Lil Peep - Crying Diamonds Lyrics

She crying diamonds
I'm crying diamonds
Bitch I'm shining
Bitch I'm dying
She crying diamonds
I'm crying diamonds
Bitch I'm shining
Bitch I'm dying
I'm dying

Shawty [?]
Shawty I'm a real piece of shit right
Fall in love me now she always sucking dick right
I just told my bitch I'm getting money
Now she acting funny she ain't getting nothin from me
I just told my bitch I'm getting money
Now she acting funny now she ain't getting nothin from me

She crying diamonds
I'm crying diamonds
Bitch I'm shining
Bitch I'm dying

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Lil Peep Crying Diamonds Comments
  1. Kweei OuO

    This song fucking suck like what the actual fuck

  2. Kweei OuO

    What the fuck

  3. Jesse Gladden

    shit is gold

  4. Kris Love

    Lowkey think he deserves way more than he's getting

  5. tyler monitzer

    captions are way off ur sped

  6. lia levi

    So undrrated song sorry no keyboard damn i can t write is my song

  7. Tori Manning

    My god you were a legend, I fucking miss you... Thank you for helping me and millions

  8. D Ward

    My favorite peep song of the day! Everyday I got a different peep hook on my mind.. I'm crying diamonds

  9. caroline grace

    get me high, let me die, i’ll be fine, hit my line.


    This song gives me memories which i didnt experience

  11. Annabelle Small

    beat dropped harder than my grades❤️

  12. No Loyalty, No Respect

    I'll be surprised if I wake up in the morning

  13. Cry Baby

    2 year ago :(

  14. Dreamer tunes

    So beautiful💎

  15. slozor

    bitch, im dying

  16. CaptainClaw

    why lil peep die without me...

  17. Андрей Еврей


  18. xxImmortalScope

    im cryin diamonds

  19. TheOfficialZephyr

    My headphones shaking

  20. sick6illy.

    Is this a sample of the weeknd

  21. Emma

    We all are crying diamonds...

  22. thicc b o i

    that The Weeknd sample is fire

  23. Drea Haas

    This has a very raw sound. Peep was certainly a very prolific artist capable of many styles. We love you Peepers!

  24. KxB

    0:47 isn't he says "hate my life"?

  25. Zach Presnell

    20 months and 20x the depression

    RIP gus, you died on my g day
    nov 15 17

  26. Mary Jane

    🔥🔥🔥 RIP bby 🙏🏻

  27. Kolten Soldat



    I really wish you would fix the lyrics 💔 much love! Get me high, let me die, I'll be fine, hit my line

  29. baby are you ready for first night?

    i’m crying diamonds too💎💔

  30. brokeboy


    bitch im dying

  31. Bora Sarıoğlu

    discovering peeps worst songs. yeah this shit is crab

  32. carlos castro

    Lol you fucked up the lyrics


    Hit my line, get me high, let me die, I'll be fine ❤️

  34. L Theanine

    Probably one of the best songs I’ve ever heard, listening to this high on downers while nodding off gives the craziest most beautiful feeling I can’t describe

    66 sics

    L Theanine it’s the opioids, get off of them you dope!

  35. grace callie

    i can just imagine how great his hugs are, his warm touch and just such great energy floating out of him. he was an amazing person. we all miss you gus, fly high 🖤

  36. aziatckijkotik

    Бляя так ахуено

  37. Drasse iskold

    Miss u peep-

  38. Delirium

    I love you lil Meep, thank you ❤

  39. Vox

    Gimme height? More like get me high lol

  40. Anthony Guijarro

    Make an extended version of flannel

  41. Jonathan Belford-Arellano

    The Weeknd would be proud

  42. Alexis King

    schemaposse peep <3

  43. Mr. Biggums

    The world needed lil peep

  44. Christian Lewis

    this is like stay away by nirvana

  45. Steven Gutierrez

    RIP peep ❤

  46. Tedric Shotridge

    Yt needs a loop button on mobile

  47. wwb

    wow. soooo sexy soooo cool. when? is it official movie?

  48. Jessica Linker

    Y'all he really set a new music base. Fr dude will forever be alive in our heart

  49. Vinicius Senna


  50. Keir Beer

    remember when this first dropped it got so much hate

    Beamer Boy

    Keir Beer I remeber back in hellboy he would get a bunch of fucking hate aswell. and everyone would nag on Xavier wulf saying he fucked up by making a song with a "clown" saying his shit was ass and now everyone on his dick.

    Bepj_ On IG

    @Beamer Boy ikr as u said everyone up on him thats a fake bitch nigga

  51. Kenden Turd

    Mine craft parody

  52. P A V L O

    he used to be a real poet



  54. Bevey

    He didn't even have the DADDY tattoo yet 😭


    Or exit life

    Jacob Lamberson

    This is like 18-19 yr old Peep. I remember when this came out on Soundcloud and he was still kinda unknown.

    Jacob Lamberson

    @ツxKevin no but its the same era of Peep.


    he hate his father

  55. Laura Juranek


  56. artskaz 123

    This is fucking lit i cry diamonds now🔥🔥😭

  57. Mechanich

    gemme high gemme high

  58. Mechanich

    i am addicted to this song omggg <3

  59. Mechanich

    it is best

  60. NotProTho

    this sounds like scheme peep

  61. Warlock9


  62. prazol schleiden

    died a junkie.
    rip lil peep
    rip kurt cobain

    A Recovery Channel

    I’ll die a junkie.

    L Theanine

    A Recovery Channel get some kratom bruh


    @A Recovery Channel u alive bro? u aint posted in a while lol. maybe you really did

    Diana Smith

    Nah fuck You I won’t take that he was murdered

  63. Artem Yakovenko

    Who will replace them now?

  64. Ms.JoKeR13


  65. Josiah Duvall

    "I just told my bitch I'm getting money" Lil Peep

  66. Alien

    rest in peace sweetheart

  67. Itz Madison Duh

    Lost bigg time when we lost this legend rock star

  68. Emma Elizabeth

    Is it gimme height or get me high?


    Emma Elizabeth high, lady

    Emma Elizabeth

    smokeymcpot210 that's what I thought, but whoever put the lyrics on the screen had me confused asab

  69. some kind of goth

    I can't wait to hear peeps new songs like December/November. I'm hyped for that. Rip to my dad. Thank you for keeping his legacy going Meep ❤

  70. Maxim Van Moeffaert

    Never forget rip

  71. Gia Jaymes

    Pretty sure it says get me high
    Let me die
    I'll be fine
    Hate my life...

    Vinnie Jackson


    Jacob Lamberson

    I do wonder often if hes saying "end my life, that's on my mind, i hate my life."

    Diana Smith

    Yeah he does say hit my line

    lia levi

    Hit my line i m sure

  72. AlphaSmoke100

    so I don't understand this channel is it just like old unreleased peep songs? where u getting these from never heard an of these/>>??!?!?!?!

    Lil Meep

    most of these songs are old he has some songs with very little views maybe that's why u never heared of some of them, but I just extend them because there is a lot short songs by him.


    hmmm interesting thanks for doing what u do I subbed

  73. Elizabeth Gullickson

    I love you baby

  74. noah moses

    is this the video to Switch up

  75. Humberto Alanis

    if you want to become immortal or live forever do what peep did he forever lives in the minds of all his fans family and friends.

  76. Eloise Tennant

    My 💔though

  77. mickey mouse


  78. Tomzey

    I saw him yesterday at a golf reserve

  79. starpxwer

    Bruh can you please make an extended version of his verse in 4 gold chains please!!💕🥀 #p33p4ever

  80. Lil Meep

    6 months and 6 times more pain :(

    Deutscher Patriot

    8 months...
    it still feels like a nightmare and i think about him every day

  81. Karina

    I miss Peep :(((

  82. Wingy-B GALAXYGANG B-Tausk

    💎R.🌊😞💙I L☹VE U🥀💭
    💎I. Crying Dimonds Bro 😢
    Lil Peep👩‍🎤🎶🙍‍♂️🔊R.I.P⚰️🎚

  83. Samuel Sýkora

    Are you ‘t dead?

  84. Dakota Larson

    The day I turn 18 I want to get a crybaby tattoo in memory of him keep going meep keep his legacy going you doing great Lil peep for life

    Lil Meep

    getting one on 22th

    Dakota Larson

    That is so cool you are doing such a good job with his music keeping it going keep it up💍


    You can get it while your 16 is you parents allow it

    Jiří Pospíšil

    @Lil Meep got one on 16th

  85. dieyoungdoug

    Trying to get my music heard, check out my stuff and tell me if you like or don't like it!!!

    Lil Meep

    I like it but something sounds a bit off, but do what you like doing, quality is always gonna come with time.

  86. Finn Maclean

    Bitch I'm dying

  87. rick Ross

    The peeper 😎

  88. trap lyrics

    anyone can explain me to what is this "he ain't dead, just chill with Tupac" thing? I saw he's new video on Instagram and I hope he is alive, but what is this? I see this everywhere..
    Respect from Hungary, we love you Peep! <3 Thanks for this video Meep!


    if you compare save that shit to something like gym class he still sounds really diff in those too but still not that hard to tell its him. you should listen to Give U The Moon

    trap lyrics

    Itachi Uchiha I have 140 songs from Lil Peep in my phone. I really know his voice.

    trap lyrics

    And I not only listen Come Over When Your Sober.. I listen his first mixtapes too. Live Forever, Hellboy and the unreleased songs too


    then idk how you wouldnt know this is him :/

    trap lyrics

    Itachi Uchiha I knew this is him. I thought this song not official version.

  89. TJ F

    This is the music video from switch up not crying diamonds


    bruh its no og vid but its always hella lit

  90. Edward Pourier

    Rip....ill be fine,I'll be fine,I'll be fine

  91. Ashley Arens

    Pretty sure this ain't peep


    Ashley Arens ur really retarded

    Snoarlax Fx

    @Warlock9 had to be said, thanks!


    Ashley Arens the fact that u “peep fans” can’t even recognize his voice is saddening. rip gus.

    Vivid Visuals

    Ashley Arens lmao funny cause I remember when peep dropped this song in 2016 😂

    Snoarlax Fx

    Well no wonder , she or he subscribed to two Russ channels. She's or he's mentally not okay so we should stop hating on her

  92. Mihail Lubitel

    весь трек смотрел на сосочки

  93. rick james bitch

    Peep forever lives on through all of us.


    chya dude

    Никита Кес

    rick james bitch , да братан