Lil' O - Don't Stop Lyrics

Ooooh, haaaaa...

[Chorus: Chalie Boy]
Baby the way, that you work that thang
You sexy, so off the chain
Girl you know, that you good at pleasing
Why you stop baby girl, quit teasing
Don't stop keep going, don't stop keep going
I'm about to start blowing, I'm about to start blowing
Let's go hard till the morning, going hard till the morning
Don't stop keep going, don't stop don't stop yeah

[Lil' O]
Baby, you's a bad bitch
Super mean walk, and you mad thick
Pretty face, with them big ol' bag tits
Nipples staring at me, like boy you should grab this
Hold up, mama how you stay wet
You gon' make me, take off this Latex
And I know, that we 'pose to practice safe sex
But you got me falling all off track, train wreck
Whoa, fucking with the lights on
G shit, yeah I kept all my ice on
She got a lil' trick, called the python
Once he put that squeeze on you, you would swear your life gone


[Lil' O]
I love it, when we kick it baby
You know, that I'ma lick it baby
My tongue, I'm gon' flick it baby
Hop on this mustache, like do it baby stick it baby
Yeah we think we porn stars
Good weed, champagne and foreign cars
Yeah this movie here, starring your's truly
Sliding down the freeway, while she rubbing on my tooly
Hold up, yeah this is player shit
And I ain't never been one, to pay a bitch
But the way you keep it real though
It's punk change to me, you can have some for real though


[Chalie Boy]
When my love comes up girl, your love comes down babe
When I pick you up, you know it's going down babe
Don't play no games girl, you know I'm ready
I'm bout to do my thang, now so hold it steady


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