Lil Nas X - Bring U Down Lyrics

I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know but I'm gonna bring you down
I don't know but I'm gonna bring you down

I'm looking at you and I got a trick up my sleeve
And yes I'm peeping your secrets so you get ready to leave
The media's calling oh baby that's TMZ
I'm telling your secrets so bets get ready to grieve

I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know but I'm gonna bring you down
I don't know but I'm gonna bring you down

I dug up your past and now I know all of your moves
And I got witnesses, statements
And I got all of the proof
I'm wondering 'bout you
Because I got nothing to do
I notice you're winning
And I got nothing to lose

I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know but I'm gonna bring you down
I don't know but I'm gonna bring you down

I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know but I'm gonna bring you down
I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know what's gonna bring you down
I don't know what's gonna bring you down

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Lil Nas X Bring U Down Comments
  1. Tyren Reed

    Next Michael Jackson

  2. Bryant Wulu

    He’s fucking unstoppable next is row and he’s gonna do a song with drake just wait for it

  3. mhy lab

    Lol most comments are about genre

  4. ItsjustTyson

    This man's got a ready.

  5. JMC4101994

    I hear guitar and drums in a track of an artist i thought only do trap... i hit like.

  6. I am who

    Why do I get Marina and the Diamonds vibes from this song ?

  7. Dawson Lowry

    What the f do you make? No offense to Old Town Road

  8. SML Joseph

    Lil Nas X thx for coming into the Hip Hop industry we have wanted a person to come into the hip hop industry we have always wanted someone different from everyone else in the hip hop industry so thx

  9. DarkyFNM

    I have nothing to say except

    Have an awesome day

    And like the video

  10. Goose

    He always has the same animation

  11. YouTubeJoris Van dijk

    Lil nas X
    Lil nas 11
    Lil nas 11 pro Max
    Lil nas 12 Max pro s

  12. Ian Fernando

    he is use BONNIE GUITAR

  13. EntertainmentFortress

    Boy out here collecting genres like they're infinity stones.

    Maya Polpin

    EntertainmentFortress LMFAO

  14. Prior2Popular

    I love him dabbling in rock, I really appreciate it, kids of my generation don’t respect it enough anymore

  15. Valrkyz

    umm... strike?

  16. Noémy Prospérin

    Lil n'as x

  17. Ailsa's stuff

    This>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>old town road


    0:36 💖💕❤

  19. ki๓ j̸o̸n̸g̸ U⃨n⃨

    Oh shit 10 more subs an she’s gonna hit 8M

  20. itzcj__

    legend has it to this day, we don't what's gonna bring him down

  21. Just Jake

    underrated songs:

  22. Kishaan Ansoliya

    Las nas x bring down

  23. Alexander Eggleston

    I’m a fan but this one I don’t like please don’t hate on me.

  24. Sprite

    This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever clicked on.

  25. Kishaan Ansoliya

    Las nas x

  26. Kishaan Ansoliya

    8 [email protected]

  27. Armand De Sant

    Very creative, I love your art!

  28. Hidan J

    So where's his album

  29. midoriya united states of smashh

    This song sucks


    It doesn't tho

  30. Mega

    This was a rock song from 1980 I think

  31. Gavin’s Theater

    Never heard this before

  32. Just for today

    Not That Good

  33. sarah mc hugh

    This one should have had more attention. It's catchy as hell.

  34. Jasong9573

    Damn good song.

  35. Matty L

    That's a Guitar, not a bass.

    Computer generated Bass sounds.



  37. ива 228

    I love your songs

  38. Diego Hernandez

    It’s so laggy for me but it is cool

  39. Leanne Goff

    "school brings me down you know what i mean "

  40. ToastingFran TheMan

    Lil nas x: billboard, *I'm gonna bring u down*

  41. The Diamond Daniel

    Ok ok ok ok ok ok

  42. Black Ops lllI

    At 0:28 lil nas x says pee pee

  43. Fhdang 897

    Was this made on a phone in movie maker no hate but why the character so badly done

  44. Lauti F Errotabere

    This has more rock than Weezer and Fall Out Boy new music together.

  45. Galacticc Cactus

    idk why I just realized this reminds me of a song from the first monster high episode

  46. Jaynix Mazench

    this is thrash


    Idk what thrash is, but your opinion is trash

  47. devil jean

    yo need a fuckin music video for that shit! sounds like a mix of nirvana and gorillaz



  49. Panda

    This 8s weird

  50. Mckylle Judd Boholst

    Why do u have always good animations I'm jealous


    I 💝 this song!!!!!

  52. jidoribeer9

    Blur Vibe🔥

  53. WackBoiNoLife

    Wait this exists

  54. Yan Pedro

    Um brasileiro perdido aqui?¿

  55. Micheal Jordan

    No curses

  56. Say No More

    Who's better
    Lil nas X: Like
    Lil Pump: Comment
    Also this song is🔥


    It's lit

  57. Daisy Ruria

    Fortnite player samurai13

  58. Daisy Ruria

    I have 3 favourite songs of lil nas x. Samurai 13 africa kenya

  59. Ruth Esther Frias Mota

    Love you lil nas x

  60. Dank Memes

    finally some good fucking content

  61. The Power Boy

    It looks like Lil Nas X is stuck in time and he has to sing to get out

  62. Joseph McCoy

    Lil Nas X is the legit definition of a one hit wonder. And even his "hit" is trash.

    Wesley Van Torre

    "definition of a one hit wonder"

    Old Town Road: over 400 million views
    Panini: over 150 million views
    Rodeo: Over 60 million views

    I think, that you are the literal definition of a fucking retard

    Wesley Van Torre

    Also he's had songs on the hot 100 charts, rock charts, and country charts. I didn't know it was possible for someone to be as retarded as you

  63. Chasrrr

    He needs more songs like this!

  64. BotSlayer667

    This looks like the TVs at bowling alleys

  65. Squashy

    Kinda sick i had this beat in my head before he made this song.

  66. ღnour 96ღ

    wwwwwwwwwawwwwwa Enthusiastic Song

  67. Alex Bulmaga

    R.I.P Neighbours.

  68. Ch Garner

    "Paving the road of music,
    My own way..."(Lil Nas X)

  69. Tiko Montana

    WOW LIL NAS X YOU 500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000$

  70. Jon Walt

    I love lil nas x

  71. Coryn Candler

    I live this song

  72. rance_20 ROBLOX

    Everyone : Alway Care Lil Nas X
    Captian : am i joke to you

  73. yAiR gOmEz

    almost every song he reapeats the animation

  74. daggerdicc

    Underated banger fr

  75. sophie mae

    Every single one of Lil Nas x's songs goes with every one of my moods

  76. Black Harry Potter

    Never gonna give u up

  77. Daniel Saladbar

    Mmmm rap rock done right

  78. Leander Neves

    Hey @davie504 this guy has a funny bass

  79. lil germy

    My mom when i do my chores and she has nothing to yell at me for😂

  80. Rachel Romero

    Conspiracy theory: "bring you down" illuminati

  81. Alysha Rice

    All lil nas x music videos (except panini and old town road) all was repeats the images 🤔

  82. Marvin Braxton


  83. Nic_IT

    can we just take time to appreciate this man. he is bringing different genres together. at his concerts you’re going to have people ho love soft rock, rap country; it would he lit.

  84. Stephen Ford

    The meat is calling.

  85. Marvin Braxton

    Is he a young GOAT?

  86. Tuty Fruity

    I wil bring u down

  87. Justin R

    FAKE! The music is a paid actor

    Stephen Ford

    The Goku Black to Justin Y's Goku.

  88. CarlosThePro

    me* this sucks
    mom* why i love it
    me* its dum mom
    mom* ok
    me* np
    mom* oh ok i love it gain you said nope
    me* noooooooooooooooooooo

  89. Willman604 Games

    this sounds like it would be a bop in just dance and that tunnell thing needs to be in it if it was in a just dance

  90. Willman604 Games

    this looks like it was animated by surreal entertainment

    Stephen Ford

    Kind of.

  91. Zach Global

    My mans got his own genre