Lil Loaded - Out My Body Lyrics

Asthesia, you a rockstar

Pop me a X, two Percocets
Bitch, I'm out my body
Glock do stress, aimed at his neck
I'm finna catch a body
Pop me a X, two Percocets
Bitch, I'm out my body
Glock do stress, aimed at his neck
I'm finna catch a body

He got to die if I pop me a X
Won't give him no warning, just put him to rest
We don't aim for no chaser boy, put down that vest
Oh, that boy hidin'? We shooting through bricks
I went got a new Glock and extended the clip
I'm whackin' his partner, his momma, his cousin, his auntie, and whoever else sheddin' tears
Two Percocets, I ain't feelin' no fear
Shootin' it out, hit him safe in the ears
They beat the cases just so we could be clear
A real young smacker, I do it for real
Callin' Lil Loaded, you go on that drill
I pop me an X, now I wanna kill
Keep whackin' niggas, I love how it feel
Speak of my name when I'm off of that pill
He gotta die, magician, O'Neal (Asthesia, you a rockstar)

Pop me a X, two Percocets
Bitch, I'm out my body
Glock do stress, aimed at his neck
I'm finna catch a body
Pop me a X, two Percocets
Bitch, I'm out my body
Glock do stress, aimed at his neck
I'm finna catch a body

The beat on fire, smokin' and shit
Diamonds the only thing cold in this bitch
I'm smoking gas so I'm gone in this bih
She got me stuck, moving slow in this bih
BMoney body gon' blow in this bih
Fifty-round drum, let it blow and in this bih
I'm letting her go if she ho'ing and shit
Pop me a X and forget about love
Turn to the Devil, a handful of slugs
Throwin' up C's like I play for the Cubs
Too many L's, I'm due for a dub
Now I'm taking off, I'll remember the mud
Fresh as some soap but I look like some sud
Illegal money when I'm in the hood
Go get a pack and go serve out a junkie
I'm chasing the money (Asthesia, you a rockstar)

Pop me a X, two Percocets
Bitch, I'm out my body
Glock do stress, aimed at his neck
I'm finna catch a body
Pop me a X, two Percocets
Bitch, I'm out my body
Glock do stress, aimed at his neck
I'm finna catch a body

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Lil Loaded Out My Body Comments
  1. YT_b-win 31

    Like if YMW Melly and lil loaded is a good duo rap

  2. Mack Asberry

    this nigga go dumb bro

  3. Youremomgae

    Absolute fire

  4. Robert Louderback

    who ever disliked this I coming for you WITH A KNIFE

  5. Phantomking official

    Can't wait till people ask me if I know this dude like they knew longer once he gets more famous



  7. Matthew Music

    my bro <3 love u bro

  8. Jaden Barbee

    This I fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Lil Nazarko

    Кто из меломан муза из инсти

  10. Joe from complex

    This shit go so fuckin hard

  11. Matthew McCabe

    Had 3 Jawns and some X on table! Real money days

  12. Dequaris 06

    Shii go hard

  13. Haven Wisner

    Lil loaded scares me

  14. Liam Dal Pra

    Finna blow up in 2020 ❌🧢

  15. Fyu305

    This music is so demonic. I pray to God for your soul my children.

    Fotes & oats

    Just cause someone listens to music like this don't mean they are horrible people or doomed. I'm a scrawny white 23 year old 😂 I just like the beats I'm not popping pills or going to "catch a body" Its just catchy this music don't make me wanna go shoot people or pop pills or do anything bad.


    @Fotes & oats The song is fire, I listen to it. But I know what it is, I never said listening to it made people horrible. Don't respond to me little white boy. People are dying for real.

    Doof Toof

    Fyu305 bommer

    Fotes & oats

    @Fyu305 Yeah people are dying over shit they get themselves into you wanna play gang or hood shit then you fall into that lifestyle/mess cause of their doing don't you dare say don't reply go fuck yourself in that case it's the internet I'll reply if I fucking want to.

  16. Zymc

    Remember me when you get famous :)

  17. David Carrillo

    sad thing is he gon get years for the stuff he holding

  18. Veronica Espinoza

    Who is this?!

  19. Fire Cheetah

    Underrated as fuck

  20. BeasT

    Damn Loaded 🔥🔥🔥🚫🧢🌀🔵💙💙💙

  21. Gavin Christian

    This song makes me want to rob my own house


    Gavin Christian underrated omg

    Zay Backwoods

    @XxMoldyScoobetti did u rly just say overrated........ Smh

    Ebony Mills

    How u gonna read it once and write a whole comment without reading it twice idiot


    dat into fireeee asfffff u rokk start doe🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Roberto Dzul

    Finna blow up 🔥👺

  24. Ňaail 666

    I feel like a caveman cuz i just discovered fire 🔥

  25. YBK Cheezy


  26. BwebGG

    Tommy fam🤜

  27. memo man yt

    Pop me a x two percasets bitxh im out my body straight fire

  28. Birdy Speakz

    This is his new best song

  29. gangster lama

    here before 2020

  30. Tabi Fernandez

    Straight og

  31. Ethan Vargas

    Here from day 1 🔥🔥

  32. phantom the countryball

    this gonna blow up

  33. Salomon Perez

    Nigga look psycho in dis vid

  34. PuRe_ecuasailor

    Bruh we gonna be the originals

    Just a nigga with a rocket launcher

    PuRe_ecuasailor fuck yes

  35. HoodieHarold

    This is the most slept on rapper of all time, u agree?


    No, because #1 he barely has much music and he's new. #2, everyone enjoys their own style of music some people might not like his.


    No Aim True I didn’t think ab that

  36. Zach Pope

    This is straight 🔥🔥🔥 ❎🧢

  37. goofyopp

    Vibe wave 🌊

  38. Good songs make your life better

    itsssss amazing

  39. Melvin Sonora

    Banger got me out my body

  40. xChxppa

    Here Before This Blows Up

    December 8th 2019

  41. AAJK

    What happened to the original music vid I swear I saw one with 60k views

  42. christine pietzsch


  43. Fųņķý

    this is fire🔥🔥🔥 no cap

  44. SadBoySuffer


  45. Firee

    Lil loaded:I’m finna catch a body


  46. Kirill Polonik

    where are a million views on this masterpiece

  47. Isaiah Turner

    His diamonds are ice but his bars are fire

  48. Brandon Lee

    “Throwing up c’s like I play for the cubs” 🔥

  49. Адель Нуруллин


  50. Youngboy AyeXX

    It’s impossible to lil loaded make a trash a song

  51. Matt Colos

    Drop on Apple Music

  52. Ted Sirlouis

    I cant wait for that king von avatar joint

  53. da goat


  54. Cpt Zoro

    This song go hard af should out lil loaded 💯

  55. microphone

    He finna blow up 🔥

  56. Jesse Owens

    I have the same wine bottle by the way that shit was lit 🔥🔥

  57. bunjo bunjo

    Who's here after watching tommy craze video ft. Lil loaded?

  58. Royal Julian

    Ok guys i made a edit for lil loaded on Instagram @hoodshit_time I swear i did on my life

  59. Landen Boyer

    IF loaded is better than trippie RED like this

  60. bordungonmakeit a.k.a the flamin cum

    from 6locc 6a6y to this, he will definetly blow up

  61. Random Beats

    Im the 666 like-

    But anyway this site fire

  62. One Vvibe

    like this comment if u think he finna blow up 2020

  63. Reqxer9

    Dude doesn‘t stop making bangers

  64. Be-n-Crazy3

    5k views..get this shii up

    Mans mad underrated this track goes hard

  65. Jonas Hatchett

    Your blowin up in 2020. Ya music to fucking good🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😱😱

  66. Ukn0wwh0itis

    Tryna be outta my body daily


    Here before it blows🔥🔥

  68. Shadow Boy

    10/10 like if you agree

  69. Nightx

    Saw this on tommy’s vid bruh this lit

  70. Alessandro 1155

    Straight fire bro

  71. Demarcus Mitchem

    Congrats on 100k

  72. Demarcus Mitchem

    I am scared of dis nigga lookin all creepy 😆🤣😂😂

  73. Demarcus Mitchem

    Nigga I am subin

  74. Demarcus Mitchem

    This shit is Lit af

  75. josh kubiak

    murder on my mind vibess... my manz been lit for a whole ass minute
    congrats on 100k bro bro

    The Collective

    They just getting started!

  76. R.G FIJI


  77. Eben Gibney

    This shit fire keep it up g

  78. Aydin Monkey

    Melly made a new video

  79. Miles Jimenez

    He insane 🚫🧢

  80. DeSean Jackson #Jaccpot #10mode

    This some rock rap shit 💨💨

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    He next up no kapp 👀💯🔥

  82. Kill Me

    Let’s go

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    Tommy craze

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    Him and 30 are my favorite right now

  87. Caden

    XXL 2020

  88. Jacob Kirk

    First 50 underdressed

  89. KoolaidFlavors

    like Tommy said, he finna blow up 2020

    Demarcus Mitchem

    Fax’s he is my g

    Christian Volland

    I hope so. He deserves it

    joey ;d

    @Christian Volland hell yea

    lacy Calamity

    You watch Tommy Craze too

    joey ;d

    @lacy Calamity who doesn't

  90. Axel Elmer

    Fore bro

  91. Brad Bobson


    The Collective

    He really is!

  92. U RUGNEK

    Lil loaded lyrics do be kinda fuckedd up but who the fcuk care dis beat hard as fuh!!1! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤙🤙🤙👀👀

  93. shmoogie

    who here from tommy

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