Lil Peep - Benz Truck Pt II Lyrics

Baby call me up, tryna fuck
Cause she know I'm finna get the Benz truck
Good luck mothafucka
I was in the cut gettin sucked from another bitch
Pop another bean, had to double up my cup and shit
Call me up tryna fuck
Cause she know that I've been gettin' to the bucks
Good luck mothafucka
Back of the club, fucked up on some other shit
All I ever wanted was a Benz and a bad bitch

All I ever wanted was a friend
All I ever wanted was a brand new Benz truck
Now I wonder where my friends gon' end up
Money don't help with the pain, where the drugs at?
Make a few racks, call the plug back
She like baby, where you goin'? When you comin' back?
I'ma be away for a month
When I get back we can fuck
I'ma be away for a lifetime
Everything I say at the right time
Givin girls cocaine, white wine
Everyone afraid of my lifestyle

Baby call me up, tryna fuck
Cause she know I'm finna get the Benz truck
Good luck mothafucka
I was in the cut gettin' sucked from another bitch
Pop another bean, had to double up my cup and shit
Call me up tryna fuck
Cause she know that I've been gettin' to the bucks
Good luck mothafucka
Back of the club, fucked up on some other shit
All I ever wanted was a Benz and a bad bitch

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Lil Peep Benz Truck Pt II Comments
  1. fx_pixel

    it's all about location location location

  2. Ethan Hodges

    This was the first lil peep song I had ever heard,miss u man play this shit everyday❤️🥵💔🥺😩😭🐤

  3. A Michelle

    1 million views 💔

  4. Epic Gamer

    only one man can felx with lucky charms and that is peep :)

  5. Igor coelho

    RIP Lil peep

  6. kurt white

    Big head twackin looking fatigued

  7. ImUnlucky

    why tf is this age restricted :((((

  8. Pamper

    Peep :(

  9. Tanner

    "She like baby where you going, when you coming back?"

  10. lil coco

    peep world

  11. TAYLOR

    Wish Peep and MGK would make a song together.

  12. Vitor

    Só gringo kkkk

  13. Walter B

    All I ever wanted was a Benz and a bad bitch

  14. Walter B

    Money don’t help with the pain, where the drugs at?

  15. ImUnlucky


  16. Valor

    I’ll be away for a month

    It’s been 751 days I’m crying

    Hans Ravelo

    So sad L

  17. Rene Smoked

    2019-2020 anyone #llp 🕊

  18. Iris Lopez

    i hope you’re happy in heaven with ur Benz truck peep🖤

  19. Lloydd95

    *So tem gringo aqui wtf kkkkk*

  20. Gabriel Jgay

    Bad luck it not my time maybe later

  21. fab sul

    Where orginal at

  22. The god of Stuff

    I forgot about this song so long ago finally find it again

  23. XLD

    o video legendado tem mais views do que o original slckkk

  24. Madelynn Margolis

    Anyone that saw everybodys everything really understands "now I'm wondering where my friends gonna end up" :/


    he didn’t wanna leave gbc behind :((

    Madelynn Margolis

    @FAUXCUS :(

  25. Darwin Bob

    I don't get why this song hasn't blown up more.

  26. Joe Nation

    Like if part 2 is better than the first.

  27. tkn

    Damn depressed 8th grade me had some taste

  28. Bossman

    TBH these tyPe of peeP Vids better than high production ones like awful things

  29. Alex Johnson

    I ain’t gonna say I miss peep I ain’t sad over it I just like his songs people die every day it’s a natural thing so why over react about it

  30. space

    here in 2050

    lazy and dont feel like posting this for the next 30 years

  31. Steezy Bmx

    Happy birthday peepy boy 🎂🥳

  32. Origami Ethan!


  33. Lawrence Furcron


  34. Lilpeep Forever•

    More likes

  35. L Lawliet

    Lil peep said he be away for a month it’s been like 3 years, damn he did what my dad did


    L Lawliet “I’m be away for a lifetime”

  36. Reggie

    Change Playback Speed -> 0.75x N Chill....

  37. Jimmy Mendoza

    I miss him so much 😔😭❤️

  38. Joseph Solis

    Before 1 milll. Been here since 1;thousand

  39. AlexGiurea

    al drq l-a copiat pe Ian

  40. Susan The Rain Painter

    I remember first time I found out him it was some interview and I was like wtf is this shit lol and then I found this song and fell in love lol

  41. Damian Damian

    rapper, rockstar, emorapper... the best in this game... RIP

  42. LilReapa666

    Everyone afraid of my lifestyyyyle

  43. Marcos10800x

    Ficou tudo top men

  44. Holden

    Why did the original get taken down

  45. Bossman

    My fav peep song

  46. Nooky Mars

    Do anyone find the instrumental kinda chilling idk why *boom boom de boom bo be boom do boom*

  47. Ben "The Tel Aviv Terror" Garrison

    Good luck mahfucker

  48. Eric Garcia

    Whos the girl??

  49. iamrob3rto

    Vom invia de fiecare data cand vei apasa play!

  50. Glizz II

    people don’t understand what they are missing out on by not listening to peep. what a fucking legend.

  51. T?? [tin]


  52. T?? [tin]


  53. PerfectOwnage

    Where’s the OG vid?

  54. David d

    Just gotta benz.... Had to slap this shit

  55. hrs1414

    this is GOAT level amazing

  56. Casota


  57. superBersYT

    I'm guessing this will be on the upcoming peep album

    LM Road of Darkness

    If these is another fucking peeps label only in it for the money

  58. Joseph Solis

    Ima be away 4 a month... Come back already Peep 💔

  59. Warrior1 Bigs

    I’m so late to this but I don’t care I’m just glad I’ve finally discovered this banger from peep

  60. 1 NiceBisasam

    I‘ll be away for a lifetime... never heard a line that makes me so sad😭😭😭

  61. kevspunch

    People over here flexing $1 bills and girls
    Peep:bitch gimme my lucky charms

  62. Glock God

    I'm coming back to this almost every week

    isac bujor

    same, and i hope you will never stop.💖

  63. Nitro

    My beamerboy☹️❤️

  64. Eu entendi a referência

    so tem gringo aqui kkk'__'

  65. Jbl king

    (Baby callme up) ohhh shit... I LOVE PART

  66. Jeff Biggums

    Goth boi clique

  67. J T

    Lil peep S U C C

  68. Johnny Boy

    Lil peep was a amazing person plus he lit with those Lucky Charms peep will never die

  69. li-lil ravioli


  70. Mr. Kiwi

    I miss him😭 he helped me through so much

  71. peeps babe

    Benz truck or Benz truck pt 2

  72. Lost Soul

    Legendary dude I really love him long live lil bo peep

  73. blank

    What's the cereal in the video

  74. Isabelle

    This is awesome. I’m trying to learn Spanish.


    Português brasil

  75. Smurf Bsg

    I was in the club getting sucked from another bitch

  76. itts yuh boii

    "I'mma be away for a lifetime" :(
    Miss you peep💕

  77. Enes Aydın

    Fake fans don t know this song

  78. SnA

    Banii n-arunca durerea,deci unde-s drogurile?

  79. pwwp

    Será que eu sou o único que ama o estilo antigo antigo de gravação ; as imagens são fodas

    Milly Barnett

    Wat he say

  80. lofipimp

    One of his hardest songs.

  81. George Karageorgiou

    My dad told me about elvis

    My mum told me about Michael Jackson

    And i will tell my kids about lil peep

    Dean Manolov

    @Spooky Frok Agree

    Oliver Vesely

    @Jesus Christ because he was a great artist?


    @Jesus Christ lot of people are u just dont know it


    ελληνας 🇬🇷

    Whynot ?

    imagine wanting kids lol

  82. Augure Zera

    We never talk seriously about how much women are sluts and ain't shit, they sucked lil' peep only when he started rappin but didn't change the fact that peep was lonely and all he ever wanted was a "friend", but when you get either the bucks, popularity or other superficial shit bitches suck dicks.

  83. pavliq pmn

    Fuj nejhorší na světě

  84. Rat Liquid

    Don’t let tik tok find this


    Rat Liquid this so true


    Rat Liquid they already found witchblades don’t let them find this

    Icyy Bella

    @Valor aye nice pfp lmao

    MW3Cupid1 xX

    Rat Liquid bro 🙏 let’s pray

    Clayton Kalwei II

    they didn't...

    we're safe

  85. bailey clifford

    One of his greatest tracks period

  86. lil Skrrby

    i come back to die here

  87. lookatyourpastside

    How much I miss this guy man 😔

  88. Breno Rodrigues

    Ouvindo essa musica e pensando na Morena sad sad sad .

  89. ben hardy


  90. Joseph Solis

    Money don't help with pain, WHERE THE DRUGS AT?! 👀💯

  91. Álvaro Rosales

    "money dont help with the pain where the drugs at"

    Milly Barnett

    He said it as i read dis😋😋😂😂😂

  92. goth boi04

    all i ever wanted was a friend

  93. xXGhost6916Xx


  94. LØDD

    galera, errei numa coisa ali, foi falta de atenção mesmo
    ele fala:
    ''ela está tipo, ''amor, onde você vai? quando você volta?''



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