Lil' O - I'm What Dat Iz Lyrics

Ay I'm what that is, period comma
Smash boys gals, fuck baby mamas
Player of the year, I get the highest honor
Your bitch say she wanna eat me, like piranha
Players get chose, wrist all froze
Drunk all the drank, smoke coming out my nose
Everything up, like suicide do's
I'm looking so good man I might strike a pose, man I might strike a pose

Show you, how it's done
I might pop some bottles, just to piss you off for fun
Cup full of drank, dry smoke up in my lungs
Playa that's your gal, why she sticking out her tongue
It look like she choosing, look like you losing
Just kill yourself, take some meth and start abusing
If she whisper in my ear, and tell me that she cruising
I'ma have her taking shots, and I don't mean boozing for real
Boys be cuffing, trying to hide they hoe
When she got hoe in it, like Idaho
Nigga share that pussy, let her ride the hoe
Why you handcuffing freaks, nigga I don't know
All I really know playa I ain't no playing no games, when I get lil' mama in the sack
H-Town niggaz, love to break bitches backs


I'm all in the mix
When I hit the club, snap a pic for intermix
If it ain't the five, then I'm hopping out the six
Tell me what bad bitch, don't wanna get this dick
I'm cooler than a fan, coupe or sedan
This rich nigga talk, is how you speak when you the man
So many hoes man, I barely use my hand
These haters staring at me, like nigga you's the man I know
But I ain't really tripping, on all that hate
Cause even through the hate, nigga God is great
You boys talk down, I still order steak
Cause a boss, never worry bout a fraud or fakes
Put a rain on my parade but you can't rain on me, cause all my days are sunny
Don't get mad, get motherfucking money


What is you doing
All mine's dimes, what is you screwing
This that rack of lamb, what is you chewing
Stop all your blood clot, crying boo-hooing
I'm just doing me, your gal doing you
But she wish she doing me, I send her back to you
Legs looking like a V, you be paying hoes
How the fuck is you a G, you want a cheaper player so you went and studied me
Cause I'm blessed by the best
Everybody knows, that I rep for the West
You gon' see me, get to sticking out your chest
Talking out the hip, cause they wanna pass a test
Two freaky girls all up into the air, telling me they want my fluids
Me I'm Waka Flocka, then I tell them O I do it


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