Lil Happy Lil Sad - Bliss Lyrics

She was smoking loud with me I was smoking two
I was getting high she said she feelin it two
When I wanna die tryna keep it on the low
Cause I am on a vibe that I never want to go
Rollin up a blunt bitch im smoking on my fifth
When thoughts are overtakin me i take another sip
Fuck, I wanna die when im anxious and it hits
I'm tryna close my eyes and forever stay in bliss

I wanna close my eyes and forever stay in bliss
Gettin through the day but im haunted by my sins
I'm drinkin and im smokin baby im just stayin lit
But honestly im fine feeling better than it is
I wanna close my eyes and forever stay in bliss
Gettin through the day but im haunted by my sins
I'm drinkin and im smokin baby im just stayin lit
But honestly im fine feeling better than it is

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  1. рудге сола

    ебашит знатно

  2. Shady

    we need more music love from Turkey

  3. lil loli

    Hey, I haven't heard from you for a while and I am getting pretty worried. I hope you're doing alright.


    i love u

  5. CacetinhoS 2K19

    lil happy lil sad your song is much good, you have a done good job, I like so much for your musics <3 <3 <<<<333

  6. Thunder Wolf

    We love you bro :) (Turkey)

  7. sadative

    uploaded it on SC

  8. Deadly Soul

    I love you Lil Happy Lil Sad <3

  9. Chistian Hernandez

    You got potential brr. Where are you from?

  10. JJ Jansen Van Vuuren

    bruh i can promise you you are the best artist ive ever listened to i love you're songs you're so amazing bruh i wish i could meet you im glad to support you and be here for you from the beginning before all the millions one day👍😭👌

  11. Alejandro

    you music is fantastic.

  12. Mitch

    Bro legit love ur music🖤

  13. chopsticks

    you're my bae <3

  14. Paozinho de ló

    suas Musicas sao viciantes
    eu te amo cara♥️

  15. BGN

    hey i'm sorry im one of those people that spam their music but it'd be really awesome if you could give 15 secs to this bizarre fucking video i made, thank you <3

  16. Vinicius_Kon 01

    Eu amo as suas músicas ❤

  17. 勝者sensei

    Your music perfect!! your my favourite! are you the best <3333

  18. Sailor Moon

    итц ахуено~

  19. Emiliano Pichardo

    Men, i love your job <3

  20. Broken Soul x kill me

    You are awesome

  21. Reyhan Selen Şen


  22. Valeria Suárez

    I can’t believe that you turned to someone so important in my life and heart. I fucking love u

  23. lil sappy

    :') (':

  24. m i c. ༄

    I love your songs. 💕

  25. Курт Кобейн

    Шикарная музыка

  26. Kamel Gat


  27. ACB2 ACB2

    🤲🏼💖 love from spain bro

  28. prod. dusk

    love this :):

  29. alina zamolina

    The king is back!😍❤️

  30. Touky!

    Lil happy lil sad 《●》《□》《☆》 ❤

  31. Mblocky Bloks

    i love you but that intro sounds a lot like what ghw does

    Mblocky Bloks

    i love the song tho

  32. Toffee Mint Roo

    Oooh I love it 💕

  33. Dark Onni-Chan

    Brasil te amaaaa

  34. ani valeria

    *Like* si eres *Latino💕*

  35. Valentina ;

    I love this ✨👻

  36. s m r t

    He should credit the girl who says "lil happy lil sad" because i also sent him an audio and i can't tell if this is mine🤣 i doubt it is tho

  37. Paola Martínez

    Lo mejor

  38. Emy Meb

    omg yesssss <3

  39. Lucas Araya

    ❤❤❤ :):

  40. Taylena Shipper


  41. Sara Duran

    I love you #LilHappyLilSad Im your top 1 biggest fan. I love your songs ❤ Im glad to be here before the hundred thousands and even before the millions 🖤 Your songs help me... with everything! 🖤❤ Im so glad that I found out about you 🖤❤

    I Love You! 🖤❤

  42. asmae

    I am ur fan brrrooooo (:)

  43. Psych

    Brazil loves u

  44. PH Ferreira

    Rei Sad!❤

  45. CloritoBoiUwU

    Nice <3

  46. AngelaMetKaas

    Love ittt

  47. blanca ASR :'c

    México !!

  48. blanca ASR :'c

    I love you

  49. night journey


  50. Senhor Walker

    Essas músicas acabam comigo

  51. Dooope

    Awesome as always. We love you 🌹

  52. Brn Gnsn

    Love youu💕💕from türkey

    Brn Gnsn

    Lillbilx mi insta kullanici adin sksksnjsj

    Bilal Köseoğlu

    tanıyor musun kendisini ?

    Brn Gnsn

    Kendisi derken ? Bilal koseoglu yazdim ilk çikani soyledim

    Roraima Comunista

    vilma morchrraiprai

  53. Erica Nieto

    Te amoooo ❤

  54. Clorito

    Se viene stranger <3

  55. GusPaloalto

    Lil happy lil sad the best.!


    Listen this italian artist SAD VIBES SONG LINK⬇

  56. liladvilns

    so good <3

  57. Weeper Music


  58. S O L I T A R I O

    Aqui é Brasil ✌

  59. Ariel Borja


  60. zipszipsboy

    woaw! perfectly!

  61. sozya

    I love you 💜

  62. Adriana Urteaga

    this is beautiful 💓

  63. Thauane Lorena

    this one is so good omg!! thank you lil💜 Love ya

  64. Kushify

    Im shook. He released his song called "bliss" the same time Chetta released his song called "bliss"

  65. Dark Zeus

    Thanks for all your songs🖤

  66. Patrick Polson

    Love ur music

  67. Daly Touety

    Gj bruh 💙✨

  68. Sarah :c

    Lil Happy Lil Sad é o melhor, pqp 💜💜

    Gustavo Pereira



    Hey listen this italian artist (SAD VIBES)LINK⬇

    Dark Onni-Chan

    Certamente que sim

  69. Dieny Franzi

    Forever :):💜

  70. Nicolas00

    *bliss = the devil in Arabic .*

    Asaad ay

    What? it is?


    @Asaad ay *yup*

  71. Nicolas00


  72. AugaWithDreadlocks

    Lit 💥💥

  73. Egocentric

    I love u

  74. pekxr.

    Как же ахуенно

    alina zamolina

    AK1MOFF оченнь

  75. Felipe SalesDrt

    Nunca decepciona ;-;...

    _ FEAR _

    fuck Brasilia, Mother fucker


    When you listen this with full volume at school and you realised that your speaker isn't the best

    TheLegendOf G2



    @TheLegendOf G2 thanks for telling me

    TheLegendOf G2

    @SESTAIN np mate

  77. Sylvia Kišková

    I love your music

  78. Makiru

    very very cool

  79. Lil Happy Lil Sad

    lyrics + links in description!!

    ilysm please help me share :D<3

    Taylena Shipper

    LOVE YOU ♡

    alina zamolina

    Where can I find your instrumentals? Especially "survive"


    LOVE this

    Anime Ninja

    Hey bro i just stared listing to you music and so far you music is bad ass and well made Hell you sould be famous because you help get rid of my depersson and i'm glad i don't wan't to die any more but the one thing i'm going to say is hang in there il well be one of your best supporters ever just you wait

    Avakin Fries

    Juat started listening to ur music and it its so fucking good. Keep going cuz u will get far. PS: I'm in depression and ur songs rlly help me and I listen to em non stop ik kinda creepy but their so good

  80. sergio gomez


  81. Makiru

    fuck this good