscar Giraldo

    Happy birthday, Gus. I miss you bro.

  49. Ïmad Åhr

    Peep x sesh = my inspiration 🐣❤🌹

    Avillene Santiago

    I love sesh & Lil peep😤🖤


    Don’t forget gizmo ;)

  50. hell girl

    God needed an angel...


    hell girl yeah n he took him too soon

  51. Laura Juranek

    Always missing you...♡♥♡

  52. M!sfit

    I'll always be around when you need me the most....

  53. M!sfit

    Fucking miss you peep

  54. Nathan Evans

    10 months and his music still hits, a legend

  55. Scuba Steve

    His hair was dope asf

  56. Jujujr13

    3rd party might take this down watch out

  57. Theo Phillips

    Rest in piece bruh.

  58. Dr0ziE Ej2

    R.i.PEEP 🖤🥀

  59. Yang Beatz

    amazing track <3

  60. Jacob Bailey

    Sitting here 3 hours after saying I'm going to bed digging deeper into my man peeps music, absolute genius rip

    Elias Roblez

    You guys are so right !!!!

    Isabella Pruitt

    Same bro

    CruDe Gaming


    Alesmi -

    doin dis right now lmao

    Mătai Curvă

    Same. Everynight. Late at school n work poppin xans n kpins / trams percs n alldat feelin like shit. You should check Nothing, Nowhere. - Klonopin.

  61. Jeffrey Risinger

    Damn, one of Peep's harder verses for sure 🔥
    R.I.P Beamer Boy

  62. Mcguyver Dyer

    oh my rip

  63. Tedric Shotridge

    Why did u make the video of clips where he was happy it makes me sad and depressed

  64. Cash Money

    die whoever is in the second verse

  65. Lil Molyx

    So fucking cuteee

  66. Peep Lover

    I miss YOU so much

  67. No1 Some1

    I Miss you , I wish it would turn up to be just a joke , but this shit it's reall and it sucks that u won't be here with us anymore ..... It hurts :(

  68. Lil Kennedy

    1:33 Polska! Nie spodziewałem się

    czlowiek sztos :v

    @skubidu gdzie jestes bo moze sa swiadomi tego ze polska to syf i zdziwko ze sie ktos przyznaje hmmmmmmmm.

    HeQruS TEoffDe


    white kennedy

    ej może nie tu się poniżajmy

    PRING 1952

    Polska jest wszędzie

  69. Brandon Holley

    So I'ma try and sound real on this one but lil peep really made me wanna get some tattoos like dead ass serious even a couple just like he had, god lil peep makes me cry i didnt ever go to one of your concerts at least, it would of been a dream come true but we still have our memories and your music❤️😭

    Hector Vigil

    Brandon Holley
    Y’all sound so sentimental

    Sean Lammers

    I have no tattoos but i wanna get one

    IdK MyNaMe

    Brandon Holley I wanna get the l☹ve tattoo but smaller like on my wrist or something


    Get one for him. Only live once right?

    Paula Snyder

    I'm in my 40s now and LiL Peep's tatts are making me want to get more ink

  70. Chief Thugga

    i hate my life

    Jesse West

    Me too.... everyone wanna..... 💔


    Not suicidal but neither wanna be here ya get me 💔


    love that peep song

  71. TrueLegendGamer

    Getting my peep tattoo soon


    @TrueLegendGamer did you get it?

    Mike Nolan

    @TrueLegendGamer peep was a idiot junkie and you're calling others idiots....irony.

    Jorge Ceballos420

    @Slam that what I want


    @Mike Nolan nah man you dont know how deep you can fall if you have depression

    Loop skratch

    i got a peep tat lol

  72. Lotus Flower

    lol.dang those student loans

  73. Lotus Flower

    wish I got my moment to sing for 300k,well I'm a single mom rich in love!🍓🍓🍓🍉🍍🍒

  74. Universo De Loucos

    Lil Peep - R.I.P ✝ Playlist Sad

  75. PkCr0w

    kid cudi is that you?

    Lonely Star

    PkCr0w tf?

  76. gooze b

    RIP GUS #lilpeep4lyfe

  77. yung axstn

    Gizmo fucked the song and the boy screams now like wtf such a awkward switch up

  78. Mr Key

    Rip малыш

  79. David Treanor

    1:15 that necklace where can I get that?!

    David Treanor

    Nightcore ForLife turns out go on insta and the goldteethgod made the pendant/ earring especially made for him

    Nightcore ForLife

    David Treanor ah

    love Isn't real

    It was custom made by gold teethgod


    goldteethgod made all of his jewelry

    lil turtle


  80. x jaq

    i miss you peep

    Dead. サスケ

    we all do


    me 2 ;(

  81. OGkey LOC CZUP

    Love u cuz

  82. IAmKye

    I really want that shirt in the beginning


    he dead bruh


    ...Well yes, I still wanna know where the shirt is from

    Valeriy Visheratin

    this long-sleeve called "Tribal"
    it was made by Bodgan Lau, russian designer.


    Thank you so much!

    Ben Varley

    Same! Looks too fire!

  83. Nitroh

    would be nice to add ft. Gizmo in the title. rip peep

    Griffin Myers

    and produced by drip133

    gizmo Ent.

    Thank you

    eyemme ohigho

    @gizmo Ent. I like ur sound

    Paula Snyder

    Their voices compliment one other

    Nick Keses

    @gizmo Ent. my man got big

  84. LeakedMortez Audio

    Posted on my birthday ☺☺

    LeakedMortez Audio

    alex cruz ion talk. Address?

    cuddling •

    Stains Fto Go back to school.
    Because I just lost 55,000 brain cells from your comment.

    LeakedMortez Audio

    lil jeepers lol u see he never drop that addy huh


    lah jay happy belated birthday

    Andrea Tosti

    LeakedMortez Audio he died on my birthday