Lil Durk - What Your Life Like Lyrics

What your life like?

The streets is my hustle, I've been through the struggle
Where them people be with you, but they really don't love you
I'm addicted to sidewalks, I'm workin', no time off
Gotta gain that time lost
I'ma ask them niggas, tell me what your life like
Tell me what your life like, nigga tell me what your life like
Tell me what your life like, nigga tell me what your life like

You can't turn up on them social sites, thinkin' it's gon' be alright
Beef at 6, he dead by 6 o'clock, on the dot that night
Ain't easy where I'm at, why? Stick up man, he love that shit
Go to jail, she fuck your man, you write and call, don't love that bitch
I ride with too much auto-tune, I heard that shit before
This my life, I run my life, your life, I seen that shit before
My mixtape drop, I crash the site, don't be lurkin' after night
Shooters hungry and these snakes is bologna, that's their appetite
Welcome to these city streets
No gang related car crash, and he still won't get no money from these city streets
My crazy life, no YG
Ask the Lord, why me?
I know my name, it's on my ID

The streets is my hustle, I've been through the struggle
Where them people be with you, but they really don't love you
I'm addicted to sidewalks, I'm workin', no time off
Gotta gain that time lost
I'ma ask them niggas, tell me what your life like
Tell me what your life like, nigga tell me what your life like
Tell me what your life like, nigga tell me what your life like

They say the murder started after Ls, now my phone got shit to tell
Take it wrong, they got it after "Dis Ain't What U Want"
Nigga this ain't what you want, got that call, they cancelled 20 shows
That's money down the drain, I got kids, don't take it wrong
Fuck all this peace shit, I'm with this beef shit
Don't ask me to leave shit, if I do it won't mean shit
Like will I be rich? 10 years, will I be shit? After all I am the shit
Got the label all on my dick
Name my niggas' names in a song, police mask the face
I do it for the Vine not knowin' that it's buildin' case
Started from the building base, I got a bill to pay
Why the fuck these niggas steady hate?

The streets is my hustle, I've been through the struggle
Where them people be with you, but they really don't love you
I'm addicted to sidewalks, I'm workin', no time off
Gotta gain that time lost
I'ma ask them niggas, tell me what your life like
Tell me what your life like, nigga tell me what your life like
Tell me what your life like, nigga tell me what your life like

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    One of durks most underrated tracks

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    Lil derp

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    2019 anyone?

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    One of my favorite songs


    You be in the A so throw The A town hat one video..

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    Big UPS

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    Free Lil Durk🙏🔓

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    Still banging

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    My new favorite rapper and I'm 36. This young bull got the game on lock.

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  14. young boy boy

    Free durkio krazy man 💯💯😕❤❤❤❤

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    Still fire durk fathered these new singing dudes

  17. Huncho Squad

    This was lowkey a diss to the people who cancelled his whole tour cause they was claiming his and keef music was the reason for the murder rate

  18. Pastel Unicorn

    2019 anyone?

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    Free Durk #2019

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    Pray for it and you’ll find out

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    MY FOREVER. 💋💖💕💓💚💜💙💛😊.

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  29. Jahlil Willis

    Some of the Realest shit he ever rapped

  30. Glendene Cripgang

    I remember the 3rd day this song came out an i heard was wasted of my face . Memories

  31. Amber Rosengrant

    Life like,,,,,,

  32. Raul Diaz

    Came a long way I remember bumping this when I had nothing 🙌🏻😈 legend

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    still a goat

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    who else back after listing to august alsina's- forever and a day

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    I know a ngga that told me stop singing put down these bars, why would i do that when its the main reason i got these cars

  54. Quashanahhi Steenhshs

    Shamar lil durk nipsey husstle Max biggavelli silver surfer Beamon Colorado Rockies west field Clark mtc pinestreet Sox gaine green Dallas cowboys 108 grape street mafia main peter roll west field otf

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    You Can't Turn Up On Them Social Sites Thinking It's Gone Be Alright

  57. Rosa Voss

    In a zoo with humans with and I'm chained with gorillas lions and bears while the people point and giggle all I see is confusion and mayhem a misunderstanding about their own actions they confused me with certain gestures slanderous predatory ways and behaviors that have been unacceptable and total utter embarrassing closing me off from society physiological and mentally why have the ones closest to me have you noticed the difference I know the ones that observe and watch to see who people really are when bad times or good times what's their motives and intentions but
    I mind about is the consideration like people do you actually see what's going on ? How area got actually allowing this indigent freak show, I have been threw more pain and suffering than you could ever imagine or taken into thought, I feel betrayed and ashamed about how I have been made out no lie this sucks it's sad to see this especially WHEN YOU BASICALLY ARE TREATED SO BADLY without having knowledge towards your intentions .wow., I want help, I need help and the ones that we're closest to me seem to be dense with what's going on with me, instead of offering empathy they think capitalism being too comfortable especially when they realize they are actually fucking with an innocent person , everything has been very difficult especially with how you treat me and my self worth ir makes me think about how much yourself is worth, I can't keep going on living a different life or torchered neglected by people for what ?that really hurts my image self esteem and well being, I have been abused so much they seem to think it's normal that their abuse is for what cause besides choosing and bias reason, you basically have done something to me that im so disgusted to have accepted this torment and lack of intelligence is literally illegality or totally fucked up , If your a dad mother son sister aunt cousin or anyone that has had someone close to them for every day you have understood them all your life if something was wrong with my brother I would ask him about what happened, and give him comfort eighth him knowing no matter what I wouldn't turn my back on him regardless of what he done or allegedly done and hope i don't get made fun of by you speaking threw me not showin anything cold I know they know the feeling because they don't come around anymore ?? No lie If my brother was good or bad I would want to hear him and really protect him but I now see that you're own family doesn't care what makes you think anyone else cares, then again it's not like im working or have an income to defend or decide what's happening in this awful nightmare im stuck and made into a reality now they think it's ok I really pity how I get neglected by the ones that I need most now in my life, especially at this time in life I have been feeling all types of ways but not no suicidal or homicidal I was raised with morals respect and to have them turn
    180 degrees with belief and knowing the ways I was raised it shows me I can't trust anyone and I would think the one who had always been here for me now is going on with this as a new life for her, aaaand for me....? What have I done, aaaand what have you basically raised me and disciplined me or the way you basically raised me, for what, I have nothing to do with this and I have been played so bad by the system it's a crying shame , don't pay attention to me anymore start noticing the ones that have been around me and their actions and emotions how they have tried helping and or why or. it's all face. I have nothing to hide from and everything to lose, for a while the people point and laugh now they are starting to notice their actually laughing at ourselfs until realizing their surrounding the issues without cause or moral support and what they are doing shows me that it's not me it's them they don't see no they choose not to see, then why do the things you do without any clue or reason to justify their actions it's total greed , they think money capitalism, I think opposite and I see that they focused on money more than a proper hearing or own family aid, Ithink literally seeing their intentions with their own actions and not the ones they imply on me yet who am i?? And who would accept or agree to anything that has to do with well being bodily harm I want to know why I have been erased without any history yet wanna know if I'm competent and literally tried and push me to psychological problems and I have no help , i'm ENSLAVED!!!!WTF DUDE SEGRAGATED AND ENGAGED WITH EVERY INVISIBLE CHEMICAL TO EMOTION THAT HAS BEEN FROM THE LOOKS IM SEEING THIS IS BASICALLY I HAVE BEEN SET UP SO BAD I MEAN SO BAD I NEVER HAD ANYTHING BECAUSE I ALWAYS HAD SOMEONE FUCKING SHIT UP FOR ME, I WAS LED TOnot BELIEVE these FALSE STATEMENT OR UP WITH DRUG HABITS THAT'S WHAT ALWAYS HAD me ACTIVE IM SO DISGUSTED. SO WOULD THEY LISTEN TO ME IF I ASKED FOR REAL TRUTHFUL HELP INSTEAD OF MAKING AN EXCUSE TO JUSTIFY A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT THAT HAS DONE COUNTLESS DAMAGE I'LL NEVER BE THE SAME, YOU NOW REALIZE ORDER , NOW THIS IS AWFUL AND I CAN'T GET A HOLD OF THE ONES WHO I LIVE WITH.... I AM DISCRIMINATED FROM MY HOUSING TO MY OWN RIGHT, I KNOW I WAS TOTALLY 1000000X SURE THEY DIDN'T CARE ABOUT THE CHARGES THEY NEEDED SOMEONE FOR WHAT THEY NEEDED, AGAIN, I TOLD THEM THEY TALK TO ME LIKE SOMEONE ELSE... WHY HAVEN'T THEY GAVE A GUILTY PLEA FOR REASONS OF INSANITY OR OR NOT GUILTY BY MENTAL ILLNESS OR No guilty.. hello? They didn't care just need a damn body, literally milking me for your life cars and homes aaaand surgeries for their personal lives or lavish spoiled greedy lifestyle that has to be taken back to reopen instead I'm forgetting stuff my memory sucks and im tired fatigue from idk everything, no off days yet I'm working like 4 people combined non stop losing my hair to my memory, I don't have hard feeling i'm still waiting for a miracle to help me instead I'm treated like a kid in the dark locked up away from everyone no money no house no support from my immediate, yet they really don't realize how much damage and how I was put in this position in the first place obviously you don't want me asking that instead you take away my communication confine me still use me for your own personal gain, you dont visit nor send your thoughts or prayers anything instead of just treating me like someone else is so disrespectful and knowing they laugh at my pain in reality they are just scared they need to really know how and why instead of in tense situations it's not worth it to me to be a better son or person it's sad

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    skip that nigga durk he fake