Lil' O - Red Beans N' Rice Lyrics

All thick girls report to the dance floor
Right motherfucking now, ya heard me
It's about to go down, yeah you come here

[Lil' O & (Zilla)]
Uh, uh, uh (where them P-Poppers at)
Come here, uh, uh (where them P-Poppers at)
Yeah you, uh, uh (where them P-Poppers at)
Yeah you, uh (where they at)

[Lil' O]
Come here baby, you about to give me a seis-a
Tell me the secret, what your mama feed ya
Cause you super thick, with your Godly features
Hop up in the Benz, boo tonight I need ya
Bow legged broad, said her name Kadisha
She said she don't play, she guaranteed to please ya
I said with all that ass, baby I believe ya
But after I smash, I'ma catch amnesia
Took her to the room, it was on and popping
Because her jaws was locked, and then her drawas was dropping
When I smacked her on her ass, it was soft like cotton
She had the nice double D's, when she took off her topping
Then she got low, took it to the flo'
Asked, (how you wanna see me shake it Lil' O)
I said you a pro, act like you know
Make them cheeks jiggle like Jello, whoa

[Hook x2: Zilla]
The way you shake that thing, girl you sure look nice
You won't play games, boo you cold as ice
Them hips super thick, and that ass is right
You must of been raised, on red beans and rice

[Lil' O]
Caught her at the club, she was turning heads
Big butt thick thighs, like turkey legs
On the dance floor, go ahead and twerk it red
Cute face no waste, we gon hurt the bed
Word was said, mama use to flirt with Fred
Some big baller cat, with birds and bread
He only messed with dime pieces, and thorough-breads
He caught a case out of state, man I heard he's FED
Now she in the club, looking for a brand new playa
And you know I'm looking clean, in my brand new Gators
My whole entourage thick, any man would hate us
Broads love us, any woman would date us
But I'm, choosing you
Cause with all that ass baby, you's a fool
We can go to the crib, and do the do
Or strip butt naked, jump into the pool
And get all wet, come on

[Hook x2]

[Lil' O]
Now I don't trick (straight up)
But girl you thick (fa real)
You gon make, me do it (weeell)
Hey fuck it I'm a baller, I'll get you a 'fit
But only cause you thick, and your rump's on fire
Look like you been, eating Jumbalaya
You can lick me down, till your tongue get tired
Then have hot sex, till your buns perspire
Whoa, baby when the last time you did it
Cause you looking like, you need a real nigga to hit it
We ain't gotta play games, if you with it I'm with it
If you see it and you want it, baby go on and get it
Cause I got a freaky fetish, I like pulling on hair
With your t-shirt on, no underwear
Got your shirt lifted up, now your bumper's clear
Got the room sounding like, it's thunder there, let's go

[Hook x2]

Looord, say boo
What is your mama feeding you
Girl you on fire, ya heard me
Lil' O said you was a hot girl
But you need to stop girl
Girl you is thick, ha-ha-ha, man
Off the chain ya heard me
Love the way you shake it girl

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