Lil Keed - Just a Dream Lyrics

Know what's crazy?
This shit is just all a dream
So when I woke up
Keed talk to 'em

Yeah, I got her up late night, yeah, you know I'ma drag, yeah
She throw it back, yeah, you know Lil Keed catchin' that, yeah
I take an RP Percocet, it itch like a rash, yeah
Talkin' 'bout doin' features on a song, you know I'll pass, yeah, yeah
These niggas trash so I take out the trash, yeah, yeah
Foreign car whippin' this digital dash, yeah, yeah
Make one call for it, I get you whacked, yeah, yeah
Gettin' head in the car, yeah, I hit the gas, yeah

Fast and he ready, yeah, spaghetti
Yeah, she sweet, sour, yeah, yeah, she real tangy
Nah, your crew don't mean nothin', boy, we clearin' the scene
Yeah, these choppers gon' sing, just like Fantasia, baby
Put a lil' ten piece on your head, nigga, I ain't talkin' hot wings (Let's go)
Nah, you can't fuck Keed, baby, 'less you gon' do the whole team (Let's go)
Just like the Scream mask, leave a long face, 'cause there's blood on the scene (Let's go)
Yeah, left the family and some yellow tape and some flowers on the scene
(Let's go), yeah (Let's go)
Fear, don't tell, keep it real
Yeah, yeah, girl, so for real, yeah, yeah (Let's go)
Bitch, get back, ayy, tryna get attacked
I just wan' fuck, I just wan' touch
I might just crush, not in a rush
I grab her butt, yeah, yeah
Grab on my dick, yeah, yeah
And I grab her butt, yeah, yeah
Pour the deuce up, yeah, in a peach Crush, yeah, yeah
Came out the mud, ain't talkin' no pigs, I came out the mud, yeah
No, I ain't talkin' no pigs, yeah, yeah, I came out the mud
Didn't come for the love, yeah, they get slugged
Yeah, we givin' slugs, yeah, they order white doves
Yeah, we givin' slugs, slugs, yeah, they flyin' doves
Yeah, I go savage mode, ho, fuck your hugs
Yeah, we some big dawgs, ho, we not no pups
Yeah, where is your plug? Yeah, we takin' that
Oh, yeah, we take your back off, yeah
Chopper gon' hit, aw, yeah, just like some ah, ah, yeah
If we take losses, yeah, we just gon' slime it, yeah
Open the door to the foreign, the symbol on the ground, yeah, yeah
Yeah, you can open door to the foreign, see the symbol on the damn street
(On the damn street)
Yeah, you can fuck on me, girl, yeah, yeah, keep it real low-key (Fuck on me)
Thought I was fuckin' her, yeah, yeah, woke up, it was just a dream
Yeah (And I got the uh, time wrong)
It was just a fuckin' dream

Yeah, I got her up late night, yeah, you know I'ma drag, yeah
She throw it back, yeah, you know Lil Keed catchin' that, yeah
I take an RP Percocet, it itch like a rash, yeah
Talkin' 'bout doin' features on a song, you know I'll pass, yeah, yeah
These niggas trash so I take out the trash, yeah, yeah
Foreign car whippin' this digital dash, yeah, yeah
Make one call for it, I get you whacked, yeah, yeah
Gettin' head in the car, yeah, I hit the gas

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Lil Keed Just a Dream Comments
  1. Jared Timboo

    Im mad af i been skipping this song

  2. on god

    This shit is all just a dream 🤯💜#Facts

  3. renzo ibarra

    Dis niggas trash so I take out de trash

  4. renzo ibarra

    These niggas trash so I take out the trash

  5. Ralph Moreno

    Gemmmm bru

  6. Josue Bermudez


  7. Alex Lopez

    Underrated song

  8. braxton streeter

    Listen to while Geeked 😳

  9. Dhruv Singh Tomar

    llm ❤️

  10. Racced Mitch


  11. Fendi Zay

    Foreign car whippin it digital dash🥶

  12. mary ladelokun

    Under fucking rated. and that's just on periodd. I need more music like this

  13. Deandre Mitchell

    Super syain at 200 keed

  14. Lotto superlotto

    Took a percocet . itch like a rash.
    If u know u know

  15. Kishaun

    People sleep on this one !

    King Mizzy

    Forsure 🔥😤

  16. Wh1plash 03

    Glad to be alive Rn man , we just vibin 🤩

    Cristopher Galan

    Real nigga shit mannn🤧

    Cj Sosa

    Keed and gotit definitely holding YSL down rn 😭😭 plus we got carti 😭😭 I’d b so mad if I wasn’t alive to hear whole lotta red and I’m happy as hell I fw thug and Uzi carti.. etc cause I wouldn’t be able to hear music like this

    Wh1plash 03

    Cj Sosa that’s wassup bro 🤘🏾

    Wh1plash 03

    Cristopher Galan 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  17. Victor Lott

    When u high af this song just 100x better. His ad libs be live and u hear every section of the song

    Tyler Southard

    “Yeah yeah” & “fast and he ready, spaghetti, she sweet, sour, she real tangy” goes hard asl when you way past faded🤣

    Victor Lott

    Tyler Southard the whole song😭 fuck just the beat

    Yung Witch

    Victor Lott yeah this song is beautiful

    Victor Lott

    Yung Witch yerrr

    Nathaniel Urbina

    This was definitely me last night 🤣🤞


    Shit stuck in my head 😂

  19. CloutBoi_Benji

    The production on this song is insane🤮🤬🐍

  20. C Greenidge

    Sorry to hear bout your friend...

  21. Ouukevion

    Swa swa swa

  22. Taco Meat

    Why are these adlibs so goated lmaooooo

  23. Teondre Jiles


  24. Emmanuel Robinson

    This that shit ! Luv it

  25. ONW Yungopp

    This hard

  26. ValleySince Eighty Eight

    Just like a scream mask leave a long face cus it’s blood on the scene 💯💪🏾

  27. Jacob Toney

    These niggas trash, so I take out the trash👀🔥

  28. Complex Savage

    Hidden gem

  29. Xeno V3

    Lmaooo So Nobody Gonna Speak on That bar !?! @ 1:56


    Xeno V3 ion even know what he said

    Edward Luster

    Xeno V3 he said”we some big dogs yea”🤦🏾‍♂️ old ass can’t even comprehend lyrics 😂

    Xeno V3

    Edward Luster lol I’m 21 , And Issa Joke

    Edward Luster

    Xeno V3 nawww 😂 you didn’t know what he said

    Xeno V3

    Edward Luster lol 🗿

  30. Carlito Mcfadden

    I fw this mad heavy

  31. 4staylivee


  32. Dubz oP

    Fast and he ready, yeah, spaghetti 🔥🔥😂

  33. Carlito Mcfadden

    this hard ASF

  34. Tyler Southard

    What does he mean when he says “you know I’m a drag, yeah” ???

    Carlito Mcfadden

    LMFAOOO who knows now a days


    Like he’s a drag he’s got her up late night cause of him


    Tyler Southard he’s gonna drag that pussy through the mud. Pretty much slay the bitch

    Steezy Mills

    @masterbongz1 lmaoo hell yea

  35. Quez Myers

    his ad libs funny asf

  36. erica butler

    Song definitely slept on

  37. Deairest Lanier

    Ab libs go too fuckin crazy 🗣

  38. Rays831

    Slept on

  39. yann ondele

    The ad libs bruh 😂🔥🔥🔥

    Yung WooSkii

    yann ondele WHAT WHAT!!!!

    Steezy Mills


  40. 1k.cartez

    Backwoods and this song 🔥🔥

  41. Don Drakucci

    one of the better songs. This shit is unique and hard as fuck

  42. Chris Redmond

    B!tch get BACK!🤧🤧 🔥🔥

  43. Carlos Juarez

    Keed Fosho talked to em 💯🇲🇽🐍💚✅ GLOW IN PEACE MEXICO

  44. FyzLe

    The ad-libs 😂


    You know ima dragggggg 🗣

  46. Tyler Southard

    Most underrated track on the album


    Tyler Southard that’s what i juss said man , had to find the song on YouTube and comment fa the one time though juss cause i fuck wit it

  47. Bizzle1400


  48. Leeek Lyoko

    Slime Season 2 Vibes 🤮 only the real know 🐍

    jhalen billingslea

    Leeek Lyoko this song almost remind me of raw


    Only REAL SLIMES KNOW SS1 and SS2 🐍💯

  49. dukethrills


  50. Ocean Water

    asmr keed 🔥🐍🦅

  51. Jay Cee


  52. S†. Clou†

    This the hottest song ever made

    Glorious -

    S†. Clou† baseball bat by chief keef is

    zay bradley

    One of em 😂

    Young goat

    Do u ever have listened to Young Thug?

    Abdullah Ali

    you reaching on this one

  53. David Hadkd

    Goat 🙏🙏🙏🗣️🗣️🗣️

  54. Denzel Banks

    we give slugs slugs 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. LIL UZI

    This top 5 on the album

  56. Carlon Vandyke

    She real tangy🤮😈

  57. La Recette

    Feu !! 🔥🔥🔥

  58. Quez R60llxN

    Put a 10 piece on ya head ain talkn hot wing 🤮

    Steezy Mills




  60. Yuluv Brea

    Keed TALK to em 💯

  61. Eugene LSD

    Lil keed in future like my comment!


    Where the fuck is track called best life . dripping all over the pace yeah

  63. cristian lopez

    This is the best song out of the album 💛
    Long live Mexico 🇲🇽

    cracl face

    i say the same thing lol !

  64. Elijah Pete

    Just like Fantasia baby 🐍

  65. DGOE JVZ

    Who's a real Lil Keed fan? Im tryna see sumn 👀

    Tyler Southard

    DGOE JVZ yeah yeah 🤮


    fosho best rapper in the game rn

    Drexmvile Backup

    Ion so real I knew lol gotit before lol Keed


    Elite_Bleach nuts

  66. Kozy K

    This shit hit diff 🤯🤯

  67. Vaquero Vegano


  68. Jalen Carter

    Best song on album 🚫🧢

    a pimp named slickback

    Jalen Carter idk I think snake is tbh

  69. Matt Vlonetini

    Best song on the album💚🐍

  70. Javale Mcgee

    Sound like Sahbabii in the background


    I'll slap the shit out a nigga wit some anime on his profile lil boy

    Deja Moore

    Javale Mcgee no tf

    Precious Smith

    It kinda do

    Reggie Johnson

    I bett they will be a good duo

    Toxic Aunts

    ZapTRunsIsh he was just saying get off his meat

  71. Peff Balls

    real slimes here rn

  72. Royce


  73. ZAEBO TV

    Long Live Mexico

  74. JRDAN AJ

    Oh This on some Pissy Pamper Vibes 🤧🔥

    Leeek Lyoko

    JRDAN AJ Nah. Slime season 2 vibes

  75. Jojo23

    Another one‼️🗣🔥💯 #TalkToEmKeed #JustADream

  76. Qzeee6

    Really feel like I’m in a dream listening to this.

  77. Roman McCallister

    Like this if lil keed goin money rn 💥

  78. Skyla Hickman


  79. *333*

    this some alien shit

  80. V1PReserved

    Never disappointed

  81. prod. by alex

    ye ye ye

  82. RobyJackson

    Before one million?

    Jonny J

    hola que tal?

  83. NasirEdits

    Kyle Lowry has more rings than James Harden, Russel Westbrook and Carmelo put together times 5

    Risky Prod.

    Look at my channel


    @Ousainou Jallow I saw you on the other songs and liked your comments

    Ousainou Jallow

    OH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH that’s what’s up fashoo 🥶🥶

  84. michael west


  85. Mikey Camarillo

    Lil Keed lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥