Lil Peep - 4 Gold Chains Lyrics

She's trying to find the...

She's trying to find the words
I'm trying to find this girl
But it's so dark and I was under club lights

Call me on my iphone
I don't pick it up much
I've been losing friends, I don't feel right

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
Fame bring pain, but the pain make money
Keep it 100 baby girl what's your number?
Girls numb the pain and the drugs get me numb-er

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
Fame bring pain, but the pain make money
Keep it 100 baby girl what's your number?
Girls numb the pain and the drugs get me numb-er

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers
I need 4 whips so I can give em to my brothers
I need 4 cribs so I can give em to my mother

4 Gold Chains, gave 2 to my brothers

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Lil Peep 4 Gold Chains Comments
  1. Boudwijn Draaijer

    Im stoned rn and this song even more better when u stoned

  2. shittyG1

    it still hurts. feels like a lost a friend but i never even saw him in person. I relate to him so much. RIP

  3. Anthony Voorhees

    Make u feel like he’s out there smoking some where

  4. Austin Lair

    Such an eary feeling

  5. PoTTenInTTent

    3:09 this guy shouldn't even know who he just went through

  6. seanathon burke

    I remember when this came out I was in junior year of high school and I remember being outside in the middle of the night listening to it smoking a cigarette with the cool spring breeze from the Hudson River fly into my face. I will never forget how safe I felt yet also how doomed I felt in that moment. Rest in peace Lil Peep<3 thank u for making my world go round even after all of this time<3 I'm a freshman in college now and I will never forget the times you helped me. In times of pure desperation, feeling like the world is against me, I knew that your Soundcloud and almost felt as if your spirit was there. More often than not the emotions you expressed I was feeling, and the lyrics you sung I was living. I will never forget and could never repay you for what you have done for not only me, but an entire mislead generation filled with anxiety and depression. Imma be strong for you dawg, R.i.p. a true legend Lil Peep<3

  7. Jake Peppermint

    22 million views. God damn. You’d be so proud of yourself. I know sure as hell we all are.


    fuck all benzos

  9. E.F Dark

    sorry,i am depressed

  10. Grandmaster UV


  11. Raptorex

    I remember when this came out i thought it was alright but not as great as his other songs. now it’s one of my favourite peep songs even though that’s difficult to choose

  12. davide

    if i live and be father i ll put that song every schooltravel with my children

  13. Gábor Alex

    Thank you!

  14. davide

    u numb my pain

  15. Predictable Paradox

    He's so pretty....806 days

    ....oh babyboi

  16. Chron Tu

    To miss someone you have never physically or emotionally met is a complicated pain..

  17. Rom Bik


  18. Casey Pardue

    he knew without a doubt where he was going... we miss you man.

  19. Michael Cole

    Trying to find this girl but it's so dark and always under club lights mean it means that no matter what you say or do someone will always try to find something wrong with what you do but it's the nightmares of what you do and don't do that will always haunt you bleed me death I'm little Kennedy is a extreme cry for help bleed me to death I'm little Kennedy well you don't watch the news it's always bad news why do so many tattoos pocket of ketomine methamphetamine you don't know what that's like then don't judge don't come around here asking me for money I gave you
    $6.00 why do people always want to be your friend when you have money he's a good guy don't come around here if you want money just if you say that you will call and come over if you don't mean it

  20. Hmingthanmawia Ralte

    This video looks so fake and real at the same time

  21. Bennett Newman

    Clams casino and lil peep
    2 of the most underrated people in the music industry made a fucking masterpiece

  22. Ruby

    Hes fukin dyin n nobody can see it anothre little angel

  23. retarded aunt

    I was way too drunk last night and listening to peep calmed me down thank you

  24. 45RS7KO21

    R.i.P to Gustav Åhr ❤️

  25. Alex S, Elijah Åhr


  26. Esdras Manoel

    time is passing by too fast, but you don't come back 💔🥺

  27. Ricky LaFleur

    Peep probably didn’t even realize he was filming a music video lmao legend

  28. Jacob R

    I love how intime the beat is with the flame

  29. Milana Cookie

    you will not understand how classmates and I were waiting for him in Korea in 2017. nor will you understand our pain when we learned that he died. you just don’t understand...

    retarded aunt

    Tanya Korea we do 😥

  30. Ágata Faria

    Alguém do Brasil? 🇧🇷

  31. Alfredo Mendoza

    Peeps music is an everyday priority

  32. Stigma Awareness

    It's like a lullaby

  33. Bruna Cortes

    I miss you so

  34. dragonati7875

    I miss you

  35. Ste[v]e 288 *_*

    2017:Rip Lil peep
    2018:Rip xxxtentacion
    2019:Rip Juice World, Mac Miller

  36. eracs

    лелпеп жыф

  37. Егор Games


  38. Undyingtmlg

    Listen to this high you wont

  39. Brandon Jack

    Yo did he even exhale 😂

  40. Uknown ?

    why did no one help him. you can see it in his eyes.

  41. Uknown ?

    he dosent look ok

  42. Nature Lovely

    If I ever get the chance I hug your mom for u bro. Rest easy we will see you later

  43. mikro163


  44. Daniela Victoria

    He seems just soo lost in this video like.. what am I doing? How did I got this way? He wasn't ok, he's just walking around feeling lost.. you can see it in his eyes.. that's just heartbreaking..

  45. skinny666

    is that blunt or joint in his hands?

  46. Fernando Oso Cas

    🖤 En el verso final, se puede ver en la columna de atrás de Peep🖤 el numero 21; la misma edad que tenia cuando nos dejó :'(

  47. JustAnotherSadBoy SBTT

    Clams casino dropping bangers

  48. usa girl

    F lil peep

  49. Guil Viking

    After party best mood. love

  50. Janson

    whos still here.

  51. James Tretola

    Why ten thousand dislikes??

  52. Aryan poorasad

    No don’t take that xan😫

    He took it😓

  53. Game Cop

    Tryna find this girl but it’s so dark and I was under club lights

  54. unknow 123

    the for gold chains dei duas pros meus irmãos kkkk sdds peep eu to mt chapado agora irmão

  55. Jose Barranca

    I whant peep in my 2020 mis u 💔💔💔

  56. Carlos Lil chainz

    Sddd etern Brasil 🙋‍♂️

  57. Travis Hans

    Unisex Beavis & Butt-Head Pascal Black + Blue Boots BLACK/BLUE PRINT
    His boots in the video

  58. Travis Hans

    It's at 121 Ladbroke Grove in Notting Hill, London.

  59. Mr Vlog

    Жалко что лил пипа с нами больше нет :(😭😭

  60. EvOo

    Stoner vibes 🍁

  61. Johnny Vargas

    That fucking instrumental though 💯

  62. jim bill

    Go on google maps and type in 121 ladbroke grove, London

    Thank me later


    Man, i have to give you a very big shoutout 🙏


    Thanks u from Russia. Спасибо :D


    @Kaan Örkmez The Spot from the Video

    gage c49

    What is it

  63. Nico

    4 gold chains

  64. emerson10oficial

    Alguém 2020

  65. BaLLaS yT


  66. Damian Damian


  67. Tibuu. png

    Fuck these 10000 people that dissliked this masterpiece

  68. Layer

    2020? WW3

  69. Braden Stanley

    I just now realized he's wearing Doc marten's. Not only that but beavis and butt head Doc Marten's

    dinsanga Fanai

    I've been searching forever fr them
    Sold out everywhere...

  70. Tomas Miežanskas

    January 2020?

  71. ULTamator

    Lil peep i miss!(

  72. 『ĄK』 •YAIR•


  73. G U S T A V D 4 Z Z

    Miss you ☹️💘

  74. Royals

    21 on the wall diee young 💔

  75. Скейтир и его друзья

    Who is 2020?

  76. NeYL4X

    2020 never forget that song

  77. Vincent0Malloy

    January 2020, only I have left.

  78. Juan Andres Velasquez

    Sin duda alguna es una leyenda,descansa en paz Gus te amamos.💔

  79. Fanto

    someone from 2020?

  80. Sam Walker

    No gbc tag in the top right corner like I’m the original Ik peep was gonna quit gbc but come on show some respect that’s how he wanted it

  81. PoTTenInTTent

    "Fame bring pain, but the pain make money" this verse is one of the most real of Peep ..

  82. SellYaConsole

    2020 is here now Peep, wish you were too...

  83. Nándor Árnhoffer

    2020 januar?

  84. Катя Литянська

    lil peep ...💔😞

  85. lil armed

    Happy new year💔🔪

  86. DORESAL22

    2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. Shell

    Lil peep and clams casino together equals magic.

  88. LYRICS eleven 11

    2020 anyone 💔😭

  89. Paulo Pinedo

    Que buena música nos dejaste peep

  90. GLS GmeN

    Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Adam 22 when he has short hair

  91. ZIDI5


  92. Young Kidd

    listening to lil peep at night while driving thru da city 🌃 is da best but it’s best when it’s cold outside 🖤