Lil' Flip - I Get Money Lyrics

[Lil' Flip (Rick Ross)]
You smell that? (smell what?)
That's money
I smell money
I know y'all wonderin' like...
"What the hell is Flip doin' man"
"How he get out his deal?"
All you gotta do is take 2 million
And walk in the door, and that's how they'll let you go
Cause I get money nigga
I'm a fly boy nigga
My chain worth thousand grands nigga
That's twenty thousand karats nigga
Step your game up
That's why your chain ain't up niggaaa

[Verse 1 - Lil' Flip]
The 4-5 on my lap when I'm in the trap hood
Blueberry by the pound, now where did you get that? (smoked it)
I can't tell you nigga, I'm not a sniitcchh
But on the real it feel great to be ricchhh
I'm just playin' my hand, watchin' "Makin' The Band" (band)
Johnny ordered my watch (watch)
And he makin' the band (yeaahh)
I be changin' it up (uuupp)
Ain't no changin' me whaaatt (whaaat)
You lil' niggas betta shut up shut up
Aye, who shut the mall down? (me!)
And who bought all the hats? (me!)
Matter of fact, don't I look good in this Cadillac? (yesss)
My roof back, my coupe black
50 grand I blew that
I'm so fly they call me "Mr. I Can Do Dat"

[Hook w/ Rick Ross adlibs]
That's how we do this
It's the bosss
Multi-millionaire shit 'round here
Flip what up?

[Verse 2 - Rick Ross]
Might cop a Benz (whaaat)
Not a regular Benz (Rossss)
Multi-millionaire so baby I double my endsss
Mercedes, Maybach, broke niggas stay back
The boss don't play, boy you gotta pay that
Watch cop some bub (bub)
G's runnin' stacks (stacks)
They be year off (off)
Bring my money back (back)
Yeah I fuck wit G'sss (g'sss)
Out in Cloverland (yeah)
We talkin' 20 keysss
But I don't know the man (Rosss)
I'm gettin' cheese (cheeesseee)
It's time to shine (shiinnee)
I love to flip (flip)
I'm flippin' mine (Rosss)
Hoes love the smell (smell)
They smell the money (money)
You wanna smell yourself (bitch)
Well bitch shell it from me (Rosss)

[Hook w/ Lil' Flip adlibs]

[Verse 3 - Lil' Flip]
I told niggas I show niggas, I'm the best
I'm the shit in New York, but I'm a God on the West (holla!)
I must confess, 'The Source' own me two more mics (hey I need two more mics)
I took my ringtone money and bought two more bikes
I took my liquor money (yeah)
And bought another crib (yeah)
I got three maids (yeah)
That is that fuckin' game
Go ask Corn Row (ask him)
We do it big right? (right)
If I ain't front row, I ain't watchin' the fight (fuck it)
I be in Street Port wit my nigga Bayday ??
I be in airports wit my fuckin' AK (shut up!)
4-7 to 11, 1-8-7 on a cop
I know you prayin' that I flop, niggaaa!


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Lil' Flip I Get Money Comments
  1. Willie Causey

    "[email protected] [email protected]£ B€£N OV€R"💰,💰,💰,🚀...2K20👅.

  2. BrooklYN

    White girl look girl

  3. Arah Edmond

    anybody realise that Escalade from Birdmans song "gangsta girl"

  4. Mysta Cyric

    I get money that, that's how it iz... I swear 07 was when real rap on the radio.

  5. HooD PoliticS

    50 fake stole this hook lol.

  6. digital subliminal messages

    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    Money is on /let's get it

  7. liddle Icecreem

    It's the paperaZZi

  8. Romario Cardoso

    Flip >>> T.I .. and this version is better than all 50 cent Version ...

  9. BrooklYN

    i heard this track b4 50 cent song

  10. Marc Palma

    I like this beat. Never heard if before

  11. Evil Peezy

    still dress like that, still listen to shit like that cuz fuck this generation and that gay shit

    Fat Chungus

    can't blame you bro. fuck all these new fucks

    Alan Salinas Caballero

    Same way here bro.. This new wave shit is gay as a mudafucca...

  12. Oliver Hernandez

    never heard of this song of flip and jim jones

  13. Morgan Weazy

    did this come out b4 50 cents version?

    Eric M

    +Morgan Weazy yep

  14. Devonte Dunkley

    Remember when this song came out I out this on my page on MySpace but when that 50 cent I get money came I immediately changed it FAST!! This song is terrible the reason I ut it on my page cause I had a money background

    Jose Barrientos

    lol alot of us 90s people did that your not the only one😂

  15. Dreadful Controversy

    Funny, Flip had the sample 50 cent used first.

  16. prettinottiii4

    geesh i cant look at u

  17. haiwen jiang

    nah bitch lil flip got a contract with zro

  18. haiwen jiang

    no yall tweaking tip knocked out flip gays then his flunkie hit him in the head t.i. won the war as we can see king of the south t.i. get grands #hustle gang abn even long live pimp c said t.i. is real

  19. AlbertoHernandez

    jim jones pants are falling off while sitting. i dont know how but yep.

  20. bigtex365

    0:21 License plate reads 6V J V86 (Texas plates). Bad blur job ;p

  21. MetsMagic0416

    Damn, Summer 2007.


    Yeah dawg!
    Wish i had 2 mother fucking million

  23. CJ Mayo

    This be the shit back in the day!!

  24. side_show_tone

    Mac muthafucken dre! Fuck ti dam sell out. How you gonna get caught with all them fullys with silencers and only get baby time? Especially by undercover! Yeah, u sold out ti. Flip fucks with street fools now, fuck industry bitches they all tricks!

  25. Brian Nicolai

    Jim Jones. Your probably blowing bud from CO. I hope your doing good. I listen to you when Im holding my 2" to my head Hi on hash. Thanx for keepin me alive.

  26. Wily Santana

    2:31 number 666...

  27. mackinass916

    Why he showin love to mac dre if flip fuck wit surenos?! Everybody know mac dre fucked wit nortenos!! LEVA!!

  28. TheJamie123abc

    yey!!! mac dre in the bakkround, r.i.p the king of the bay area

  29. Bradley Hyppolite

    Beat of this song is too fucking nice

  30. tsvetyhp

    im in love with Flip :D

  31. Warren Dantzler


  32. filippos papoutsis

    lil flip One of the Best!!!!

  33. Nia Davis

    look at my brother he's in the middle of the three boys sittin on the car ! free young cash

  34. Jonneymc420

    @FlyteTheFlyBoy flip did bring this out before 50 cents i get money was on his albim I need mine it just didnt sell alot cause he was signed to warner bros for thsi album and not alot of promotion for it ...thsi beat stilll goes hard i think both i get money beats go hard

  35. TerrisJ3

    @asap1988 naw you must be talkin bout his career!!

  36. asap1988

    This Shit Sucks Bad Flip still alive, I thought this nigga died like 5 yrs ago

    JCurry Video Footage


  37. Helma Vonk

    Lil' Flip - Get Money Feat. Jim Jones (Nice Quality)

    Dollar Quality ^^

    Greeetzz from Holland LegalSMokers

  38. B.I.G. Bear

    i bet i have more money then him
    becuaze i have euros xD

  39. Undrellus Baker

    @queensny2009 nigga flip got more then 2 million plus who gone have that much money on a video shoot dumb shit him and t.i been sqaushed the beef let it go t.i. got beat up hate or love it and if u think flip lying tell t.i to show the tape that will kill it all

  40. April Juarez

    t.i got stole off on when he came here lol

  41. Dewayne W.

    Most Annoying beat ever...

  42. TheDizzydizz

    50 came and knocked this shit

  43. Rafa MG

    I really like jimmys swagger in this video and in thiis time than the swagger his rockin now...

  44. Flyboy Montana

    damn where did you get the video, this is the clearest video ive ever seen.. i have i get money video in my psp nd i had erase it, nd waiting for this for almost a year.. thanks for uploading this one..great video