Lil Durk - Decline Lyrics

[Chief Keef:]
She keep calling
Ooh shit
Awwwe shit
Sosa baby

[Chorus - Chief Keef:]
I'm rolling
She calling
She stalking
My phone and
I don't answer
I keep declining
She keep whining
On my line and
I'm like yo
I'm on the road
I'm fucking hoes
I'm counting rolls
And ya know
How it glow
With the glow
We get dough

[Verse 1 - Lil Derk:]
She rolling glodang
She call me I'm on it
Talk shit my bitch
She calling me block list
Stop that opp shit
Can't come home no more
I stay on opp shit
Can't call my phone no more
Said bitch wanna fuck with a no name
He a straight goofy so lame
Sipping on the ack that's codeine
Sit back catch nuts that's protein
OTF bitch thats glo gang
Got 20 cased up in this blow mane
Broke ass nigga keep talking
You ain't gang gang gang gang gangggg


[Verse 2 - Chief Keef:]
Smoking dope
Riding slow
When I ride fast
Cops on my ass
So I know
Ride cautious
Cops be stalking
Cops be hawking
Like my hoes
They be on my ass
They just want my cash
They just wanna brag
I can loan they ass
I ain't on that man
I got lots of guap and you know that man
I send lots of shots and you know that man
I been doing this shit since '08 man
Selling deep know that man
It ain't nothing to me I been doing that man


[Verse 3 - Lil Durk:]
I got the gang with me
No opp shit but they can't hang with me
She got to pay for this dick bitch
You can't come hang for free
I ain't talkin' bout the app
No nigga in the city come hang with me
Niggas try to rob but I keep my chain with me
That shit dead, nigga who scared?
No Su-Wu, how we move, no purp, so we sip red
Shawty wanna ride with a real nigga
Shawty gone die for a real nigga
Shawty won't lie to a real nigga
But she rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'


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    Who here after lil tjay?

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    Going to 2020 still on it


    Bruh wtf do they got beef or whT?

  5. Details

    I'm so late, I love this song!!! Played it non-stop at work today!
    Whatever I was listening to bacc when this dropped can hold a L this is it!
    Need to stop answering when she calling

  6. Raven Velazquez

    Durk need this flow back

  7. shawn jones

    real chicago shi 🤘🏽

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    Broo why am I now just hearing this 😭😭😭😭

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    I just found this song and I'm feeling it!!! 2019

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    #OTF #Jacobs #Family #Love #Loyalty

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    Still listening

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    Young Chop the goat producer in '10s

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    Who still listening in 2019? 👀

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    I heard that chief keef didnt want to do this song at first

    Random Guy32

    Yea they got beef now

    isaiah samuel

    @Random Guy32 o

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    She keep whining...

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    Since 2015 doe👌💯

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    This when they officially squashed they lil fued they had ain’t gon Call it a beef Cause they in the same set

  18. Jacob Ramage

    Candy flippin n this song mix good. Brings back memories

    Emilio Renteria

    lmao my nigga 😂💯my cousin candy flipped 2 days ago and I just did . 3 of Molly and smoked some Gasolina

  19. camron young


  20. Drewski Capone / BamBiNoSOWAVY_96

    To Everybody That Still Comes Nd Listen To This Song I Wish The Best For You All Nd Keep Your Heads Up When Shit Gets Hard Nd Push Through It You Are All Strong People Don't Let No One Tell You Different 💯❤️

    Emilio Renteria

    thanks cuz same to you

    Evelynn Clay

    Drewski Capone / BamBiNoSOWAVY_96 you too! 💜💯🙌🏽

    ClawedLion97983 Lion97983


    Nathan the local duffie a2 No.10

    Drewski Capone / BamBiNoSOWAVY_96 thanx I'm try a push through rn

    Aya Bundy

    I needed this

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    sounds like walking down north avenue to get a burger

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    These niggas ever gone peform these jawns or they ego to big. November 2019 gang

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    I am Markie and I will boost the economy as President. We don't need church we know not to sin being an American. So stop approaching us. My name is Nathaniel Morris and my social security number is 591-72-1459.

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    This song still lit after 4years durk and sosa are still legends

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    Bro it Sounds like some extra shit for likes but this time its fr fr 🔥🔥

    Los papi

    Chief Keef wear the breastplate.

    Los papi

    Chief Keef has the breastplate.

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