Lil' O - I'm Pulling Out Lyrics

Now pull your ride out
This how we do it, down in Texas nigga
Down South, mayn

[Hook: Dannie Marie]
(I'm pulling out), trying to get my point understood
I'm just a young nigga repping my hood, gripping on wood
You know hitting the Boule', like a real playa should
Top down washed up looking good, cause

[Lil' O]
Trying to see, what I can see
Hoes staring at my rims, like bitch I can't see
Cause they shining like a diamond, plus my five T.V.'s
Got these hoes mesmerized, but I ain't INC
I'm Fat Rat with the Cheeze, big balling Texas
54 karats, from the watch to the necklace
Candy coat paint, man I'm squashing the plexers
And the way my 18's shake, make you throw up your breakfast
Hit the strip system thumping, sipping something
4-5 in my lap, if niggaz get to dumping
Boys riding by, looking like bitch you bumping
What is them Fosgate, or is them Kickers humping
But you know I keep rolling, cause the show don't stop
Cause even when I'm at the light, man the chrome don't stop
And when I pulled up at the club, I bet your hoe gon bop
I ain't even gotta ask, she gon throw her cot

[Hook x2]

I'm pulling out, I just got the ride, a tune up
Washed up, fin to hit the Boulevard and find a new slut
I'm high, and I'm full of that blue stuff
A nigga got his hands in the sky, and I'm throwing the deuce up
Now, why do they wanna let Scoob up
I'm trying to get these chickens in the ride, get to making em do stuff
When I'm tired, then Scoob'll lose em
These bitches wanna fuck my car, guess my ride just do it to em

You know, how a bastard ride
And V-12's, right past your ride
You fucking with 'Nique, I don't think so prolly not
Cause when I stop man, my rims do the body rock
And uh me Scoob and Pretty, breeze through the city
In a sea blue Coupe, that ease through on 20's
Disturbing traffic, as I'm passing by
Get high, and pass the lock

[Hook x2]

Say baby, pass the square around
You in the presence of a playa you dig, don't be afraid to let your hair down
You know Poppy, I stay with a pair of dimes
So gritty in the car, with a receding hair line
Hey, you know I like to fill the ride with helpers
They like the way the 5's, slide on Drexler's
Those 22's my nigga, I keep something in the ride for plexers
Get it right, that's how we ride in Texas
We push slabs down here, cause we young stunners
We pull em out fast as a dick about to cum in a chick, with no rubber
And the girls, like to follow the Coupe
Cause they amazed, by the way the trunk swallow the roof
But those just the fruits, of the stacking my chips
And your chick, wanna ride with a actual pimp
I laugh at you marks, and you faggots that trip
Cause the only wood you grip, is when you jacking your dicks

[Hook x2]

Dedicated to all the playas, on 3's and 4's mayn
20 inch chrome, 22's, 24's, you want spinners mayn
Let your motherfucking chrome spin, mayn
Straight up mayn, this one's for y'all mayn
Let your top down, let your trunk crack
Fuck it you in a Houpe mayn, get that bitch washed up
And hit the Boul' on knocking, this how we do it in the South mayn
All the playas looking good, showing up washed up
This how it go down in Big Ballin' Texas mayn, straight up
Pull your ride out, pull your ride out, pull your ride out

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Lil' O I'm Pulling Out Comments
  1. frankorepsw

    Da Jam 🔊🔊🔊

  2. Felicia Sam

    my nigga so player😎😎🍷🍷🍷💯💯💯💯

  3. AAron Davis Sr.

    first time I heard this one we was in Houston off 610 headed to the south side an we pump this all night