Lil Durk - Jack Boy Lyrics

I'm a JackBoy
Don't get jacked ya boy
Have my Lamron niggas to come jack ya boy
Have my O.T.F niggas come and jack ya boy

We gon' jack you
Don't get wrapped up
We got hittas
Call 'em clappers
We gon rob 'em if he taxin
We go hard cause we be battling
24/7 like we maxin
We got 30 if you lackin
How you fawnin? You be lackin
I'm just actin keep that mac in
I'm reacting to these actors
I'mma drill 'em if he asking
They say, "Durk gon bullshit..."
I just hold my own dick
30 year old 40 clip
Got 30 in that 40 clip
Shorty's sick
Fuck the opps
3hunna shit we drop 'em out
Police asked me for some shit
I ain't gon lie
Ain't a snitch
Loud niggas be the same niggas that'll tell 'em shit
Got caught with a ratchet so
I be on my felon shit
One thing bout my hittaz that they don't be with that tellin shit

I'm a JackBoy
Don't get jacked ya boy
Have my Lamron niggas to come and jack ya boy
Have my O.T.F niggas come and jack ya boy
Have my O-block niggas to come jack ya boy
I'm a JackBoy
Don't get jacked ya boy
Have my Dro City niggas to come jack ya boy
Have my O.T.F niggas to come jack ya boy
Have my 46 niggas to come jack ya boy

Eastside got my name ringin
Po-Po grab me, ain't no singing
I'm reactin, ain't no thinking
Grab that cannon, safety reasons
JackBoy out
Ain't no reason
Mama callin
I'mma grab the mac
And I'm holdin
Got these niggas dreamin, duckin shit
Ain't duckin no action
But bitch nigga it's crackin
You can't find a nigga up in the street that say I'm lackin
Goofy niggas talking goofy
Cap and get the 30 clip
Niggas talkin shit
Lil Durk
We up in this bitch
Ma big homie call me and he said get rich and bond him out
I ain't hear it from a crowd
I heard it from his word of mouth
Got a "Orbit"(c) 30-shot 40 for a "dirty mouth"
Rob a nigga for a count
That's crackin Kyle's we trappin hot


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Lil Durk Jack Boy Comments
  1. Midnight

    King louie Gd?

  2. Matthew Dean

    he was only 20 in this damn

  3. Moses Lupai

    Damn errbody from 300, OTF & MUBU squaded up in that bihh. Throwback Fr.

  4. Lil Dee

    Let’s b honest chief turns up this whole video

  5. Ariss T

    @2:33....Dj Akademiks ? Lol

  6. Tiger Woods

    we gonna rob him if he taxin 👌🏾👌🏾

  7. Tiger Woods

    i can jack u boy

  8. Jhon Gallego


  9. Big Bem

    who here from no jumper

  10. Nikolai Belinski


  11. Shawn Gambino

    Caperboy, Keef, King Louie, Fredo ina cut


    Who still here in 2019 L'S

  13. Unknown Jones

    ✔Throwback Tuesday's💯

  14. Him Smudgey

    Throwback Durk

  15. nema labavo đk

    We gon rob em (;

  16. FriendsorFame

    This still get played in the whip idc

  17. Don't reply if you're offended

    Ball out is in every video nigga had no life

  18. Jay finesse

    Was that nigga in the beginning that said ls bosstop

  19. Zora Haviland

    So many of the guys gone rip broski

  20. fss

    R.I.P FREDO 😓



  21. a z

    Its cool how these rappers from Chicago were all legit real friends before the music shit in the streets. A lot of rappers don't become friends till they already rapping

  22. Daquon Smith

    Get yo bitch asson

  23. Tisha Steen

    owwww dallas cowboys marloc is a 973 jackboy

  24. Murko

    dj akademiks in the cut 2:33

    JuggBoy 2x


    Shakir M.


  25. Oscar Gonzalez

    This 1 of durks hardest songs n i barely heard it not 2 long ago he shood make more songs like this u digg

  26. Wavey OffDaPercs

    Forever 1 of Top 5 lil durk tracks

  27. Big Yahkum

    Shit still littttt

  28. MyStIcAl wErEwOlF

    you are good

  29. Sunflowers Shine


  30. Sunflowers Shine

    i love this

  31. BigFL0w345

    i never heard this b4 i think this video barely have 100.000.000 views this year its not popular, durk was different then now all money and fame change him not like reesey hes rich but still he looks the same and the flow, sometimes he tryna make different style of music 👌👌👌

    A I

    reese trash

    Coy Sutherland

    the money and the fame didnt change him he just gotta better at rappin over the years

    Juan Orozco

    BigFL0w345 he always use autotune but you right he has fame and he feature rich people like yo gotti or meek mills

  32. PoodahBeatz

    damn him and Sosa rich asl now

  33. Shlong Gnong

    Is that kts von

    jalen Hutchinson

    Shlong Gnong no fool

  34. Xusez

    Anyone notice they drove past St Lawrence Tookaville

    Nathan Manuel

    at wat time?


    +Nathan Manuel 1: 28


    +Nathan Manuel if u pause it at the right time

    Nathan Manuel

    +Il2xIl I did n goodlooks

  35. Klipzers

    Lol,I forgot he "had" dreads😀😀


    oh wow they had king louie on lamron.....boy have times changed

    Princecognac Mcgilvery

    he said dro city when it showed Louie most likely in his hood shows them driving so they must be traveling hoods

  37. david miller

    Everyone in this video

  38. RealYoungIke

    Shoutout to Azaes first video

  39. Dooski Montanaa

    Was that capper boy?

  40. Swagg Hokagai

    yall follow my ig flash_glooty

  41. Swagg Hokagai

    young Durk daysz go hard still ....100

  42. mazenalrasheed

    man what happend with king louie and durk :(


    yeah that really happened


    Merino Stop spreading lies 🤐 WE DIE Y FOR A REASON


    @JayFreshGaming Tf you talkin about ?

    blopp bopity

    Merino 051 young money killed nunu

  43. 0413 GLO

    miss those times classic otf300 shit

  44. Terrell Mickles

    zae u came a long way bro

  45. EL MigO 1

    L'z flying high 24/7

  46. Scott

    His old stuff was so good smh

  47. Zero Spawn

    He needs to make music like this again his newest shit kinda lame

    Jonathan Kaciunga

    300days300nights isnt bad

  48. Alex Clarke

    lil durk looks like kyle lowry mixed with rowdy rebel :D

  49. Maika Edwards

    Old durk was way doper

    jalen Hutchinson

    Maika Edwards word


    Facts bro


    I agree which you but i still listen to his music because i like both durks old and new durks and he is my favorite rapper been a fan since 2011 and still here in 2018

    glo gg

    true shit

  50. Dustin Matthews

    This still one of my favorite bangers

  51. A_S996

    Why have I never heard this before


    Because you not a real lil durk fan

  52. Jay Bee

    1:33 looks like l'a capone

    Ekira Gavin

    I didn't no he had dreads

    young eli

    Nahh thats not him. His dreads was still growing then


    Thats baldy. He was 600


    That's dro city nigga not baldy lmao

  53. Never Give Up 100

    This shit makes me wanna jack sum pussys

  54. jogotem praat

    #VonnWorld #JackBoy 😈

  55. wendy kingery

    y he throw up folk



  57. RealObey

    back when he aint do dat gay ass autotune singing

    R. Berhane

    you deaf if you dont hear the autotune in this

    he been doing autotune years before this

    Javon Bowie

    tru but im talkin bout that singin shit like bang bros for example i like when he go bar for bar like dis joint

    Centurion Charlie

    I came to the conclusion that he's a far better rapper than he is a singer...

  58. Silkky Ceriano

    @2CLEAN By.Silkky Ceriano,

  59. Simon Omoro

    They need to get together and see this shit. Prolly remind em of who they wete

    Dexter Omongbale

    +RobbinBanksInc LOL

  60. Shaun Lay

    Lamron 300 600 oblock 064 Steve drive

  61. Malcolm George

    Fuck the new "jackboyz" this shit still slaps in 2014

  62. David Barton

    This shit way harder than the new JackBoy track

  63. Goten Boolin

    When durk use to actually rap

    Turbooo. q

    Goten Boolin fr thoo

    lord of terror 666

    He sounds better without autotune

  64. LaLa Land

    It's weird seeing chief keef in durks video


    +LAlipopSmith oh thanks

    Tyro Moore

    @LaLa Land false asf lbs

    LaLa Land

    Lilboss Curry I mean I saw screenshots of they tweets and that’s what I saw. But who cares this was years ago

    Randy Ealem

    U forgot cortize from tymb in dis video to

  65. Dean's Mum

    OTF bitch, they ride for Sosa!! Fuck Lil Jay!!!!

    Young Krypton

    @Dean's Mum lmao

  66. Jayy Webb

    Damn, seeing King Louie Chief Keef Durk & Fredo in one video is weird now. 

  67. Genesis Arts

    Miss these old songs. When everyone was in the clip.. Now its all on there own shit.

    So Infamous

    +Genesis Arts happens when you grow up and make your own money.

  68. Ty Williams

    Funny how shit change Keef n Durk 1:50

    Miz Rahman

    they back together

  69. Michael

    loool everybody in this video beefing now, see how money changes folks


    @***** well your dumb for replying to a clearly outdated comment


    @***** only takes 5 seconds for me


    @***** lool but you took 5 secs to reply to an out of date comment for what?

    Roderick Taylor

    durk said he "hold his own dick" someone explain to me

  70. Adrianne Lambright

    im a jackboy fav line

  71. MrBucketz11

    Everybody in this shit

  72. Prince Diaz Promotions

    Same night chief keef recorded i dont know dem

    Prince Diaz Promotions

    @Dustin Norris I said that last month, howd you come across that


    +potent jo lol stfu

    Fable Of Demo -

    Potent Nation no it wasnt dumbass

    Prince Diaz Promotions

    DemoLegends tf you so offended for. I posted this 2 years ago. ol bitch ass nigga


    @Prince Diaz Promotions you a bitch

  73. Qdot SippinRozay

    Seen Chief Keef & Durk Together is the Best Shit in The World Lol i Never Seen Them Together W2MyDead

    Young Montana

    durk in keef's "bang" video n Keef in durk's "Want It All Video" too

    Qdot SippinRozay

    @Young Montana want it all is new right ?

  74. Yung Skwert

    This was when GBE/300 was the hottest shit out

    7H Gino

    They back bro they just reunited GBE & OTF


    @Gino Samuel yes sir...seen it this morning


    durk was from 600 d block anyway

    7H Gino

    @Lotus Apollyon No. Doggpound lamron


    +Lotus Apollyon No he wasn't. He's Lamron 064 300 OTF

  75. Tonia Davis

    Y'all heard about Ty2?? Go Search "Ty2 Love Don't Live Here"....everybody's been talkin boutem this year...the youngin been taken off don't sleep

  76. Tonia Davis

    Y'all heard about Ty2?? Go Search "Ty2 Love Don't Live Here"....everybody's been talkin boutem this year...the youngin been taken off....

  77. Tonia Davis

    Y'all heard about Ty2?? Go Search "Ty2 Love Don't Live Here"....everybody's been talkin boutem this year...the youngin been taken off....

  78. Scott Bowen

    This song is the fuckin shit! I WILL JACK YA BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. George Larry

    Fresh song

  80. yung murkin

    I like dis track, go listen to me freestyle like no other,yung murkin

  81. Gaines Don

    i never realized chief keef was in this video lol 

  82. tom riddle

    and who you?

  83. Stretch Armstrong

    The Hook Sound Like An Old Cash Money Hot Boy

  84. Maxxx Pain

    fake jack boys

  85. Robert Howard

    Keef nd durk used to be cool asf low key

  86. JOJO'S


  87. oh_shiza

    All my otf niggas

  88. Jeff Cummings

    throwen down the fork gonna get you hit by them hittaz T.N.G neva lakkin 74 at ya throat now boi best sleep with one eye open

  89. jayy doee

    This shit bang frfr

  90. Reup Red

    This shit hard

  91. Andrew Pena

    Fredo looks young af in this vid!

  92. Mic Cromez

    well said, even though the murder really is a shame, LA was my favorite (flow wise) which was the first time I saw flow and that lifestyle mixed. RIP

  93. Hondah Killa

    nigga look stupid af with dreads

  94. big gucci

    and u stay broke and wakc

  95. The Anarkist

    ATTENTION ALL RAPPERS!!! if you need Lil Durk/Chief Keef type beats check out my page!!!!!!

  96. PkersAce

    This needs to hit a million views already...