Lil Peep - Avoid Lyrics

[Wicca Phase Springs Eternal (Døves):]
You'll only see us in the back
GothBoiClique, all black
I knew love once, it's hard to forget
I thought of you and nights spent
When I'm backed against the wall
I thought of her and highly
'Cause she answered when I called
I want her to wanna hurt me
And I miss 2013 love songs
(And I'm so lost), under club lights
(In the all black), GothBoiClique

[Lil Peep:]
GothBoi, I'm the one you can't avoid
No choice, baby, I be makin' noise
GothBoi, I'm the one you can't avoid
No choice, no choice
Lookin' for you in the back of the club
Lookin' for her in the back of the club, fucked up
Everybody know I numb it with the drugs
Everybody know I numb it with the drugs

[Wicca Phase Springs Eternal (Døves):]
(Fucked up in the back of the club)
Cast a sigil in the back of the club
(I got scars on me, no love)
Light a candle and I pray for doves
(And you're fadin' away, like the pill under my tongue)
We seriously never even touched, it sucks
(I'ma put your name in my skin, mix the ink in my blood)
(It's so fucked)
So tell me what is love
(If I ever had it), if I ever had it
(Did I really want it?)
(And why can't I remember?)
I cannot remember
I took the black two-seater when you pushed me away
Into the dark, I only want what's best for you, baby
I reach out to you, but slowly
If there's passion there, then show me
Fast, hard
(It's a slow drug)
And I swear that
(But it's true love)
These are true lines

Saw you in the back of the club again
And we just started textin' again
And now you sendin' pictures to my phone, like I just can't resist
I'm tryin' not to let you feel missed
And now we're in the bar, like 6 PM
And now we took a bottle to your bed
Listenin' to Slowdive, eyes like so-so red
And I can't stop starin' at the back of your neck
And you think you can make me love again
I swear that I will never feel a thing
Hollow shell, quiet hell, but you're so into me
Screamin', "Why don't you love me back?"
'Cause it's GothBoiClique, 'til my lungs collapse

[Lil Peep:]
GothBoi, I'm the one you can't avoid
No choice, baby, I be makin' noise
GothBoi, I'm the one you can't avoid
No choice, no choice
Lookin' for you in the back of the club
Lookin' for her in the back of the club, fucked up
Everybody know I numb it with the drugs
Everybody know I numb it with the drugs

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Lil Peep Avoid Comments
  1. Ayo Saito

    2020 anyone?

  2. Amdusias Fairchild

    Jan 2020

  3. Matthew Faris

    the other homeboy needs to learn how to sing like respect but holy shit that sucked peep ripped it tho

  4. cvrrupt

    2020? 🖤

  5. killmaself XII

    Just take me and bring him back💔

  6. Sennis


  7. carogaming live


  8. Doggy Dawg

    ...Goth Boi im the one you cant avoid ❤

  9. Alexis Amador Estala

    first person in 2020

  10. Under Dog

    Кто с 2020?

  11. Kenneth Seniuk

    Lil peep had avoice for music haha im sorry wicca needs to find his own voice fr


    No, he's singing like that 'cause that's the style of the song

    Kenneth Seniuk

    @哥特男孩集團ive listened to a lot of wiccas songs i like peeps voice better thats all im saying.

  12. Howie Feltersnatch

    January 2020
    We L🙁VE you peep. 🐣

  13. Ghost Pup

    Døves is criminally underrated bruh

  14. Fake Person

    Lil peep



  16. EDG3 maniac zak187

    If he didn’t join gbc he would still be here but ya know it is what it is R.I.P. peep

    I'm Shadow

    He also probably wouldn't be as Big

    EDG3 maniac zak187

    I'm Shadow true

  17. 哥特男孩集團

    If u r reading this, i hope you have a great 2020 year

  18. sad noodlez

    *I just love wicca’s voice in this*

  19. Fred Valdez

    This song hits deferent

  20. InvertIdols

    Happy new year PeeP 🥀

  21. Evelyn åhr

    I love you gus❤💔🐥

  22. Marcel 0

    Miss u GUS

  23. Hilya Nghiwete

    Only good part is peeps voice

  24. Skitzo Rick

    Dudes name is a mouthful just realizing that lol

  25. Anthony Estxx

    I understand these were his friends but man when peep comes in u can tell he's on another level than these guys.

    Alain Azim

    Wicca Phase is on another level when it comes to songwriting compared with the others. Peep is a good singer and has a nice voice. But musically no one in GBC compares to Wicca Phase.

  26. SOBEr

    All i want for christmas is peep back

  27. Abriloncha _12

    Merry Christmas 2k19 we still miss you 💜

  28. oh_thats_hot_btw

    Pray guys😔

  29. r r

    This shit sounds like Helly Hansen

  30. xXforeverfillieXx

    *HOW IS NO ONE ON ABOUT TIGERS JAW??!!??!?!?!?!*

  31. 0 0

    hearing your music was a total accident
    I was searching how to avoid people in YouTube then this song came up and I just felt dame ... I like this songs :]

  32. BIOL Flake

    Come back lil peep please

  33. King Du clash

    1:47 best moment

  34. MrStealYourChair

    “Screaming: ‘why, don’t you love me back?’” Fucking hit deep😞

  35. Mr.Hűtő

    L☹VE 🕊🕊

  36. Uncle Shrek

    So tell me what is love ? If I ever had it.


    shrek is love

    Tristan Can’t Code.

    @ԌГѦѶѺ ѣLѦӍѣѺ shrek is life

    karol Karol

    Skrek is a religion

    Lil Goth

    Shrek is life

  37. Mange Afnf

    Live Forever

  38. d24 slim

    GBC bby :>

  39. PsycoPeter


  40. Soapxx y

    Long live peep 🐣🕊😢💔🖤🙏🏻

  41. illegal purpp 0110110011001101010

    I miss him so much !!!!

  42. - KETi -

    N⃠O⃠ 🇨 🇭 🇴 🇮 🇨 🇪

  43. jvickatheflameflickahh

    I knew love once..

  44. Riki Karp

    😭😭😭😭😭😓😰😰😰😰😰RIP PEEP мы будем скучать по тебе ты был лучшим 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 легенды никогда не умирают

  45. MILK COW

    Miss him so much😭

    neon gamingxx

    I feel you!💔💔

  46. Jezreel Ian Lopez

    Who else listens in May 2054?

  47. Katie Vann

    My Lil Peep shirt came today and listening to this song in it feels so good. He has the voice of an angel.

    lil SXDF

    My crybaby tee will be delivered at dec 28

    lil SXDF

    And also peep beanie

    Alpha_ KingZ

    Lol i bought 2 hoodies and 2 t-shits one week ago , i wear it everytime 24/7 xD 😅😇

    lil SXDF

    @Alpha_ KingZ yea t shits

  48. Teddy Palmer

    if a nigga says 2019 again i finna kill em jfk style

  49. ten_hloupej_ kokot

    LOVE /:

  50. odiseirekt

    Come back for christmas peep ;(

  51. MaJicTriKz

    Bruh why youtube comin in with a narcan ad like damn 😭

  52. Brennan Cantrell

    rip peep

  53. Herbert Michels

    So underrated 💔😭

  54. i c

    listening to slowdive, eyes like so so red and I can't stop staring at the back of your neck...

  55. Tanner Novak

    Poor peep

  56. Yaşar Azman

    I have been sitting here thinking about all the things I want to apologize to you for, all the pain we cause to each other. I am sorry for that. I have just wanted you to know that you will be piece of me always. I am grateful for that...

    just a stranger

    ok boomer

  57. CozySet325

    Hi from mex

  58. bailey clifford

    Peep was to precious for this world

  59. Лиан Ар

    Парень гот ты единственный кого я не могу избежать😢💜

  60. Jordan Blackburn

    This songs dogshit

    Herbert Michels

    Like you?

    Tyler Trevino

    @Herbert Michels Lmao nah bro like having the same name as herbert the pervert from family guy

  61. Gaurav Rai


  62. Billy McBride

    I know the pain.

  63. Aj X

    All part song is shit only lil peep when he sing 🎶


    Just like ur life

    Aj X

    Pavczok hell yeah

  64. Aiden Kuehn

    the last song he released while he was alive 😭😭🖤🖤

  65. Trout 98

    Døves and Wicca are godly

  66. Brennen 917

    Worst song known to man

    Trout 98

    Hell no, u must deaf

    Brennen 917

    Trout 98 this song has made me deaf

    Trout 98

    @Brennen 917 u probably are, I bet u listen to Elton John or some corny ass "I was born in the wrong generation" head ass


    @Brennen 917 ok uncultured swine

  67. Young Haze

    this was me and my best friends favorite song but he called it quits 4 days ago now I keep finding myself coming back to this

  68. Mom La Patty

    The music is good...

  69. alex._. ander

    N O C H O I C E🍓🖤

  70. Frances Beck

    Beautiful song

  71. Big Bonede

    a peep song hasnt affected me so deeply in a long time, its uncommon i find a song of his i haven't heard this brought tears to my eyes

  72. Mason 05

    Rest in Peace Goth Angel Sinner 💔

  73. tulipanuu

    Love song

  74. Jason Torna

    On tash the music oomg💦

  75. ripxlovex

    Rip lil peep 💔🖤


    ripxlovex bruh I thought you were me

  76. Piti Ik

    Lil peep spirit lives on 👀

  77. Ava

    This was the last Peep song that came out before he passed. I remember listening to it like it was yesterday

  78. Fight Riffs

    Bruh said cast a sigil in the back of the club 🔥

  79. Hairless Bear

    If he came back and said it was fake none of us would even be mad 😢

  80. AdelWithNoE Vidz

    does anyone else think he committed suicide not overdose ?

  81. Pavlina Skalošová


  82. Kylan Simpson

    I was Lil Peep for the Halloween Street Carnival in Los Angeles. He was such a talented and kind soul. He will never be forgotten!

  83. Catalina Jiménez

    2019, alguien? :(

    Leik mc'

    Todos Los Comentarios En Ingles Y El Tuyo En Medio De Todos Jajja

  84. Zalcry

    0:47 is where the song starts 🖤

  85. Ex plasma

    ✅ still here always here

  86. Jose Mendoza

    Listening to slow drive eyes like so so red and I can’t stop staring at the back of your neck if you think you can make me love again ...

  87. Long JohnsonHd

    Who’s bumping Peep November happy birthday peep.

    neon gamingxx


  88. Natali Karis

    I love this so much🖤😔😭

  89. kenneisah cummings

    Happy birthday Gus