Lil' O - What Iz Ya Talkin' Bout Lyrics

[Jack Freeman]
Hey baby, ahh yeaaah
Girl don't play no games, (what is ya talking bout)
I'm trying to do something tonight girl, (if you ain't then I'm walking out)

[Hook: Jack Freeman]
Girl don't play no games, (what is ya talking bout)
I'm trying to do something tonight girl, (if you ain't then I'm walking out)
Let me know right now, (what is ya talking bout)
I'm trying to do something tonight girl, (if you ain't then I'm walking out)

[Lil' O]
Ay, I ain't got time for games
To tell the truth, I barely got time for ya name
The only thing I got time for, is dough
So if you ain't trying to fuck, girl it's time to go
See baby girl, a real playa time is precious
Her mouth moving, but my eyes on her breast'es
See I ain't trying to hear what ya saying
And I hope you ain't coime here, for no playing
See boo I got this Rosay, I got this good tree
And you just sipping chilling, smoking all my good weed
Now I done took ya out to eat, that's my good deed
Now it's time you treat a playa, I got hood needs
So at the end of the night, and we feeling super right
Baby girl I need to know, what we doing
I'm trying to Robert Earl the pussy, Screw tape tap-tap
Chop it up lil' mama is we screwing, I'm just saying man


[Devin Tha Dude]
Girl what are ya talking bout, what are you saying
You need to stop teasing me, girl you sound like you playing
My dick don't get no harder than this, here feel
Oooh now that's for real, I can get you high or you can chill
Just let me know, before I go out my way
And spend all my money, and my time the whole day
On nothing, and I wanna be nutting
And you sitting there, talking bout nothing
Fronting and shit, when you could be humping on this dick
Come on girl, I know that you would be loving it
Hugging it rubbing it sucking it, if you will
That would work for me, come on girl what's the deal
I'm fin to slide right through, give me a few
Minutes to get there, don't concentrate on ya hair too much
Cause I'ma fuck all that up, right quick
But you gon' get some good diiiiiick


[Big K.R.I.T.]
Is you sucking is you fucking, I was wondering I'm just saying
We can quit with all that chatter, and you can let me get to banging
On your backside let me get that act right, I know you know the sco'
G-g-g-get down on the flo', w-w-w-work like a pro
Do for me what you wouldn't do for ya man, let a real nigga beat ya out
Send you home pussy so' and all, but let that fuck nigga eat ya out
Chicken I couldn't be about it, if ya selling that then that's all fine
Some niggaz in here that'll pay for it, but not me I can't spend a dime
Best I can do is beat ya out, set ya out let ya shine
The world to see P-I-M-P, but pardon me if I waste ya time
Pardon me if I saw potential, thought ya had the fundamentals
To be a certified money making pro, but on the low you a gold digger
I can be it though don't be all in my face, searching for no figga fo'
Yours locked you need yo bed rocked, trying to see what your head bout
I'm just saying, I ain't never been the type for all those childish games
You in the wrong V.I.P. section, perhaps you kicking it with some lames

[Hook - 2x]

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Lil' O What Iz Ya Talkin' Bout Comments
  1. Wear Montgomery


  2. Cubanish J

    Nice Shit! Check my page

  3. Nemo Hos

    damn im late...but aint this the paul wall beat? sweet talker pipe layer either way this rides s/o to Devin

    jonny stevens

    hell yeah. Smooth Operator by Paul Wall

    Wear Montgomery

    @SUCLILO: #Heat

    Lil O Ft. Big Krit, Devin The Dude, N Jack Freeman

    What Iz Ya Talkin Bout

    ("The Re-Up" Streaming Everywhere Now!...

  4. Thuggin

    KRIT's the only one who killed it

    King SoloDolo Chambers

    Re listen to Devin's part..... The whole song is dope tho everybody did they thang

  5. jacktharippa

    Yea yea - whoa