Lil Durk - On Stone Lyrics

On stone
On stone
On stone
On stone
On stone
On stone
On stone

This some gang gang shit
This some gang bang shit
You can't come up on my block
If you don't gang bang bitch

And I mean what I say when I say gang in this bitch
Like a hunnid it ain't shit to get you changed in this bitch

On stone I'll shoot this bitch up
Nigga try it, nigga try it
Then you dying, I ain't lying
That's on 5

4, 3, 2, 1
Better have your gun
I Got a switch and a drum
Pussy better run

Free murder out that jam I hope his case drop
Bitch I am what I am I'm from every block
I dare a pussy try to slide try to shake something
Have Lil Mo in the cut he tryna something

On stone
On stone
On stone
On stone
On stone
On stone
On stone

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Lil Durk On Stone Comments
  1. Humble G

    That’s on 5 ☪️🔯🖐🏾👿

  2. seth shaw


  3. tamara Gilbert

    Ima gangsta but lil bro know i fuck with this hard shout to lil bro

  4. Oumar Diand Jr

    Stones ride the 5 tho I dont get it I ride the 5 to

  5. Santana King

    Ima king but on stone i fuk wit this

  6. Marshall Hill

    God Body ♥️🖤💚♥️🖤💚

  7. Rio#1 Gotbanz

    Ain't no stone but dis slap tho 🔥


    0:47 When that part come on in the party better duck 😂


    Shout Out All My Moes King Love From Lil Village All Is Well 👑 🖐🏼

  10. 4ch wooskie

    Free 5 ⛤

  11. quan sanford

    Csa,mmm, cmc,, from nj to the mecca

  12. Esta Mullah Gangg Djuan World

    On Neal 🔥

  13. Tasha Thompson

    No. Y’all got it wrong- It’s not even a gang. It’s a organization. 💯 If you want to be part and partial- you have be put on your creation. You can’t wake up one day and decide to be a Stone. All well ✊🏽 We well this way. 🖐🏽

  14. Darkface _Squatta

    On chief malik🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. s grind

    On stone I need dis instrumental

  16. the 1 and only king mizzle

    Need a part two

  17. Think Man

    Dis why BDs and GDs never got along, BDs was always on some playing both sides shit. The moes had them niggaz number. BDs is the only folks that rocked red and black, broke they hats to the left, and dropped rakes. 11 point gang ass niggaz.

  18. Scale23 Nichols

    Shout out to the moes great uncle one of the moes

  19. BD tookie

    Why was this made 😂😂

  20. Lauren Lucas


  21. whoisdude TV

    All well Harvey world rock City shout out fin town stone runnit

  22. tamara Gilbert

    My boy doing his thing keep doing you bro you and lil bro putting our hood on the map Englewood crazy

  23. DoeNation RMG

    Y’all Wouldn’t Feel This⭐️☪️🖤❤️

  24. Daniel Jackson

    this shit hard af.... Duval fuckin wit it


  26. Mr O Thestepper

    Mfs knw wat it is ..ada park BD ..Rocking with the motitude..way back since 97 Durk snap all is well trays foe dayz bytch🖐🏾✊🏾

  27. Bo Ski

    20 of em moe

  28. Phinigga

    So no Lil Durk ? Aight imma head out

  29. lewisadamswep

    All the moe's bouta bump this summer20

  30. Jay MONEY

    Bruh tha fuck i just heard thought these dudes was 2-4 BD crazy. Now they sayin on stone and on 5 hell naw why they flippin sets my G

  31. Legendary Blvck

    ✊🖐️⭐ real 5 star gen , subscribe Bl5ck

  32. Amado Ramos

    I ain't even stone ,,but dam ⭐🌙 this hard

  33. LaceWay Entertainment


  34. Kita Conceited

    This shit go crazy 💀💯💯💯🤝

  35. Supreme Koonce

    The stones going brazzzzy right now they got one finally that’s what’s up💯‼️😂

  36. G-Block 053

    I’m G block on stone moe town

  37. Ryan Williams

    On stone 〽️🅱️〽️🐝🖐🏾✊🏾

  38. Tavaris Bigg

    Free Jeff Fort today. On Stone

  39. Rome 2 Smooth

    On stone

  40. Jayy -O

    Everybody go check Jayy-O out he a new up coming rapper and need some fans subscribe to his YouTube Jayy-O

  41. Almighty ElbieEff

    all is well 687175

  42. Spade Gucci


  43. Unknown User

    All well⭐️🖐🏾

  44. I'm in Chicago

    Now all y'all gotta do is stop wearing them big ass blue jeans like it's 2010 and get y'all Swag up 🤷🏿‍♂️

  45. Roland Boyles

    All well 5 🖐✊

  46. mustafa young-el

    I’m one of the Mo’s and we deserve a redo this trash

    Kaydoee Tv

    mustafa young-el u lame af😂😂😂

    BGE Finesse


  47. Earnest Bell

    On stone

  48. SJ Uchiha

    I need this beat

    Reapz 3K3K

    SJ Uchiha 💯

  49. June Blood

    🖤 Y'all

  50. Vontay Vontay

    Rate ⭐⭐ this decent

  51. Derrick Mac

    Allwell 2 all da MOES nation wide CMC CHIEF MALIK CRAZY

  52. Neiz Medina

    Yessuh🖐🏾✊🏾🔺 Ones About To Bum This Shi All Year On Stone ⭐️

  53. DjKid

    !Who From Moetown? (#50thAndAberdeen / #53rdAndCarpenter).

  54. Uncle Drew

    On Neal yall did that.

  55. JIM Brody

    A fucking hit onStone

  56. John Doe

    Free Murda #TrustTheProcess NSGg mayblock 073 bvs #LLDaMoes Rip Kaylyn ‼️‼️✍🏾

  57. jasmine oliver

    He then made a good song with this one bpsn nation over here

  58. Ks Glizz

    Who no C3 ig?

    Lv Frmda9

    Thats his IG^

  59. Lotto Lot

    Where this beat at

  60. Avery Smocks

    My nigga sounds like fredo

  61. Illanoize foolie


  62. Erica Coppage

    On the 🤚 !!!

  63. M K

    I’m BD 🔯 but I fw this hard 😂😂😂

    Think Man

    @M K in reality he right. BDs drop rakes and that Folks sign, not GD sign. Matter ah fact it's Disciple sign, really only reason it's part of GD is because of King David. So yeah BDs might as well use that blue fin shit.

    M K

    @Think Man yea in a way you right but you also gotta understand Larry adopted the pitch fork so when we became enimies wat else sign we was suppose to drop ? That blu fin shit dead I go by king David laws King Mel joined the stones and made that bluefin shit real bds go by king David teachings . My homies gds we still believe in all is one. So wats the difference if stones droping vice lord or 5s they both people nation.

    Think Man

    @M K Larry threw rakes cuz Disciples throw up rakes, Folks is an alliance put together by Larry Hoover so how BDs folks they not just like Breeds. I got BDs homies but no sets under the 1 love act.

    Dubb G.

    Think Man “BDs might as well use that blue fin shit” You lame asf you don’t know shit 😂😂

    M K

    Dubb G. who don’t know shit I’m from Chicago nigga

  64. Ambitous Rick


  65. Ghost

    Nfs I fuk with durk hard body but this song aint it 😂

  66. Chicago HipHop Vlogs


  67. Yazid Bey

    Stone 2 da bone

    Kaleaha Bond

    Yeah bich

  68. the 1 and only king mizzle

    Free ant g ✋🏾✊🏾

  69. YGFUxVenom

    🔥 shit would slap harder wit a bass 💪

  70. luckettryan87

    DeathLowe ⭐️

  71. Jaymz Talamantez

    I rock with the Moes S/o
    ❗️073 MAYBLOCK❗️



  73. Marty McFly

    Blessings to the multitude

  74. Cito5 Almighty

    Big ole 5 shit 360 the nation


    Ain’t They BD?


    Cee Jay this Durk cousin he a stone

    Laparadise Mitchell

    Bd's plugged in with the moes

  76. Adonis Bell

    🗣On Stone I'm rocking with this!

  77. QUESSO

    On Stone ⭐️ Let em Know Beloved 🤚🏾✊🏽

  78. Nique Biko

    All well 👋🏽✊🏽

  79. Lv Frmda9

    These blood niggas going to think.He blood

  80. tysheem Hood

    Cuz from the 8th ayyeee where my nigga herb

  81. Jay Bee


  82. Kamani Davis

    Free C,ManMan,StarrG,DearlMoe

  83. Kamani Davis

    On Stone I’ll shoot this Bitch up Nigga try it Nigga try it Then He dien I ain’t lien That’s on 5
    All Well......👋👋👋👋👋

  84. Alyza Quinones

    All moes goin crazyy😈⛽💯✋

    UnO Baby

    On STONE!!! 🙏

    Diego Obama

    no we not lbs

    Darkface _Squatta

    20 of em

    UnO Baby

    SJP Beloved 🧢🖐️✊

  85. King Melo


  86. RtCexclusives

    Free Bobbo stone

  87. Don Savicii

    Free 5Star G ⭐️ On Stone

    Amber Gibson

    Don Savicii free dat innocent Mann starG ⭐️

  88. Chris Smith

    Cuzo go crazy work bitch

  89. Gumee DirtyLow5razy

    Dis a B🅱️🅰️®️‼️

  90. Damn Kev

    Based kash🔥🔥🔥

  91. Javiel Sthilaire

    On Stone!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. Salma Golda

    WooW this song a double sword••••

  93. AR Sack

    On stone I'll shoot this bitch up nigga try it‼️🔥🔥😭😭😭

  94. Renzo Oso

    La vía va va la vía on T’s Fin Ball🤚🏾

    Odd Ball

    Renzo Oso LLKN

  95. King Aj

    On stone on stone on stone *repeats*
    I’m a stoner I’m a stoner I’m a stoner *repeats*

  96. No Trust Flow