Lil Happy Lil Sad - One More Time Lyrics

One more time and you know it will be over
Yeah bitch one more time you fucked me over since October
Yeah bitch one more chance if you break it I will break you
Cause bitch by this time you need me ion barely want you
Cause you broke me down but it grew me even stronger
Hope you realize you're just worth it if you're honest
Gave you all I had, you had all of my respect
You had none for me and I knew it since I tripped

I always felt it and you swore it wasn't true
I knew that I was right you just made me feel so blue
Yeah you made me go insane, think my feelings weren't right
Who could've fucking known you been lying all the time
It's by far your biggest crime
Can't believe how much I trust you
Bitch you crushed my mind
Can't believe I fucking love you

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