Lil Peep - A Plan To Kill Myself Lyrics

I had a plan to kill
Myself and you for real
With my gun, I'll take your life
I'm no fun without my knife

If I I want to I will cut you, I will make you feel my pain
If I need to I will bleed you, I will make you go insane
When the time comes I will sacrifice my love in the moonlight
Whenever I cum I feel half as nice as I did when it's you, right

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Lil Peep A Plan To Kill Myself Comments
  1. qwe

    warm my soul

  2. Boch_en

    Rip :(((((((((

  3. albanerin Selmani


  4. Angel Legarreta

    what song is that youtube video? ive been trying to find it!

  5. lori olivia

    1.11.96 — 16.11.17 💔

  6. Tara Matherly

    I love the beat to this song. Love the way lil peep expressed hiself in his music. This is definitely one of my favorites.

  7. Matthew Pearson

    Energy Never Dies
    -Lil peep

  8. Jonathan White

    this is fuckin fire

  9. Ameer Hamza

    Lil weep

  10. G.G Allin

    I totally want a relationship like this

    Mattis Stürner

    Get that

    Mattis Stürner

    Abit like toxic relationships look romantic to me sometimes

    Jules Pagdilao

    Mattis Stürner they're not fun wtf is with ppl glorifying that lmao

  11. Jesus Vargas

    I have planed to kill my self

  12. aestjordyn !

    song got me through something

  13. Fnscarr 96

    I used to have plans to kill myself


    I listen to this song everyday at least once a day to keep myself from ending it all

  15. Snooker Hub

    He succeeded

  16. Ryder Andrew

    Peep ... gave us a peice of himself in everyone of his songs... real 1

  17. Randy Andrew Baronsky

    Peep🌸🐣 I Feel your pain and I Feel my Pain I am crying and upset I Feel your pain Peep🌸🐣 you Don't have too make me Feel your Pain Peep🌸🐣 I all ready Feel your pain and it is too much For me and I am in pain without you Peep and I am Lost without you Lil Peep 🌸🐣 and I miss you Beamerboy 💜💚💙🐰

  18. Koks Mania

    R.I.P lil peep we love you all and miss you

  19. JOKE485

    Fake fans wont find us here

  20. articity

    This is my favorite lil peep song

  21. Don Cheadle

    kinda the same song played twice


    niggas in my butthole that’s the point

  22. Havoc soul

    Let's all fade away and just die to be him again

  23. Skrilla DaGod

    Wish I can sacrifice myself ❤✌😪

  24. articity

    Maybe lil peep actually did plan to kill himself. Maybe it wasn’t an accident. Just a thought☹️😭

  25. Underground Kings

    love you lil meep❤️

  26. cassie rhodes

    I wish I was blowing down fat lines with lil peep 😢🖤

  27. cassie rhodes

    I had a plan to kill
    Myself and you for real
    With my gun, I'll take your life
    I'm no fun without my knife

    If I I want to I will cut you, I will make you feel my pain
    If I need to I will bleed you, I will make you go insane
    When the time comes I will sacrifice my love in the moonlight
    Whenever I cum I feel half as nice as I did when it's you, right

  28. Iwannagethighrightno

    I also have a plan Peep see you soon buddy

  29. DrewCFur

    Feels are heavy rn gd

  30. Roberto Masin

    Solo amore per Lil peep.. davvero.. x sempre Gus

  31. Johnny Caper

    remember, only strong people can handle songs this deep, even if you wanna die you are stronger than most people, death is the ultimate motivation for life, you can fall down really deep, but you have to pick yourself up, whole life is up and down, so enjoy the ride! <3

  32. James Jeacock

    I’m holding on


    Thinking about suicide alot and how its a cowards move and ill go to hell and my family will miss me and my friends but why am i feeling so empty in the first place if all that support is so supportive? Wtf im starting to see it takes alot of hopelessness to actually let go and do it so you can say im neesing attention and all that othsr shit when someone is suicidal . I dont know what to do and life really isnt that bad


    PAUL GOODIN I know how you feel completely I love you even if I don't know you I wanna end it every day and it's not even that I really hate my life I just hate myself..


    Love you both, We live in a very tough and a strange time. There’s just so many people in this world, I feel like what the fuck, do I even have an impact? Does anything really matter? You need money to be sustainable and to get any where. Human nature you just want to escape realities, indulge in anti depressants or fill the void with sexual relations. I hate myself often, I think I’m no good, or what’s the point. I have friends and family who love me so dearly. Yet I would love it if I had the strength to kill my self. But I care too much to leave those sand people behind. Then, there’s the thought, well maybe it’ll open so many eyes to the human condition of depression and feeling worthless. Even if you’re successful in some areas or you’re really not in such a bad place, compared to where other fellow people are struggling to make it by daily. Idk, just gotta weather the storms as they come and hope for better days. Cling to the ones who mean the most to you. Positivity is key

    Mattis Stürner

    I don't think it's a coward move. And your feelings are very valid.

  34. sadd daddy

    D⚠️ddy peep 😩😢

  35. Pumping Friedo

    Thanks for sharing all this lil meep, it's keeping him alive ❤️

  36. L3osAn

    U ok lil meep? We dont need another soul to leave, u know <3


    Lil Meep I love you Lil Meep, I’d talk to you daily pal ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Jacob Bailey

    I tried to kill myself the other day to this song


    Jacob Bailey if u need someone to talk to you can message me on instagram @bella_is_not just dont hurt yourself. We dont need another lost soul!


    Jacob Bailey wut

    Lil Molyx

    i'll do it one day

  38. ceceG capalot.

    i come here when i feel like ending my life. its crazy how this mans music changes my life each time

    Adolf Hitler

    I feel you bro🙄

  39. Kelli Corbin

    My heart hurts 💔

  40. Scotian Slim

    Top 10 - Peep joints or what???

  41. Yung Tsunami

    1.25 playback speed ♥️✨

  42. armando patrylo

    Rip to peep I enjoy every song and mix that has his name on it . Best extended vid ev


    Feels like a comedown

    gator brain

    𝙀𝙘𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙨𝙮 I for real tho..

    Sassy The Sasquatch

    Yeah these kids think they understand the songs now- wait until they actually experience the dark that drugs and that side of life has to offer, it's not that much more deeper but more complex issues

    Sassy The Sasquatch

    but yeah 50% of his songs are like coming up and 50% are like comedowns

  44. Agung Tahirr

    Kokain yeah I Love

  45. 윤재웅

    well good luck with that😯🙁

  46. Sudip g


    Mattis Stürner

    Where? 😯

  47. MrScooterboy1359

    I feel like I can feel his pain in a lot of his songs thank you lil peep and lil meep for providing these songs still

    Mattis Stürner

    He was good in writing lyrics

    Mattis Stürner

    And melodie

  48. The Miggy

    You niggas is weird idolizing this shit. Coke/pill heads. I’m no one to judge but I mean what did you think was gonna happen popping a million pills ? OVERDOSE. Rip

  49. DagatmacskaTM

    Are there so many lil peep music?


    300 songs at least buddy

  50. ZOPY

    Feel my pain

  51. Gabi Relenschi

    Misssssssssss uuu

  52. lucitania piloso

    What sad

  53. Diaz Diaz

    People loved him but never cared about him he got bad suicidal songs and bad drug use makes me sick no one cares bunch of druggie scums are the reason hes gone cuz people like use and his mangers and the industries soul selling eats u away too

    Colin Bry

    Someone laced his xanax.

    Scotian Slim

    Lost Words Sad but cuz you are 100% right man😕😕😕

    lori olivia

    it was mariah bons

  54. john F. Kennedy

    This is exactly what it was like after she cheated on me. But the plan didnt work. Not enough pills. Fuck. Please come back gus we need you🖤💔

  55. AD PEEP

    Gustav pretty boy❤️

  56. Aidan James

    6 months today. Rock in piece Gus x

  57. Warren Yazzie

    R.I.P Gus A.K.A Lil Peep.. you'll always be my favorite artist..

  58. ᎠᎪᏒᏦ

    I guess hes kinda like our generations Cobain

    Ava Jef

    Comparing each to each other is disrespectful. Enough with comparisons. People are individuals.


    @Ava Jef they weren't doing it to be disrespectful. If anything, that's a compliment to both Gus and Kurt, as both of them were real legends. What's the issue with being compared to a legend?

    Ricky Laws

    @awsten Exactly. Gus even looks like kurt in the 16 lines music video. You cant deny that one


    @Ricky Laws facts

    Ricky Laws

    @awsten im glad someone agrees

  59. Ty Stoney

    I feel the same fucking way let it go and forget it all happened

  60. ray 1516

    What song?


    ray 1516 xdddddd

    amali [ 佚 ]

    ray 1516 ?????

    Lil Molyx

    fuck off son of whore

    Mattis Stürner

    Lil peep I think

  61. Trevor Brubaker

    If I need to I will bleed you I will make you go insane.

    Sassy The Sasquatch

    take a knife and drain your life


    Taking random lyrics for liked u better listen to the song

    Mattis Stürner

    @Michael Del Borrello I say go for it

  62. JediaAssassin

    More, please. Rip peep love ya and miss ya

  63. melanny

    lil peep i hope i see you

  64. Laura Conzen

    Miss you 🐣

  65. alu minion

    снчуигги и цц ы5цоря миц и2и ц3ц я ц5 3ц яйц яцу я ццуе

  66. Wonder Weenie

    we miss you peep 😩🥀🐥

  67. Wonder Weenie

    so many songs i have yet to hear 🖤🖤

    el tuyo de nexxuz moreno guerrero

    Wonder Weenie someday u gon ' hear all the songs and u will never hear a new song cause he is dead... but he still alive in our heart.. ☆♡☆

  68. Nikki Lelynn

    I cant stand it anymore without you Gus


    @Sassy The Sasquatch that's a horrible thing to say. Not good advice, even if it's what you would do.

    Sassy The Sasquatch

    @awsten yeah lmao sorry, idek what was wrong with me everyone makes mistakes, for clarification I am also suicidal lmao but not because of this


    @Sassy The Sasquatch it's ok dude. I wasn't trying to get at you or anything, so sorry if it came off that way. I'm suicidal too, for this reason and many others, it's tough so I get you even though we're probably going through different things.

    i.borufka 04

    @awsten @Sassy The Sasquatch much love to both of you. I hope you can withstand this hard time in your life❤️🙏🏻

    Wotan Mit Uns

    He was probably just going to become another sell out anyway

  69. Gabriel agafitzei

    i hope im not the only one listening to lil peeps songs everynight.. and the most from Lil meep <3


    i listen to him everyday and everynight , all the time in fact <3

    Wikki Chan

    Same 🙏All night 💓 usually in night 🌒


    im here still soooo


    U pretty much sleep everynight bro stop lying and thinking that not sleeping is very cool

    lori olivia

    your type jeans tight dirty sprite

  70. †乃 U † † Ξ †

    Saddest thing is that he’s dead 😭😰💔

  71. Zoie Bowden


  72. Sanjib Mukherjee

    Rïp Peep

  73. Im Madrid

    Only 3k views?

    Jules Pagdilao

    +100k now

  74. gooze b

    Rip Gus

  75. kyle vaporwave

    This song is hella deep and sad

  76. Trenton Parks

    Old but Gold <3

    ray 1516

    Trenton Parks what song?

    Trenton Parks

    Plan to kill myself