LIL MAYO - Be Gone Thot! Lyrics

Oh no
Do you smell that?
They're coming

Be gone thots (Go away!)
I'm a man of God (Ah!)
Everywhere I go, I got thots (Everywhere, hoes)
When I walk in, all these bitches gon' flock
Yeah, ay

Everywhere I go, these thots flock
Bitch, I'm an alien of God (Ah!)
Why don't they ever wanna walk, or talk?
I could be going through a lot
Instead of like "man, how you feel?" (How I feel?)
"Heard you got a brand new deal" (I did)
I could be whipping with my hands on the wheel
And the horny bitch wanna come feel (Skrrt)
Everywhere I go, I got hoes (Woah)
And they keep taking off clothes (Put them on)
And they keep giving me dome, no
I was just tryna phone home
Tryna be like Waldo, blending in
All of a sudden, I'm getting head again
I need a hug, all I see is uggs
Then I'm in they mouth like medicine (Yep)

So be gone thots (Begone thots, bitch, leave me alone)
I'm a man of God (Ah!)
Everywhere I go, I got thots (Everywhere, hoes)
When I walk in, all these bitches gon' flock

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LIL MAYO Be Gone Thot! Comments
  1. Rossel Moya

    Make a bruh chain below me or else take this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)╭∩╮

  2. Mya Giese


  3. Ann Marie

    "bitch imma a alien a god HAHH"

  4. Hyper Sniper_YT

    How is this still on youtube

  5. E.T drogado

    aria 51:sr acho que vium ETzinho

  6. LIL MAYO en español :v ian :v

    I a man god

  7. Still chill Chill boy

    Why da thots goin for an alien

  8. Ian Ferguson

    When you’re fuckboi starts readin the Bible mid-sex...

  9. Isabella Brooks

    my sister is in this. i found out yesterday. shes the one with the blonde hair in the beginning

  10. Keren lol

    Je remindes Me of Lil pump

  11. PsychoPieO

    Bruh this Go So Hard

  12. Matheus Amorim


  13. stupid pride

    The entire comment section is a meme page


    who is the blonde thickness on the bmx?? THICCCCCCC

  15. First name Last namee

    Imagine how awkward the girls were twerking on a alien

    Little_0_Savage FN

    I thought it was hilarious

  16. collin luton

    0:27 me trying to get ready to go while half awake

  17. Blood Money


  18. Taryn Green

    Y'all are gross🤮🤮

  19. Taryn Green

    Yeah y'all need to go bad girls😡😡🤮

  20. camila menezes

    Que porra é essa? Amei!

  21. Tee Davenport

    I love your songs

  22. Andres Lopez

    Like si creés que ese lil tiene mejor vida que uno😐😐

  23. les deux gamer


  24. Asystole_2

    i could be whipping my hands on the wheel and the horny bitch wanna come feel

  25. Ilya Schetinin

    Be gone THOTS (400 comments)

  26. SkllSession

    Like the part when he said, "Be gone thot"

  27. Michael - John Arendse

    Tik tok anyone?

  28. Demarius Hall

    Some times I get this kind of dream

  29. alicia okoe

    My brother can relate

  30. William Richmond

    Did anyone else get hard after this vid😬😬

  31. Five Fins

    Plot Twist:
    Those thots are his sisters

  32. E-money in the house

    Best vid every

  33. Marivel Gonzalez

    Wonder if i could be an alien

  34. Sad Zeke

    How has YouTube not made this age appropriate like there is strippers bru

  35. rosa_ gachas

    Escultem toda música em velocidade 1,25× é mto massahh

  36. bryanthrow

    i had higher hopes for this one.

  37. Deadpool here

    Why are they twerking on a doll..... problems~


    Deadpool here. Money can do so many things to ya 😂

  38. lilbaby. jay

    Wait that wasn't a dummy

  39. Skully Danger

    Why does James Charles in this music video

  40. 1,000 subscribers with funny video

    This is my life

  41. Sam Shikaro [Charlie Scene fan]

    *Why do i love this*

  42. Salman Pakaya

    Found this on tiktok

  43. Terri-Anne Paterson

    Best video ever!

  44. DerBoiAlphaa

    Thanks God that The NNN is over!

  45. Kristin Allen


  46. UnDead


  47. KingOfMemesThatIsDumb

    Me And The Boys At 3:00 Whatching:

  48. Olivia Satterlee


  49. peppa pig

    Lit song

  50. Alter Gaming Kanal

    Goe mad Hard 🤑

  51. Leanne Powell

    God dog

  52. Salman C

    The best beginning to a song ever 😂

  53. Bj Stanley

    I wish I was one of the girls in the car with him

  54. Rowena Constantino

    When dont want a relation ship

  55. Marcin B


  56. Ghost_AxZyte

    Who’s he from tiktok I’m gifting merry mint pickaxe

    III Apex_Legands

    Me epic is Swizzley

  57. xlite

    i need

  58. Elijah Rodriguez

    Ayo Lil Mayo, check out the Sunday Sauce podcast, they want to on as a a guest and a collab would be 🔥🔥

  59. Flippin Colt

    RIP Juice WRLD😭😭😭

    Christian Brooks

    What does that have anything is it because both him and XXXTENTATION and tupac and lil peep area there all together

  60. Flippin Colt

    Three weeks later saddest day ever

  61. Sunita Bhajan

    I wish I was him

  62. Sunita Bhajan

    It’s sexy

  63. Zs Mele

    I follow you on tik tok

  64. Roberto Cortez

    That's hot

  65. Leslie Kay

    Rich the kid - Plug walk comment brought me here 😂

  66. Tomodachi Floof

    Probs to the girls in this

  67. Sebas Gamer19 el CRACK


  68. Владимер Смеха

    Бля круто

  69. DoNaLd DuMp

    Meanwhile in Area 51:

  70. April Luan

    This is- I don’t even know what to say-

  71. Lebron gucci high top xlxl aye kool

    Age restriction lmao😂😂😂

  72. Matthew Piurkowski

    Should have been longer it’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  73. 9 Playz

    0:41 they take of clothing *Mayo PUT EM ON

  74. Lich-Chan

    This is hard

  75. isabella MC

    I was looking for an entirely different video but instead I came across this and since I'm from tiktok I have been looking for this legendary song for f****** ages and and now that I have finally found it I am so happy!!!!!! 🤗🤗🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  76. Old Grandma


    My gta character when they with a hooker: 0:37

    asif khair

    Hahah lol so true

  77. e-p-i-c gamer0506

    Am I the only one here for the "thots" Or girls



  79. kelly vibbert


  80. Nancy Migliavacca

    Please follow me on tiktok I love your videos

  81. Nathaniel Gicheru

    I feel like this guy should hv more subs

  82. Free Youngboy

    0:57 the black hair so hot bro I

  83. Dastardly Girl

    This song: **existed**

    Tik Tok: you're mine, ONLY MINE!

    ʚ l o v e r ɞ

    Lil mayo made the song for tiktok. r/whoosh me if you want folks

  84. Viridiana Cruz

    Me encanta esta canción ❤️❤️❤️

  85. Hana Song

    *Wearing a shirt that says 'alien protection squad'*
    who's with me?!?!!!

  86. Hana Song

    May I take u up on the hug
    oh well

  87. Amira Chandler

    they're actually really pretty

  88. Danny Easley

    You realize its November right

  89. h0wh diamond

    😳 is this po#n

  90. sophia martinez

    How many thots are they?


    This comment sucks big time

    The actual amount should be infinite because *everywhere he goes* he sees thots.

  91. sophia martinez

    Ayeee 💯

  92. White Alliance

    I kinda wish you tried harder. But i love the track. This vid is a bit too sexy plus god is in it... I thought it wouldve been a bit different than just random girls and flashes of T and A

  93. liquid 3arth

    Be gone T H O T S SS S S S S S SS. SS S S S S S. S S. S S YOU AND U AND U AND U