Lil Happy Lil Sad - Let Me Die Lyrics

I'm feelin' lost and I don't know where else to go now
I don't really have a place to call my home now
Everybody hatin' and I feel so cold now
Why do everybody make me feel alone like
I'm feelin' lost and I don't know where else to go now
I don't really have a place to call my home now
Everybody hatin' and I feel so cold now
Why do everybody make me feel alone like

I've got so much shit to say
Baby take me from this place
I just really cannot stay
Tears are falling down my face
I feel colder every day
Know they want me out their way
I'll be gone I'll be okay
I just need some fucking space
I walk by I feel them hate
Wanna die cause I relate
Wanna cry I feel insane
I get high but I can't escape
Would they love me If I change?
Am I lost? Am I too late?
Soon I'm dead I cannot wait
Please don't love me it's a waste

I'm feelin' lost and I don't know where else to go now
I don't really have a place to call my home now
Everybody hatin' and I feel so cold now
Why do everybody make me feel alone like
I'm feelin' lost and I don't know where else to go now
I don't really have a place call my home now
Everybody hatin' and I feel so cold now
Why do everybody make me feel alone like

Wanna die so fucking bad
You're the best I've ever had
Wanna die when I look back
Cause you always made me sad
Can't get over shit I'm done
I just make another song
Nothing helps I'm fucking numb
I'll be gone bitch pass the blunt
I've been hurting for so long
Baby kill me in your thoughts
I've been dying all along
Let me go where I belong
Get me drunk bitch, get me high
Give me pills and let me vibe
When it's time just let me die
I'm so tired of this life

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Lil Happy Lil Sad Let Me Die Comments
  1. muhaqua

    I miss the old days where i was crying here with all my heart and emotions.
    But now, they're all gone and I'm just numb and stoned...

  2. Melina M

    Anyone listening to this 2020? :*

  3. Michael G

    just to let you know that this piano sample is from a band called 'carissa's wierd'. they produce the most beautiful music EVER. <3

  4. Lexi Doll

    I'm always the type to give everything 💯 no matter how hard it is to keep going as long as that's what's asked of me. People take everything and then when you running on empty they just turn their backs. I just don't have anything left I gave it all away now I can't make it on my own and the realization has left me beyond broken. Knowing that it's just how it is, my mom always told me that nobody is ever enough... Just recently I realized how true her words were. Jokes on me.

  5. ꨄJello Studiosꨄ

    I'm not depressed but im here aNyWaYs

  6. nazshell nothappy

    Animes name ?

  7. Kader Ilgen

    i'm here because of the playlist that's in Malakai book

  8. SZ_Lunchi

    If anyone wants to talk please feel free to comment or message me. Much love.

  9. Midnight Walker

    Can someone tell me the anime name?

  10. Musa Baysal

    Just sad

  11. Abode NMW

    If life gave you 100 to cry, cry and show life life that you have a thousand reason to :)

    P.S: i know exactly what you told yourself when you read it

  12. Meya Meya

    I remember when i used to listen to this song so much because it was so relatable. But now im not even sure if im numb. Im just kinda living for my family.

  13. What's my name?

    Anime -> Kamisama no memochou.
    By the way, wow approximately one year had passed since I first time saw this clip, and becouse of this I started watch anime. Thus I suppose that you can have a lot of fun becouse of sadness.

  14. Reality With Rein

    This gif this same loop I play in my head everyday....💔 sorry not trynna sound weak... :/

  15. Shuu Ouma

    Anime is name ?

  16. Greenstuff_420

    what's it anime on gif?

  17. Anis Joestar


  18. Yato San

    I just feel like if this year doesn't go well,there is 30% chance that i will kill my self.But if i didn't have family i would probably kill my self long time ago.

  19. ok cool I guess

    I'm getting bored of crying myself to sleep

  20. DETER ZOXX !!

    Fuck the life 😖💔

  21. Tio Brother

    When you are sad, then listen to sad music, the song understands you, making you feel better.

  22. Loviscair

    Let me live, let me breathe, let me be free
    This shell, my skin, must be someone else's with me inside
    They say I'm starving, that my life may end
    They don't understand that I just want to get out

    I'm trying to cut deeper
    But I seem to be stuck
    In the body that shuts me inside
    In my prison of skin

  23. seda avcı

    what is anime name

  24. Атлас Кръвни

    I can't handle this in my head.

    Levitating Phonkster

    please stay strong brother, my 23d birthday is in less than 2 hours and all i do is sit here and cry,please think about the people who care about you..

    Атлас Кръвни

    @Levitating PhonksterI am
    13 years old, and I live in Türkiye. I loved a girl. But I never could say it. Scared. SometimesSometimes I sit next to him. They're calling me to the bathroom and threatening me to beat me up. I am tired this fucking life.

  25. Spencer

    Hate my life gonna end it all

  26. aa.breathinn

    I want life to end tbh.

  27. زبادي

    As kid:"lie I'm sick"
    Now:"lie i'm fine"


    so true

  28. Pablo

    2020... a new year of me.. or not me.. im still depress.. everyday I cry for a girl.. can't live without her.. Peace guys❤

  29. TrustE

    Feeling my child-years with fun but now? Its going down and down.. girls make my pain and cant fix it

  30. Bal ABB

    I don’t need to listen to this song again , because now 2020 and am fine , I used to listen to it everyday and every hour in 2018
    All people in the comments section, someday you will write the same comment, don’t give up than yourself
    No one in your life is important more than you

    - sorry for my English I’m still learning-

  31. UwU TheCrazyGirl UwU

    still listening ..2020.. <3

  32. _Jooheon_Is_Baby_

    Listening still in 2020 💜💛

  33. egg with burger

    im still here :(

  34. Panicyz

    Comment section are all these depressed teenagers lol

  35. [c l σ ѕ e d ]

    *(Please don't love me It's a waste...)*
    Oh god, that hit deep.


    « No one will ever understand you, tell them how bad you are
    Do not forget the main one, basically nobody cares »


    Can anybody tell me the sauce of this GIF

  38. No pain, no gain

    Here I'm again


    Only person who's ever been here for me no matter what is the music....everyone else has just left...


    ..Yeah. Even the people that cared for me, ended up not really staying forever after all. Words seem to be so empty now.. I understand you so well.


    Cosmic Fr bro. I hope you’re doing okay. 💙


    @FIERCEDINO080 The day I'll feel okay will be a day of shock. lol. but I also hope the same for you.

  40. M. 1999


  41. Music Generator

    im gonna commit

  42. Monika Laurette Arand

    Happy New year

    Ma rie

    Thank you back

  43. Emilia M

    It’s been a while since I heard this song, but it still holds a special part of me sadly. Idk where my old comment but it’s super old when I was literally “I’m 14 and this is deep” few years later, I’m now getting over a suicide attempt and it is one of the worst things someone can experience in my opinion. Afterward hurts so much worse.

    Ik a lot of you are super young but I’m here to talk or if you need to vent about home life, or nothing in particular. As stupid as it sounds to some people, anyone at any age can be depressed, regardless of why (and there doesn’t need to be one).

    Ik I’m a fûckin hypocrite but please take care of yourselves.

  44. Meh

    Life is overrated.

  45. Alina

    I don't wanna be alone..

  46. M Î Ł K Ť Ę Ă

    So cold...

  47. ZIMIXS

    im so tired of being me

    Bal ABB

    Don’t say that, in this life everything is temporary


    @Cosmic love is a pain that has no cure

  48. Superluigi881

    Still waiting for things to get better... maybe next year.

  49. Cloudy Trash

    Never thought at the age of 15 i would wish upon my death.


    Same I'm also 15 and I want life to end.

  50. krisztian kovacs

    this girl died 146 of times the number of being optimistic therefore this girl wasnt happy at all depending on where u stop could be 147 the number of right decisions sooo she made a good choice in the end to suicide

  51. WhoAmI It's Me

    You know shit PHP ANJING

  52. X A N N Y

    2016? Втф непон как так

  53. iyiyiz iyiyiz

    Birgün bu yazıyı bizden biri okuduğu zaman bütün hayallerim gercekleşmiş olucak 💢

  54. RyzyKILL

    😵🔫 Sorry mom.

  55. • K i t t y - C h a n •

    I don't even know how now I'm not like that girl but I want it so fucking back

  56. No pain, no gain

    Wish I were a bird

  57. GetDoged

    I wasnt even happy as a child, abusive father and a non caring mother, now they both want to make it right bcs im 18 and know how the world works (atleast a part of it), but they cant undo what they did or didnt do. I never felt happy for long, like 1 day straight but then back to depressed. I've been going to a doctor for almost a year now, and im starting to fall back to the state i started going to her. And they say life is full of love, never experienced it though

    mom called me handsome

    GetDoged oh trust me love will be one of the reasons youd feel depressed. i really do wish i hadnt fallen in love to go through all this shit im going through right now. i just wish it could all stop and i wanna leave this world unnoticed, without causing any trouble. im just too weak to kill myself right away...


    @mom called me handsome once i fell in love with a girl, she didnt have the same feelings towards me, after that i've been called untrustable, a shit bag and a lot more by her. Never had any good experience with girls so i gave up on that. There is a sentence i always bring up in conversations like this: "Love is blind, deaf, and fucking stupid,"

    Cowboy Tanaka

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    - Car Exhaust Pipe 🚗
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    #What Has Been IN My Penis?

    - Coins 💰
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    #How Long Is My Penis?

    14 Ft. Long 😳😂😳

    Sorry 😭 that’s all the time I have for today folks! Thanks for reading! 😉😉😉

  58. ღPretty Loloღ

    i don't now why i shold listen to this song when my brothers don't need me..

  59. Lil Sins

    Hi everyone, i'm actually a french rapper and i've made an english song, i need feedbacks from you guys ! Thanks a lot ^^

  60. senpiaax


    Unable to go back
    Living a lie
    Living in the darkness
    Living in other's expectations


    Cowboy Tanaka

    What’s up guys it’s your boy stinky faglord here back at it again with another dope ass Minecraft let’s play with the hentai ass tiddies ultra pussy blaster mod. Let’s dive into this fucking dumpster fire of a video my dudes. But before we dive right into this banger of a video lets hear a word from today’s sponsor, poopies. *Fortnite dances aggressively*. *Fucking dies*.

  61. marvelthestark

    watched dis bitch fall more than 100 times

  62. charlatte x

    my internet girlfriend hasn’t messaged me back in a long while. her father seems to be abusive towards her, and borderline sexually aggressive towards her. i’m so scared, and i love her. the fact that someone could potentially hurt her, physically or mentally, especially without my knowledge, terrifies me.

    my mental health has dropped significantly, and i hope to god she answers back to tell me everything is ok. i don’t know what i would do if nothing is ever messaged back. i know she can possibly be just really busy with school and other stuff, but that doesn’t stop me from fearing for the worst.

    i love you, n. you’re the best thing to ever happen to me. come back, please..

    Cowboy Tanaka

    I feel you man, depression really sucks...

    I remember being a young 12 year old boy, I used to jerk off at our home computer to jpegs of men in their underwear, and my dad used to walk in his underwear around the house too, so I knew when he would come downstairs, pass the computer and go to the fridge at night when my mom and little brother were asleep so I started to wait to jerk off for when it was time for his late snack, and he caught me, I kept my eye contact and I looked to the computer then to him, he looked to the computer and then down to his groin and I started to stroke myself again, but much slower, he told me to stop that stop that right now, and I did, I went to my room and listened to him shifting his weight, creaking in the night, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and he stopped talking to me, but I stared at him stared at him all along growing up, I moved out for college and he hasn’t spoken to me since, he has testicular cancer now and I want to go visit him in the hospital so bad and my mom says don’t come but I always do, I always come for dad.

    charlatte x

    Cowboy Tanaka bro i-

  63. logan hoffman

    im 30 now im so glad you all an recignize the paine they just told us when we were young its just in your head

  64. Help_tale sans

    The only reason I didn’t kill myself is because of my parent

  65. everett smith

    Dude I freaking love your work. I live in the dark and have been trying to find the light for so long. Keep up the god work.

  66. Estelle Tinnin

    Pain hurts 💔

  67. Avarėja Milauskaitė

    I wish I was a happy child in a healthy family :(:

  68. iwontkillvibe xx

    Here I'm again.

  69. Crinu Bodiu

    I miss my bae💔💔 rest in peace

  70. Dina Bel


  71. KBisley

    im literally never going to be happy

    Cowboy Tanaka

    Look my friend you can make it through anything in life trust me. We’re all here for you.

    I was 18 years old when Bad Dragon first went into business in 2009. I'd been a furry for some time but the culture hadn't yet taken off to it's current level. I was also really into inflation and distension porn. Think Hotkinkyjo at her peak.

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    I got into the west coast fisting scene, going to events and fisting pig meetups. All the time I was assured that it was fine.

    My first warning came around 2011. I was having trouble holding when I got the urge to poop. I had a few a accidents. I was assured that it was normal, I could stop if I wanted but I'd lose my progress. I opted to be more careful by doing daily enemas.

    In 2013 I had my first prolapse experience. It didn't hurt, and the guys at the fisting party loved it. Plus I could push it in and out with no problem.

    In 2014 I had to have surgery on my knee, which meant no assplay for awhile. After a few days I discovered that I was constantly constipated. I had trouble shitting normally so I kept using enemas.

    After recovering I went right back at it.

    In 2017 I hit my personal record and took a dildo the same width as a volleyball. I used it almost weekly from that point.

    A few months ago I noticed blood in my enema water and my toys.

    I went to the doctor, an "LGBT friendly" one here in Cali. He explained that my colon and rectum were scarring over from what they'd been through, and the blood was the result of the last of my healthy tissue giving up.

    I realized that everything I'd been fed was a lie.

    He put me on an immediate halt to any anal play. The last few months have been hell on Earth.

    I have to have a nurse administer a limited number of enemas a week, my colon muscles just disappeared from lack of use. I'm always constipated and when shit finally reaches my rectum it just slides out. I have no muscle control.

    My doctor did a colonoscopy last week and removed a number of polyps. He says that the near complete scarring on my rectum means I'll definitely get cancer at some point.

    How can these companies get away peddling products and lifestyles like this? Every party on this road assured me all my decisions were safe, that everything would go back to normal if I stopped.

    Well I've stopped. And everything is not okay.

    I'm almost 30 years old and I have the bowels of an old man.



    Cowboy Tanaka Ngl I had no idea what you were talkin about at first but fuck me that sounds horrible. My dude I’m so sorry that happened to you

  72. horse gurl

    please tell me i’m not the only one that will watch an old tv show or movie because it reminds them from when they were truly happy

  73. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Music had deep intentions relating is the main debate for discussion

  74. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Bro deadass this song title screams this guy was crying out his song was his last soundtrack to save his life and mine

  75. Sad life

    what does the word happiness mean :3

    Cowboy Tanaka

    Happiness is only achieved when you put your Faith in Allah. ☝️

  76. Beatrex Sa

    I love you all, see you up there. My heart won't beat anymore.

  77. it ou

    i'm listening to this today
    and i'm so done not from anyone but i'm done with myself - i just can't and i'm truely lost and stuck ... i hate this feeling i hate itttt

  78. im A death Wish

    its my turn to show my feelings i got dumped 4 another guy i slit my wrists i was in hospital for 3 weeks im 14 and have been in my death bed 7 times and my family crys every time they see me which makes me cut even more to the point where sometimes i cut so much i can barley see and feel i wish i was standing by all u guys that have the same pain and all hug cause we understand what each other r going through and then leave the earth as a family that understands each other

  79. last plaguedoctor

    My girlfriend comitted suicide and i think of her every single day wondering what i could have done differently. I loved her with all my heart and she has left a hole in my heart im not sure ill ever fill. Her depression was so heavy. Please talk to someone if your feeling down or having thoughts of suicide. People do love you and will fight for you. Let them help. I love you Jennifer. Always.

  80. marry y

    Is hard when you are crying for personal reasons and everyone thinks you are crying over your ex and they also say is your fault too, and they bully you without knowing what is happening in your life 💔

    Cowboy Tanaka

    Me when I see a shitting centrist

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  81. marry y

    Who is there on December 2019 ? Just me? Okay :(


    marry y Nah your good fam. <3

  82. Xxx. V

    “No it’s okay! It doesn’t matter anyway....”

  83. Lubna Rabee'

    The name of the anime 😂

  84. G59forLife

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    After this rap
    I want to be dead
    In my Bed...

  85. emoukou

    Coming from a dark place, where in my early teens I was so deep into depression, wishing to grow up. It has roughly been a year since my suicidal thoughts have left for good, and I can proudly say that I am better now. The fact that I miss my childhood and even those 2-3 years that I 'wasted', is unnerving. Even though I am still young and I know I have some teenage years left, it is sad that I was never and will never be able to fully experience this whole process. So to all of you dealing with depression, or even passive sadness, please for your sake, create happy memories. Do not allow it to consume you. To make you forget of any little specks of happiness you had/have in your life. Because whilst being in that state, time either passes too slow or too fast. The days merge, and before you know it you can't remember a time you were happy. So please, try to make happy memories, whether it is with friends, relatives heck even with yourself, your passions. You might not feel like it, but at least at some point in the future, you will appreciate it. I hope this doesn't have the same energy as " Oh don't be sad" :/

    Marc Marquez

    This happy memories have never helped me. They just warm my heart for a minute and then I just feel the same like I had felt before. That's because I recall my IRL problems again and then become more sad because I liked the condition of abstraction but I understand that I can't be like that forever.
    May be it is just because of mine BDD


    You sound like a person of wisdom

  86. Broken Queen of Dragons

    *sees her falling over and over again*

    Seems legit to me

  87. Chulnur

    U shouldn’t have depression or something, just enjoy your life!

    Håkon Eriksen

    wow, what a helpful comment


    Håkon Eriksen yeah, rlly helped every human

  88. Kawaii Wolf 15


  89. cold heart

    Last time i was happy was when she loved me....

  90. cold heart

    I enjoy living every single day yet i would not mind not waking up

  91. sad chɨll

    I've been reading the comments and I just want to let you all know that you are never alone in this world. There are people like you who feel the same. I've had very rough times myself but it's important to reach out for help. If you feel like there is nobody you could turn to, I am here and so are other people from this community. Feel free to message me on instagram as well. Love yourselves.

    Ștefan-_- Stefan

    Your words are great but cant help ms

    the night time system

    Thank you for caring.


    What's the sauce of this anime

    Azkal Blaze

    sad chɨll bro u don't even feel me, it's worse; nobody did give me shits the girl I love about is gone , I can't even go visit at BC, where she's lonely I can't make a choice over two selves of me, I'm a ded man. I honestly dunno what to do :(


    I wanna kill myself😔