Lil' Keke - Understand Lyrics

[Hook x2]
Try to understand, all the shit that I've been through
Try to understand, I got a life to live too
Try to understand, I got problems but I feel you
Try to understand, I'm a man I got bills too

[Pretty Todd]
I never give the devil the pleasure, to ever take a fella off of his level
Still, everything's right on schedule
I had my personal vendettas, but I solved em
Cause all that drama, could stop us from getting dollas
I take advice from one, and that's my mama
I made her a promise, my word is my honor
Cause sure enough, I'm a grown up
Just turned 21 there's money to get, and I'm trying to get me some
So get your ass out my path, 'fore you get mashed
Put a whole new career, in your new acts relapse
What we have, is organized grinding
In a mind of real niggaz, our vision's a clear picture
I'm still with you, you ain't lost me I hope I ain't lost you
I just, had to get that out fool
And let niggaz know, a lil' something about school
And struggle in this concrete, jungle I walk through

I am dog, a grown man dog
You don't understand, the plan at hand dog
You see the potential, I mash to get cake
Hustle Presidential, like a Bad Azz Mix Tape
Say I live what I speak, so you best believe
I grind to what's left for me, is left in these streets
Listen up man, I mean with figgas
I don't know if it's just me, but all I see is green pictures
And I don't bother, with these in between niggaz
Loyalty is my back bone, we the team nigga
Y-dolla sign, chump cause we need do'
Respect is power, and power is money
Money is time, money is the reason that I rhyme and grind
Might I remind you, that I'm designed to
Move anything out the way, of getting what's mine fool

See the type of nigga I am, I give a good damn
Bout anything, other than fam
Just ten years ago, when I didn't have flow
Before You Already Know, when I didn't have do'
My mom's oldest seed, I had to take the lead
Dreams of making believe, became make believe
We was boys but we now men, ask once then you'll ask again
How many times, will I have to lend
You on the outside, looking in
You don't know where I done been, do anything to get in
I don't know how, some of you think
But soon as you blink, they here on the first and fifteenth
Now see I got bills too, feel me like you I feel you
God damn, I got a life too
Got a kid, and a wife too
And how the hell they gon eat, if I still gotta feed you

[Lil' Keke]
Follow the vision, and we can walk the road clear
I hustled and struggled, it was another long year
I never had a brother, so I turned to the thugs
No unconditional love, cause we ain't the same blood
Tough guys, most y'all niggaz still bluffing
I'm thinking while I'm puffing, I don't owe you niggaz nothing
I'm changing my ways, I'm living my life new
Nigga get your own thang, and see what your hustle do
I done heard it all nigga, guess I'm chasing a dream
Got a big family to feed, and I'm the coach of that team
If you the shit best believe, all the flies they love it
When the plan going bad, everybody say fuck it
And you recognize game, when the pain is felt
And it's one thang fa sho, I ain't gon lie to myself
So you busta ass niggaz, can't see night from day
Understand black man, I got bills to pay

[Hook x2]

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Lil' Keke Understand Comments
  1. Roman Soto

    Finaly some real music

  2. Johnnie Langrum

    da truth..down south

  3. #youtoo? #everyoneButMe

    This dope

  4. Jamail Williams

    South side 4 life