Lil' O - It Iz What It Iz Lyrics

Whoa, so you niggaz think you know me huh

As a child I was told, that I had to bubble
I'm the son of a African, I had to hustle
Even though my dad had bread, man I had to struggle
He told me son the pain'll make you a man, I understand
Cause now that I'm grown, executing my plan
Sitting on my balcony, overlooking my land
I realized, why he never put it all in my hand
Cause if I grew up thinking life was easy, I would be damned
Now it's big body Benz, 22 inch fan
Looking in the mirror, screaming god damn I'm the man
Kinda like a running back, man I rush for them yards
If I ain't slanging soft, then I'm shuffling hard
Imagine young nigga smoking weed, guzzling barre
With a bad lil' bopper bitch, up in the car
Ever since 15, I been thugging this hard
If they say sky's the limit, then I'm touching the stars
Man it kinda remind ya, a black Scarface
Man that boy is a grinder, you punks don't understand how I did it

See it is what it is, and I am what I am
Everything I went through, made me a man
Look how far a nigga came from, back in the grams
It is what it is, and I am what I am
It is what it is, and I am what I am
Everything I went through, made me a man

I'm a don, Fat Rat with the cheese I'm the one
Ten minus nine, man I stay on the grind
You ain't gotta ask, I'm doing fine
I'ma keep my lights on, nigga bottom line
If I itch then I scratch, go get it come back with it
Bring it back, boys talking down saying this nigga that
But fuck what they talking man, I'm six figgas flat
Seventeen years old scoring bricks, this a fact
Nigga, you can ask about me
Like the time I swallowed dope, they pumped the crack up out me
Shootouts, boys tried to blow the back up out me
I'm a stand up nigga gotta kill me, if you wanna get some stacks up out me


Nigga Braeswood was hell
Nigga we addicted to the pyrex and scale, the boys moved yale
I'm one of the last, to live and tell
Cause most of the O.G.'s, dead or in jail
It was real on the West, jump out of line we put the steel on your chest
The game brought me pain, but yet I still feel I'm blessed
Cause I lived to talk about it
When I stepped in my cell, I knew I'd walk up out it
Never knew that one day, I'd write a song about it
Seeing boys turn snitch, like nothing wrong about it
To all my dogs in the feds, yelling Southside man only rolling red
Lil' O love you, man you boys hold ya head


I'm a don...

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Lil' O It Iz What It Iz Comments
  1. Jd Walker

    It is what it is, them was the days,

  2. G L

    Hard as fuk

  3. Joe joe Man

    Lil O the shi_! Ya G Pretty Boi out tha Vic

  4. Iceedoes vlogs

    Rs 🔥💯

  5. Worlds#1 VILLAIN

    😎 in loving memory of everybody that aint here no mo, we go swang fa' ya 🛣 🚗🔈🔉🎶 👍

  6. Wear Montgomery

    @lilosuc ?((#onefigure is one a place?-in life?^¥\ 2figurestens,3hundreds4thousands?)) Retweet @texanwirewheels_÷_..%?

  7. Wear Montgomery

    Invasionsofcrumbniccashustle,bustle criticallyacclaimed /#posedforthecameranoeflickflick if abitch choosed herself a bitch thats a imapge and to heis an image giggif jpg howdoilovedsthee404


  8. Terry Lewis

    lil o one of the realest out of H town

  9. matthew sanders

    One of the greats for damn sure

    Jd Walker

    Rule # 1all hotels had to be lobby entrance



  11. Jose Gomez

    Keeping it 1,000 with yourself n everyone around this is a real message

  12. Diego Arias

    I fuck with this heavy probs from chicago

  13. Arin Ohlendorf

    Zro got it that was ok 😅

  14. Pamela Wheeler


  15. ScrewFiends X ChopFiends

    Average because he not talking like migos, uzi, keef, yachty-- this is real, real deep.. O keep it 100 and fuck you hating on the message

  16. Trish Farrugia

    you and me just dont mix...all i never knew was alive..cant fade it...dead to this world and could you grow in street zones...daughter of al pachino or at least a figure of past..glance at nelly to tell him the truth...get him in my life cause i know that it hurts...thug passion between us cover my face...girls dont tell what they need all the time....everytime he looks for me i give him love but cant explain why i do....

  17. Joe Garcia

    This Is P.B from Victoria TX. Shot out to Lil O. He took time from his life to so 3 independent songs & 2 videos with me. Lyricist best in the game, Real O.G Street leader in LiL O. Fuck dem hataz

    ScrewFiends X ChopFiends

    Joe Garcia O is one of my favorites- maybe I'm impartial coming from triple D but I still got love for Houston ... it can't rain forever...Agape,, peace god bless

  18. MrJaysnap

    I co sign every word

    Worlds#1 VILLAIN

    📖 👍

  19. Jay

    Check out THE DJ Screw Remembrance Group on Facebook... Screws Dream Was To Screw The World... NOW LOOK!!! Hit the Link then Hit Join!

  20. Sheri Blarek

    Not gor me can't get into it so%y

  21. shawn zemo

    We talkin rags 2 riches,Cadillac s n bitches!

  22. hollywoodsfinest

    lil o is the maaaaan!

  23. Freddie Ratliff

    I'm not feeling this at all....

    Gq Martinez

    Freddie Ratliff haha how u gonn feel it homie u never been thru it

  24. Chelly Montoya

    Now this is my kinda rap!


    nice video

    lakshmi prasanna


  26. james dunagan

    This shit is reality music right here

  27. Jurassic Rolling

    Already lil o rep that shit

  28. jeff fantini

    " who does think he is ,.period comma

  29. Darry Walker

    Wow this my first time hearing your music it's real good it touched me. I like it though.I need to listen to more from lilo

    ScrewFiends X ChopFiends

    Darry Walker u need to hear Can't Stop ft Beyoncé

    Green And Orange

    Listen to playas get chose

    Jd Walker

    Tru story, Alot things came to pass, u the man u always have something for a cat

  30. Travis King

    O is the greatest so underrated but that's OK cause he's doing him and been doing good 4 a long time now keep it up homie

  31. 0rhombus

    This is an example of shitty music with no meaning

    ScrewFiends X ChopFiends

    0rhombus dude this isn't Mozart it's Houston rap.. Os message is real..

  32. Courtney Delgado

    Her feet dirty af

    Samuel Damron

    I thought the same thing lmao

    Mansa Musa

    Lol I'm said DA same thing lol😂

  33. MrSlapYourMum

    Average... Actually,below Average.

    ScrewFiends X ChopFiends

    MrSlapYourMum u garbage too .... hold up round .. go listen to lil boaty

  34. Johnathan Borden

    Lil O a true swat nigha thru & thru

  35. Angel Machado

    Dope from back in the day to now stay on yur grind g

  36. Nyar Zulu

    this shit dope as usual but why you gotta have the white girl 


    Why does that have to matter?

  37. Optic .Truth

    Lil O Codeine Texas Rockets Represents niggaz

  38. Eric Dewayne

    Lil O don't quit.....keep dropping the real.

  39. Inferno Setfire

    dope af

  40. Wear Montgomery

    I cannot be live just got the receiver all in the way to the what's it called t,.v.

  41. MrDeadPrezident

    cant hate this...texas screw heads stand up! SUC STILL HERE

  42. Jayhnun713

    Nice lil snow bunny! :)

    that boy lil O Recced it tho!

  43. rubonia941

    If they say the skys the limit then I'm touching the starz

  44. jb123imag

    Jammin sw whooa

  45. Boo U

    Lil O da Nigga speaks da facts No LIE

    Jd Walker

    Need a move for real, humble down to earth nigga

  46. Rodney

    Fat rat. Been jammin forever.

  47. iSETTRENDZhaa

    I like this!

  48. Lonnie TaylorMade

    I like this shit, Lil O you trill always been imo.

  49. God hand Mishima

    Man dat boy Lil O went in! this is that old-school Houston right here. Love it.

  50. alpfaable

    why you think u see alotta black guys with white girls? cuz ALOT of black chicks are just straight up NASTY. lol.

  51. 0224hakeemahmed

    That hoe feet dirty under tha bottom

  52. Richy Rich

    Girl had a big long chin.

  53. Vamit Hoove

    Nothing like it. Brawl, Babe, Brawl. Nothing out like it. Get your issue, right here. It is what it is and I am who I am...

  54. Tim B

    It iz what it iz.. Aint that the truth. Fuck Yeah O

  55. Money Making Machine

    Everything I went trough MADE ME a MAN .

    Worlds#1 VILLAIN

    📖 👍

  56. 956TexasBallas

    All the remaining S.U.C members should make a song together

  57. A DeMAMP

    Friends be strangers.

    love your FAMILY.


  58. Chris Hansen

    Make a movie about your life man

  59. bobby joe

    I remember buying a cd from lil o himself at t relays in 06. cool real g! rip pat, hawk & screw

  60. aug31998

    Nice video!

  61. MeReDiThMaNoRtX

    Lil O put it down on this hoe! Hiram Clarke TX!

  62. DJ Hollygrove

    I fuxx w it big bro!

  63. DJ Hollygrove

    I fuxx w

  64. PhillieD XO



    mannnn hold up

  66. Carter Films

    song and vide nicee old school

  67. Screwheads United for Cash

    Much love for that boy O!

  68. joeHundo

    S/o to s.u.c s/o to @dj4751 #ifam

  69. Yahawadah Yasharahla


  70. frankorepsw

    s.u.c. h-town biiiitch!!!

  71. frankorepsw

    screwed up 4 life what up gulfcoast

  72. Funkavelli Records

    Lil O really put Beyonce on real talk

  73. FREE BG

    Lil O Is Tha Truth

  74. Yahawadah Yasharahla



    Shidd live O

  76. hataproofrecords

    1:46 RIP Fat Pat & DJ Scew

  77. Yahawadah Yasharahla


  78. muertojoe

    Houstones Finest

  79. screwedupdeejay