Lil' O - Thug Niggaz Lyrics

Oh you a block bleeder nigga, what you raw
You ready to go to war, with choppers nigga
You ready to take, Penitentiary chances fool
What type of nigga you is

[Big Pokey:]
I'm a thug nigga, bone full of roaches and bugs
Affiliated with slugs, and moving quarters these drugs
Boys mugs get plugged, when I'm pushed to the limit
Q 4-5 infinite, rim'd up and tinted
Every corner I bend it, my vehicle ain't rented
Inside like a lumber yard, with screens all in it
Moving and sticking, plus I keep my pyrex clicking
Figgas is flipping, I'm into handling and shipping
Pockets on the chicken, cause I won't stop pumping
Dismantling and dumping, always into something
Bust 4-4, off top trust no hoe
If a bitch jump out of line, bust her nose
Run out condo, I hog the slut
Just to keep it all gravy, I'll hog the cut
Lost the drop on the gut, as I release the top
And keep it real never squeal, when it comes to the cops

Do you love your block (yeah), do you hug your glock (yeah)
Do you always shoot to kill, when you bust off shots (yeah)
Do you trust hoes not (yeah), you get money and stocks (yeah)
You keep it real never squeal, when it comes to the cops (yeah)
Then you a thug nigga

[Lil' O:]
See I had that all my money and power, rolling over half steppers
Sell my chain sco' a thang, then push it like Salt-N-Pepa
Now I wear that type of necklace, you can't quote the price
Piece and chain looking like, it overdosed on ice
Thank the Lord for price, my nigga pray for me
Your partna thugging in these streets, playa faithfully
Like a fly greeting vampire, cursed with greed
So nigga fucking with my funds, you'll be the first to bleed
Southside Southwest, nigga y'all know me
From Braeswood to Wolfair, on down to Clubkrey
Graduated to a baller, when I bought me a V
Now I'm tricking everyday, what the fuck is a G
Presidential Roley, with the icicles
When I use to run from laws, on them bicycles
Fucking all the hoes, that use to hide cat with they crew
And got all these niggaz screaming, we ain't liking you
But I recall paying dues, dreaming Lex on cutters
Walking up and down the block, with a mouth full of butter
Ms. young tongue numb, by my nuts was my gun
When the jump out boys come, everybody'll run


[Lil' Flip:]
I bleed corners like blood donors, from codeine to marijuana
Hit licks in Daytona, then I jump back in my sauna
Get it flipped like a gymnast, cheese whipped like a chemist
Product shipped when I finish, I'm only in it to win it
Making cash skipping class, but I managed to pass
Became a soldier like M.A.S.H., left niggaz wet like a splash
Flipping Jags flipping fast, my jeans hang off my ass
When I flex task niggaz scared, cause I pack gats that blast
If you want it I got it, amphetamines and narcotics
I double profits and pockets, cause me and O know the locket
From sun down to sun up, I'm thinking feddy I'm ready
To move steady and eat heavy, I'm tired of eating spaghetti
I got niggaz that pull triggas, for figgas and don't miss
I got niggaz who got caught, and you know I don't snitch
Getting rich was a thought, now I got money in vaults
I'm Lil' Flip Vasuan Ross, and I'm forever thugged out


[Lil' O:]
Down in Texas, them some thug niggaz
Louisiana, they're some thug niggaz
Mississippi, they're some thug niggaz
Florida, they're some thug niggaz
Down in Georgia, they're some thug niggaz
Tennessee, they're some thug niggaz
Alabama, they're some thug niggaz
The whole South, man we thug niggaz

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