Lil' O - Thankful Lyrics

See God been real good to me in my life
So I just wanted to take time out to thank him, you know
Cause I'm a cat that's been through a lot, and me just
Being alive and free right now, rapping this to you
Is a blessing to me, you know
Cause a lot of the cats I grew up with
Did thangs, but they all dead or locked up you know
So it's just a blessing for me to say hey man, I'm still here

[Hook x2]
See I'm just thanking God, that I'm here
I'm 'posed to be, behind bars doing years
Or in the graveyard, with my peers
Street life, it's hard but it's fair

[Lil' O]
I swear to God I was the kid, that was 'posed to be the President
Who would ever think, I'd call the jail house my residence
Got caught with the evidence in seventeen, four and a half
Two down cash, a 3-80 and a triple beam
Life ain't what it always seem, I ain't always gleam
I ain't always have, but a playa always dream
Took Penitentiary chances in the streets, to get this green
I know I'm young but I can't wait, I want the best of thangs
Money made us crazy, crack made us lazy
Fuck a job dog, a 9 to 5 couldn't pay me
I ain't know no better then, I was just a baby
I fell in love with the streets, but the streets betrayed me
Killed all my partnas, turned good girls to boppers
Some of these boys to junkies, all the rest is locked up
So much drama in my life, but this ain't a opera
The only way I made it through, was thanks to the Father

[Hook x2]

[Lil' O]
When we jumped in the game, we knew we'd taken a risk
But ain't no way in hell we thought, that we would end up like this
The FED's just got Kenny Lou, on some conspiracy shit
And I probably won't see Mark, till 2000 and 6
I take a sip of the Belvey, it helps me to calm my nerves
Cause the price of living wealthy and healthy, when moving birds
In a city like Houston Texas, where everybody on the grind
And we was raised since little kids, that we gotta shine
We live with baller minds, killed for dollar signs
You drop your ball, everyone go grab a hollow mine
Pray for the children in the streets, not just Columbine
Because we dying everyday, it's a sign of times
Man this life of mine, is filled with death
Sometimes I feel guilty, that my lungs filled with breath
A thousand dollars man, they killed my nigga Norris for less
And because of that I know that I'm blessed, it could of been me

[Hook x2]

[Lil' O]
It's a shame when you walk down, memory lane
All you see is niggaz ghosts dog, picture my pain
And I don't bar witness fool, I've seen the sickest of things
My partna died, just because he put his dick in a dame
See if it ain't the HIV, it's the Penitentiary
Or these niggaz trying to get you, for your motherfucking cheese
That's why I stay low key, and try to duck and dodge the heat
Cause I don't want the Boulevard, to try to swallow me
See I'm a real G, but I ain't gon lie
Everybody talking tough, but I don't wanna die
At least not right now, Lord I'm too hot right now
It's a lot of shit I want, that I ain't got right now
Lord, I can't stop right now
I don't want my daddy yelling out, not my child
At a funeral, man this life so wild
We need Christ right now, man

[Hook x2]

I wanna dedicate this one to everybody we lost
In the struggle, DJ Screw, Fat Pat, Big Mello, Mafio
B.G. Gator, all my dogs from the block man
Cornhead, Lil' Ag, Lil John, man there's too many
Of y'all to name mayn, Lil' Norris mayn
Miss all y'all boys, all my partnas on lock mayn
Black Ass, Kenny Lou, Mark, Pig
Man I love all y'all boys mayn, Lord man there's too
Many to name mayn, but I pray for y'all every night man
Love life and respect life, God bless

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